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3 weeks ago Huff Huff Huff 'Who did you see?' he heard as he ran faster inside the woods. *s**t, one of them saw me.* He ran faster, trying to desipher how many was now chasing him. How did he just ended up being chased? *I can't transform to my wolf form now. I'm way too exhausted* This is the disadvantage of being an unpacked wolf. Your stamina and your senses are way lower than the ones who are with a pack. 5 meters were the only distance he could manage to sense if any living thing is with him but with the packed wolves? 10 or even 15 meters are their capacity. His stamina being too low to endure all the running they have been doing now yet all the others are still chasing him. *Can't they just leave me alone?* A loud growl made everyone stop, including him. Yet a different reason for him. He stopped in a reason that an intense pain suddenly invaded his whole body. Making him fall into the ground and curl. *f**k, a leader alpha is with them.* He tried his best to not smell anything, to not sniff on the air as an unfamiliar scent started to linger in it. He heard cracks from branches being stepped on as he felt a human presence nearing him. He tried to stand up as he gained control over his wolf. Yet another growl made him stumble. Wrapping his waist with his bare hands to endure the invading pain crossing through his body. Curling unto the ground as he whimpered. He once had met a leader alpha before. But that was a long time ago. He can't even remember what it felt like to be with a presence of a leader alpha. *What is going on with my body?* As he searched for the said alpha, his visions started to blur. The exhaustion and the days of not eating crashing through him like a tidal wave. And as a figure showed up infront of him. Everything went black. 'He looks suspicious' 'Is he from the other pack?' 'I think he's packless' 'No one wonders off the forest packless' Ears twitching, he started to open his eyes. Meeting up with a light brown ceiling. He immediately held his head as he tried to sit up. *What happened?* He wondered his eyes throughout the whole room. Clearly the owner of the room is addicted with the color brown. A single bed, which he was placed in, a nearby closet and a small table. Cloaks hanging around the back of the door. Boots layed on the floor at the corner of the room. Quite too decent for a packed wolf. 'He can't be packless' 'He doesn't have any scent' 'Why did the leader bring him here in the first place?' *Where is that noise coming from?* As he tried to stand up from the bed a loud growl was suddenly heard. Making him immediately curl and hold his breath. *The leader alpha* 'He's awake. You all are making him dizzy' someone said as the doors opened. An old lady first showed up as he tried to look at her. Still hugging his waist, breath getting heavier, as he watched her walk towards him. A smile was placed on her lips. With her white long hair that reached through her waist, and a dark purple cloak that was placed above her slightly dark white dress. And the next thing he know, an unfamiliar scent was being spread throughout the room. Making him whimper and clutch the bed sheet below him. A tall brunet walked in the room. Presence dark, holding authority by just standing there not even looking at him. *Is that his scent? f**k, his pheromones are stronger than what I heard about leader alphas* 'Conan stop spreading your pheromones. He's not taking it so well' He released a sigh as the scent started to lessen. He clearly can't take that much pheromones. 'Can I ask you something?' the lady started as she sat at the edge of the bed. He just stared at her and stayed still. 'I'm Zelia, you are?' He again just stared at her. Hands clamped unto each other and eyes averting from staring at her or at the man behind her. 'Answer her' As the leader alpha released those words from his mouth a whimper was heard. This made the old lady's brows furrow. 'You haven't met a leader alpha before?' He again did not answer, eyes glued on his hands as he tried not to be affected with the hard stare the man was giving him. 'So you really are an unpacked wolf' He looked at her, fear seen through his orbs. Being a packless wolf is a thing no one would want to admit. For an unpacked wolf means an easy target. 'Can I ask what's your name again?' And as she asked those questions, pheromones were suddenly released. Making him almost choke with the sudden amount. 'Answer her' authority was held in his words. 'Haden. My name's Haden' he answered. Glad he didn't stutter nor choke as he said his name. 'Where are you from? You are clearly not from this side of the mountain' 'I'm from the east side of the mountain' 'Were you banished from your own pack?' He whipped his head as a no. 'I was born unpacked' as he said those words the lady nodded and stood up. He looked at her and the smile she once had when she entered was now more genuine. 'Rest here for a little more. Someone would bring you food and clothes so you could change and eat.' The two of them walked out of the room. Leaving him shocked. No one had treated him well before. ~♥~ 'You're really letting him stay here? We don't even know that guy' Conan started as they were now atleast two cabins away from Haden's current location. 'Yes' 'You can't just decide alone' 'Neither can you' This made him scoff. What's the point of being the leader alpha if no one ever listens to you? 