Chapter 33

2000 Words

Chapter Thirty Three:  Miraculous or not? —   Third Person’s Point of View   Levi curled his hands into a ball. When Gamma Gerald landed a punch and kick to Kara. He couldn’t stop fidgeting in his seat as he couldn’t compose himself. As he can very much feel Kara’s emotions, he’s well aware that she’s in pain. But when he could feel her fear, that’s when everything had gone haywire for the Alpha Prince. He wanted to jump inside the arena and punch Gerald so hard that he’ll be screaming in so much pain. He could see Kara and Gerald talking but they couldn’t comprehend what they were talking about since the two were far inside the arena. “What are they talking about?” Beta Danny asked, curious as to what the two were conversing about. For he too, noticed that Kara and Gerald were s

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