Chapter 36

2500 Words

Chapter Thirty Six: A warning from the Alpha and Beta. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   A frown etched on my face with the words that had come out of Levi’s mouth. “W-what are you s-saying?” I questioned, frantic and even stammering as I tried to voice out my thoughts. The moment that Levi had entered the room, Danny and I were talking to pass some time. Levi was holding some kind of folder and his face was void of any emotions as he looked at the both of us. He breathed out a sigh, “What I’m saying is that the Wolf King wants to send you back to Plaisk Lands.” Levi muttered the phrase that he already said before but I just couldn’t believe it so I wanted him to repeat it. However, having him repeating those words only made my heart ache in pain once again. I mentally reprimanded

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