Chapter 45

2700 Words

Chapter Forty Five: The last warning from Alpha Liam Wherzkil. —   Third Person’s Point of View   Alpha Prince Levi woke up in a jolt. He was just taking a ten minute power nap when he had woken up so suddenly. Levi’s heart was beating erratically inside his chest and there was sweat trickling down his temple. “Alpha Levi, are you alright?” The best Royal Knight who was paired with Levi had muttered when he had felt Levi jolting beside him. The same Royal Knight that Kara had brawled with and she had knocked out. Whenever Levi is out on patrols or outside the Wolf Palace, he has ordered others not to call him with his title and just call him Alpha Levi. As Levi doesn’t really like being called ‘Your Highness’ even though it was his proper title. He just doesn’t really see the poin

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