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Huff Huff Huff Looking left and right, breathing gets heavier as the night started to darken. A petite gray headed man ran deep inside the forest. He needed to look for a shelter for tonight. No one knows what could happen to him if he can't lock himself up before the full moon. The full moon, 's**t' he cursed to himself. It's getting darker, the full moon would show up any minute now. Clamping his hands at a tree, trying to catch his breath, he looked above of him. The sky is dark, grey clouds looking like paintings on a dark canvas, no star in sight, and gladly, the moon is still absent. Sighing to himself, he tried to balance his self. Standing up, hands still intact on the trunk of the tree. Crack His head immediately looked towards the sudden noise. Ears perking up and twitching to somehow determine where the location of the noise is. Someone was there with him. Sniffing the air, trying to know who or how many was with him right now, he sniffed with all the strength he had to determine who it was. But as a familiar red wood smell reached his nostrils, A sudden pain and a familiar emotion he should have never felt at the first place invaded his whole body, making him shudder. Almost digging his nails out to clench on the tree he was currently holding on to. No No No He shaked his head and started to run again, tripping on the fallen branches and stones his visions was not able to see. He ran, far away from there. Far away from him.
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