Chapter Five

1302 Words
*Alexandiras POV* Rylee, Liv, and I spent the rest of the day at the mall. We went out to eat and went shopping. We all got so many clothes that they barely fit in the car. We headed back to the pack house to stay the night before going home tomorrow. As soon as we got there and walked through the doors his scent takes over. He is not in the room but his scent is very strong. We go to the movie room and just talk for hours.  “So..I’m curious about why you want to take it so slow with Demetry” Olivia says. She knows my past I’ve told her everything. She knows exactly why.  “Liv you know my past and I don’t know how long it will be before he learns about it and rejects me. So I’ve decided that if we go slow I get more time with him first.” I say and with that she nods her head and we carry on the conversation about her wishing she could find her mate. She has always lived here and very few times been close. She assumes that he moved away and that she won’t be able to find him.  We talked so late into the night that we all fell asleep in our clothes. We never did get changed.  *Demetrys POV*  I spent the day in my office so that she could spend the day with her friends. I knew that if I saw her I’d drag her in here and try to keep her with me all day so I kept my distance. The kiss made our mate bond start to grow stronger so when she was back and safe I could tell. I spent the rest of my day in the game room with the guys playing video games. It got late and everyone started heading up to sleep. Kingston went to go check on the girls and had told me that they had fallen asleep for the night. After every one else went upstairs I quietly snuck into the movie room and over to Alexandria and gently nudged her trying to wake her up.  She rolled over and slowly opened her eyes. “Hey” she whispered with a smile on her face.  “Do you want to go for a run with me?” I ask her. She quickly sets up and I take that as a yes. So I take her hand and lead her out the back door and over to the woods. She stands behind a tree to take her clothes off before changing so that they would be here when we got back. I did the same and changed and went over to her. She is a gorgeous wolf with navy blue fur and her blue eyes. I started walking and then took off running. To my surprise she was not far behind. She was fast. I was one of the fastest wolfs in the pack and she is very close behind me. We ran all around the woods and to a stream and just layer next to it as her wolf curled into mine, it felt like minutes though I know we were there for hours. The sun was starting to come up when we went running back towards the house. We quickly changed back and got dressed and headed in. She looked uncomfortable so I have her one of my t-shirts for her to wear so she could get some sleep. I tried to convince her to come lay with me but she wanted to go back to her friends. I didn’t get to sleep until around 5 in the morning. But as soon as my head hit the pillow I smelled her scent from sleeping there the night before and fell asleep.  I was woken up at 8 to go to a meeting. A pack has been crossing into our territory and we’ve got to figure out why. As I woke up and get dressed I walk down the stairs into the living room and she is setting across the room. I just wait by the door to look at her for a moment. She is still wearing my t-shirt but she now has on a pair of shorts that you definitely wouldn’t be able to see if she stood up. With her hair up in a messy bun. She notices me looking at her and looks up with a smile. I just want to take her to my room and claim her now.  “Dude you ready to go” Chris asks me and I snap out of it.  “Yup” I say slowly taking a final look at her laughing with Rylee before we leave.  *Alexandrias POV*  He walked down the stairs and I could tell that he was there. After about a minute I looked up and couldn’t help but smile. He was wearing a gray shirt that hugged his muscular body and a pair of jeans. He looked really hot in jeans. His hair laid perfectly and his eyes still appear groggy. He seems to be deep in though. That is until Chris comes in “dude are you ready to go?” I don’t know why but I get upset that he is leaving. I’m not sure where he is going but I wanted to take things slow and so I get back into my conversation. The next time I look up he was gone. I continue my conversation as Olivia walks in. I miss his presence and wish I could’ve spent time with him today. I hear someone coming into the room and see Demetry jogging in and sat down next to me and pulled me into a passionate kiss before standing up and jogging back towards the door.  “Wait, when did that start happening?” Olivia asked excitedly as he closed the door behind him.  “Girl you better start spilling” Rylee said as they both looked at me waiting for my response.  “Yesterday when I left the room with him. That’s as far as we’ve gotten though” I said quickly  “I’m offended” Rylee said with her arms crossed  “Nobody told me either” Olivia said  The three of us just looked at each other and laughed. We left shortly after and Rylee dropped us off at home. When we got home I went to my room and organized all of my new clothes and watched some tv then I decided to take a hot bath. I just wanted to relax. So I ran a bath and turned some music on and just laid back. I must’ve fallen asleep because when I woke up the water was cold. I drained the water and took a quick shower. I got out and dried off. I forgot to bring any pajamas in here so I just threw on underwear and a bra and my short silk robe and headed to my bedroom. On the way there I see Olivia passed out of the couch with the tv on. I open my door and shut it behind me and jump when I see someone setting on my bed.  “I thought we were going to take things slow” he asked with a smirk on his face.  “We were. I mean are” I said while my face turned red. I have never felt more self conscious than I do in this moment  “Come here” he says seductively while looking me up and down repeatedly. I slowly walk over to him nervous about what is about to happen. When I get over to him he pulls me into his lap straddling him and starts kissing me. He moves his way from my lips down my neck and back up. I can feel him getting hard as he pulls away. “We should stop” he said quietly. But I’m not sure if I want to stop. “I’ll see you in the morning” and with that he walked out leaving me ready for more. 
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