Chapter 34

1000 Words

Chapter Thirty Four: The Alpha Prince has a lot on his mind. —   Third Person’s Point of View “How is that even possible?” Levi was staring at Kara, blankly. He couldn’t seem to ponder on how Kara was able to heal at such a fast rate despite not having her wolf inside her. In all cases, werewolves and she-wolves have the ability to heal themselves because of the wolf’s power inside them. The wolf is the one responsible for their superhuman abilities. Not their human form. So knowing that Kara doesn’t even have the wolf inside her and then being able to heal in just five hours, is really impossible. “What do you mean?” Kara asked, confused by how the Alpha Prince was acting. Levi cleared his throat. “Little pup, you have eleven stitches on your face earlier… now every single one of

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