Chapter 35

2988 Words

Chapter Thirty Five: A wake up call for Levi. —   Third Person’s Point of View   The Alpha Prince had no choice but to leave Kara left behind. Well, not necessarily for the fact that he needed to leave forever, but he had no other choice to leave her for a short period of time as he had been summoned by the Wolf King Majesty. As much as he didn’t want to face him right now for what he had done to the poor girl, Levi knows that there’s no escaping what his father wants. So in the end, after much debating with himself and numerous times Kara had told him that she’ll be fine under the guidance of Beta Danny, he had abided only because Kara had pushed her to do so. Which in fact was ironic since a normal she-wolf can easily command the Alpha Prince unlike the Wolf King who is the rule

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