Chapter 23

2842 Words

Chapter Twenty Three: The talk with the Alpha. —   Third Person’s Point of View   Levi and Kara had returned to the cabin. The fact that the clothes that they were wearing had clung to their skins as if it was a second skin, and the way that Kara had shivered from the wind passing through them; Levi managed to carry Kara then dashed back to the cabin, noticing the discomfort that that it had brought her. Deciding to take a shower in different bathrooms, both had managed to remove the sticky feeling off their body. Thus, the dirt and muds clinging on their skin were now down the drain.  When they were both done taking a shower, the bad memories had remained. Still not occurring to her the whole event that had taken place, Kara couldn’t shrug off the fact that she could’ve died tod

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