Chapter Six

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*Alexandrias POV* The work week was flying by, it is already Wednesday and I haven’t seen or heard from Demetry sense Sunday night at the apartment. I guess he realized that he doesn’t want to be with me after all. I’ve spent my nights sulking at home and sleeping. I have refused to go out with Rylee and Olivia but tonight they will make no exception. They said that I have to go out with them and have fun. So as I work my day away I don’t really speak with anyone. I head home for the night dreading going out. I get home and quickly throw on skinny jeans and a top. The car ride to the club was silent. Once we get there I go straight to the bar and do four shots of vodka. Then I start dancing with the girls and having a good time. I keep taking shots of vodka off and on, I stopped counting at 12. After that I started in with tequila and had at least 6 shots of that before this guy walks up to me.  “Do you want to dance” he asks me  “I’m already dancing but your free to join” I say clearly drunk off my ass. He grabs me and starts dancing and rubbing my hips against his.  *Demetrys POV*  I walk into the club and the first thing I notice is that Alexandria is here. I can smell her scent from across the room. We settle down at the bar and I start searching the room for her when I notice her dancing with some guy. Clearly angry and pissed off I grab my stuff and Go straight up to her  “What do you think you are doing?” I ask her, she stops clearly surprised that I am here.  “Immm danccing, what dooes it loook like?” She slurs clearly drunk.  “I’ve got it from here” I said and the man clearly scared of me quickly walks off  “You’ree noo funn” she says as I drag her out of the club and put her into my car. “You don’t waant t-to be with me sooo why doo you care?” The words she said hurt. I was trying to give her space. I didn’t realize she cared so much.  “You wanted space Alexandria. I didn’t want to stay away it’s killed me” but before I could tell her that she had already drifted to sleep. I took her back home with me because I realized that we obviously need to talk in the morning. We pull up to the house and I carry her in and up to my room. I don’t want to change her clothes and make her uncomfortable so I just let her in my bed and I lay down next to her.  “Don’t let him hurt me again, ok?” She says half asleep as she curls her body into mine. I can feel my blood start to boil but I feel her move in closer and I calm down. That’s just another thing we will need to talk about.  I wake up at about 3 am and she has snuck out of bed. I get up and notice that my balcony door is cracked. I quietly walk out and find her just setting there.  “Are you ok” I ask quietly attempting not to scare her  “Not really” she says with tears in her eyes and a shake in her voice. “Did I do something?” Hearing her so upset is killing me  “No love, why would you think that?” I ask  “I haven’t seen or heard from you in days” she takes a deep breath and looks up at me with tears in her eyes.  “I want to be with you. I always want to be with you. I’ve been giving you the space that you asked for” I said and she started to calm down. “Let’s get you inside and you can Get into one of my shirts and we get talk some more in there”  “Is it about what I said earlier” I simply nodded my head yes and we headed back into my room. As I sat down she sat next to me and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She covers her face for a moment before moving her hands with her eyes still shut she grabs the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifts it above her head. And then moves her hands back over her face as she starts crying more and more. I slowly start to examine her body as I begin to notice several burns and cuts all over her. Some just deep enough to scar and some very long rugged cuts and the word slut carved into her side . She started to shake crying so hard. With her hands still over her face she says “if you want to reject me, I understand” I look at her in shock. I can’t believe that anyone would have done this to her. I just situate myself to where I am hovering over her and I slowly start to kiss every one of the scars on her body. I can feel her slowly start to relax. I keep going until her hands are removed from her face and her tears stop.  “Are you not disgusted by me?” She asks.  “Most definitely not” I said as I lean down and kiss her “do you want to talk about it?”  “Not right now” and with that she pulls me back down into a kiss and grabs the bottom of my shirt and starts pulling it above my head.  “Love, are you sure?” I ask her and she simply nods her head yes “I need you to say it” I say  “I’m sure, claim me. I want to be yours” and with that I start kissing her again and start trailing down her neck and start making my way down her chest stopping to take her bra off. I start kissing her chest and suck on her n*****s one at a time slowly as she lets out a whine. I start to make my way down her body I stop and look up at her waiting for her approval to continue.  “Please Demetry” she whines and I continue to pull her underwear off I insert one of my fingers into her as I kiss her clit slowly. Her hands instantly tangle into my hair. I insert another finger and speed up and start sucking and licking her clit as I listen to her moans getting louder. Right before she is about to orgasm I stop. I lick my fingers and hover over her again. She wraps her sexy legs around my waste and I slowly insert my d**k into her. She lets out bother mom and I start to gently thrust myself in and out of her  “Faster” she said as she continues to moan right in my ear. I start kissing my neck and thrusting deeper and faster until I feel her teeth meet the place where my neck meets my shoulder and she bites hard leaving her mark in me she bites so deep I think he hit my bone. Afterwards she started kissing around it and morning again. This time Louder as she starts screaming my name I kiss down her neck until I make it to where I’m going to Mark her and as I bite down she lets out one more moan as we orgasm simultaneously. I kiss around where I just bit down on her.  “I love you” I say hoping that she will say it back  “I love you too” she says. She then curls into me and falls asleep.  *Alexandrias POV*  We sleep until about 10 and I try to get out of bed but he has a right grip on me. I was forced to wake him up.  “We are late for work we have to get up” I say and he just whines.  “I gave the entire office off until Monday so that you and me can rest” he said as he kissed the back of my head.  “I want to go do something, do you think you could come with me?” I ask nervous  “Where is it love?” He says sweetly still half asleep  “I want to go get some tattoos. The girls want to go to the lake this weekend and I want them before that.” And with that he sat up  “Let’s get ready then” he said. And both of us got up and got dressed. The marks from the previous night covered we went downstairs.  “We’ve been looking everywhere for you” I heard Olivia say in a very aggravated tone  “Well almost everywhere” Rylee said just as aggravated “we want to go to the lake today instead of tomorrow because everyone is off”  “I’m going to steal her away for a few hours and we will meet you there” Demetry said calmly. After that we took off out the door and headed to the tattoo shop. When we got there I immediately knew what I wanted. I got the word survivor I. My colar bone, a cluster of roses and vines going all the way from where the awful word carved into my body started and all the way down to the middle of my thigh. After getting them we ran to the store to grab some swim suits. I’ve never had a swim suit before. We throw them on under our clothes and head to the lake. Demetry has his hand on my upper thigh rubbing up and down the entire drive there. Once we get there everyone is already swimming and goofing off so we walk over. We quickly throw our clothes off. Olivia just looks at me. “So that’s where you two ran off to” she studied it from the water. We quickly got in and swam over to the others. Demetry pulls me into him and I turn myself around and kiss him letting him hold me up as he does so.  “b***h, what the hell is that?”Rylee said looking at me “Olivia get over here” and with that I was drug out of his arms and across to the other side of the lake. By the time we made it over there the guys were already surrounding Demetry already screaming and hollering almost in celebration of what happened. All I am thinking to myself is that this is embarrassing, now I have to tell them what happened. And that’s when I hear it ‘it’s only embarrassing if you let it be.’ And I forgot that we can send each other thoughts now which means our mating process is completed.  “When” Olivia said both we and Rylee waiting for a response  “This morning” I say as I feel my cheeks start to burn. Both of the girls start squeezing and being all excited. Enough to get attention from the guys.  ‘Are you ok?’ Demetry asks. ‘Yes I’m fine. They are excited’ ‘Well get back here I want to see you’ I tell the girls that they want us to go back and we start swimming back over.  “Guess who is back in town” a male voice says as he walks up to the lake and then he freezes starring at Olivia who locks eyes with him. Quietly they both whisper “mate” while every one stares back and forth at them.  “Finally” Demetry says “thought he was going to be alone forever”  “Your one to talk ass hole” he says. Demetry pulls me back into his lap.  “Am I mistaken or do you have a mark now” he said to Demetry as he slowly makes his way to Olivia  “Zeek mind your business” he said as he pulls me away to a quiet little area all alone.  “Do you regret last night?” He asks as he looks at my mark.  “No, I wanted this. I want to be with you.” He said as he pulls something out of his pocket. He reaches around my neck and fastens it. I look down at it and it is a gorgeous white gold necklace with a D made out of diamonds. “What do you think?” He asks  “I love it” I kiss him and we go hang out with the others 
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