Chapter 24

1500 Words

Chapter Twenty Four:  There are dark days in a pack, and this is one of those days. —   Third Person’s Point of View   “Hello?” Danny answered his phone. “Who’s this?” He added. Earlier, he thought that Levi was the one who was calling him but when he saw his phone, it had flashed that an unregistered number had been calling him numerous times already. A faint breathing can be heard on the other side of the phone but no words have been uttered yet. Danny looked at his phone, seeing if the call had already been dropped but it’s still an ongoing call. He placed it back on his ear and the caller hasn’t been speaking yet. “Is this a prank call?” He hissed, “I have no time for this, I’m going to end—” “B-beta of the Royal K-kingdom Pack,” The caller muttered which he identified to be

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