'We'll wait for the elders to come back and decide' 'They'd be back for atleast two weeks Lia. We can't wait that long' 'We'd wait for the elders' another scoff. A minute passed and a light chuckle was heard. Brows furrowing, he looked at the old lady infront of him. 'Don't be too eager to do things your way Conan. You're still new and young. You know you still need to learn right?' A minute passed and he just nod as his only response. Yeah, he knew he still can't decide for everything around the whole pack. He knew he's the youngest alpha to have ever been a leader and he knew he still needed to learn stuffs. 'We'd wait for the elders and for the mean time he'd stay with you' This made his pupils go big and ears vigorously twitch. Brows furrowed as a shocked expression replaced his once angry expression. 'What?! No, he can't stick around with me. I go plenty rounds around the grounds the whole day, go out in the forest every evening and-' 'That's why he needs to stick with you' He whipped his head as a no and stood firmly on the ground. 'He can't stick with me Lia. We don't know if he's really packless' 'He is packless' 'How would you know? What if he's from the other pack and is just spying on us?' 'He is packless Conan' 'We still aren't sure about that Lia. We can't let him stick with me asnd wonder around here' 'You'll be with him so it'll be fine' 'Lia-' 'You're the leader alpha and it is your duty to make us all safe right? Then stick with him and study him. I'd stick with you from time to time' Boom, that's his weak spot. Calling him the leader and the one who protects the pack makes him and his wolf go wild. It swells with pride and he can't just say no if it's his name on the line. Sighing defeatedly he nod. Making the old lady smile and walk ahead of him. 'We'd wait for the elders to come back and they'd decide' He just stood there. Watching as the lady walked in towards a nearby cabin. Sighing to himself, he heard footsteps nearing him. 'Conan the foods and clothes are now ready to be taken to the wolf inside your cabin.' A beta wolf announced as she held a basket with clothes and a tray with foods in her other hand. 'I'll take it to him' he said as he took the basket and asked for the tray. 'Zeila asked me to give it to him, I'd bring it' 'No' he said firmly as the beta immediately gaved the tray full with foods to him. 'Go do your other tasks' the beta nodded and left him standing with a basket and tray in hand. *Study him huh?* ~♥~ Haden just sat there. Hands clamped towards each other and thoughts being uncontrollable. He had been alone, awake in this room for almost 5 minutes now and he thinks he'll get crazy. A redwood scent was sorrounding him. No, screw that, an alpha's redwood scent was still hanging on the whole room. And it's making him sick. He had never been with another wolves, neither an alpha. He still can't take that much scent towards his body and the fact that it's just been nearly five minutes and he's now acting like this is making him insane. He knows he would be staying here until they actually decide on throwing him out again, like every other pack did, yet this scent is just suffocating his system. He had been taken to several packs already, yet they actually just throw him out after an hour. Not meeting their leader alpha and just being asked questions by betas as they tie him up and just throw him away after. He's not dumb, he knows this pack is not like all the others. The fact that their Leader Alpha was with them through hunt, him being placed in a decent room, he just know he'd be staying here longer than all the other packs that have taken him before. But he clearly can't and isn't supposed to be around the Leader Alpha or he's worthless. He doesn't know but being with a Leader Alpha is actually not the way he remembered it. Being in the presence of a leader alpha is way harder than he thought. Intoxicating him with just his presence. Stares almost breaking him to half. Its scarily insane. And as he drowned at his own thoughts, the Leader Alpha, Conan knocked at the door startling him. He watched as the Leader Alpha popped into the cabin's door and closed it behind him. He was holding a tray of food and a basket, full of clothes? He placed it at the bedside table and stood infront of him. 'These are your clothes, after you eat you should take a bath and use them. I would take you to the bathroom stalls so you should eat now' He just stared at him, not moving a single muscle of his as the Leader Alpha spoke. It held so much authorization it startled him. He then heard a sigh and a chair moving. He focused at him and he saw him sat at the chair that was once on the bedside table. He took the tray of foods and placed it at Haden's lap. 'Eat. I still have many things to do' He swallowed thickly. Eyes not daring to meet Conan's stares. He stared at his food and took the spoon into his hands. Yet his system can't function. Wolf inside him going wild as the alpha's scent was now much stronger than before. *Is this his room?* He could feel the alpha's stare and its not even helping. He then coughed and tried to look at the alpha in the eyes. 'Can...Can you lessen your, your scent? I- I can't take that much' he nearly slapped his face as to why he was stuttering. Yet the alpha on the other hand just stared at him. Confusion lingering in his features. He's not releasing any of his scent though?
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