Chapter Four

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I walk through the kitchen and out the big sliding glass door to find a beautiful back year with an underground pool and hot tub. I walk over to the hot tub as set town dangling my feet in as I open my book. I just sat there relaxing and reading my book. I must’ve been there for hours. I’m not really sure, I left my phone inside. I heard footsteps and turned around and it was just Keilen.  “What are doing” he asks  “Just reading” he just laughs and walks away. I don’t pay him any attention and I turn back to my book.  *Demetrys POV*  We got home and noticed the door open. We all split up to check the house. Keilen went towards the door, I went upstairs, and Samuel went to find Kingston. But Keilen quickly came outside and told us that it was just Alexandria and we settled down. The guys walked upstairs going towards their rooms. I walked out towards Alexandria. As I took a second to roll up my sweatpants and set with her I just simply look at her. She is setting there in an oversized t-shirt and little boy shorts even with her setting down I can tell they show her ass. Just looking at her starts to turn me on. Something about the way she is relaxed and has made herself at home is sexy. I walk over extremely quietly and set down. She looks up at me startled   “I’m so sorry, I am going to go back to the movie room.” She says trying to get up. I realize that is is my chance to have just a minute with her. I grab her hand and there is was. A spark what went straight up my arm. It was a very satisfying sensation.  “Stay for a few minutes. Finish your wine and chat with me”’ I say hoping that I’ve convinced her  “Ok, but just for a few minutes” she said as she scoots farther away from me  I feel like it’s time that I ask a few questions sense we are truly alone   “Why do you dislike me so much?” I ask and she simply looks up at me with wide eyes   “I don’t hate you, you are my boss” she said that and it hurt. Sure it is my office but I am her mate. It is supposed to be about more than that now. “I think both of us know that is not the problem here” I say hoping that she will open up to me before she decides to reject me all together  “What did they tell you?” She asks and I’m just curious. Was she talking about me to people? More importantly, who?  “What do you mean?” I ask her   “Well like when I spoke with Rylee or went to lunch with Keilen” and with that my blood boiled. My gamma. Instead of being loyal to me takes my mate out for lunch when he is supposed to check in on the office just to see if an important meeting has been scheduled. I am already up the stairs and head her catching up to me as I enter his room. “What the f**k man I’m trying to sleep” he said as I turned the lights on   “Demetry, you didn’t let me finish” she said but I barely heard it because anger has completely taken over. She doesn’t want me and so he takes her out. One of my best friends I was pissed. But then I slowly started to calm down. I felt sparks all over my body as she wrapped herself around me hugging me from behind. I have no idea why she is doing this but I’m completely calm. “How did you...that’s besides the point, wtf is he so mad about?” Keilen asks as he backs himself across the room   “We were talking and I mentioned how we went to lunch and before I could say anything else he came up here” she said, I just stood there looking at her. I already feel love towards her. I don’t know if she feels it to or if our mate bond is one sided. She grabs my hand and pulls me out of the room. I grabbed her hand and walked straight to my room and we went in and shut the door. My room is isolated so nobody should hear our conversation. “Do you not feel drawn to me?” I ask her with an attitude “do you know how many times we have been close and how many times I have tried to find you?”  “I know exactly how i feel about you and how often we came close” she said to me she just stairs down at the floor  “Then why run, why stay away from me? We just met and instead of trying to get to know me you take off.” I quickly and demanding my day  “You won’t like me. It won’t be what you are expecting, you will dislike me and I will discuss you” he said with sad eyes looking up at me I think I see tears forming in those baby blue eyes. “Are you going to give me that chance?” I ask her realizing that it’s more fear than anything with her  “I don’t know” she said she sounds sad “I guess I would be willing to try if, you are willing to go very slow”  “Deal” I said, I’ve waited 23 years to meet her. I am more than willing to let her take as much time as she needs to be comfortable with me.  “Set with me and tell me about the book you are reading” I say tapping on the bed waiting for her to come over and set with me  “It’s a romance, it’s about these two people who...”  and with that we talked all night. At some point we must’ve fallen asleep because Rylee busted into my room extremely early looking for her. She saw that she was ok and smiled and walked back out. After we had fallen asleep we had curled into each other. I was laying on my back with her head on my chest and my arms around her. She had her legs intertwined with mine. I slowly pushed her hair out of her face. She looks so peace full until she wakes up. She woke up with a terrified look in her eyes  “Hey, your ok, we must’ve fallen asleep.” I said hoping to calm her down “I need to get back to the girls before they look for me” I nodded my head and with that she got up and walked out. *Alexandrias POV*  I woke up in bed with him, curled up and warm. Why would I agree to this, he was so easy to talk to and everything felt right. But I know that he could never love me. I walk back into the movie room and see the girl’s eating muffins.  “Give me one” I say as I jump back on to one of the mattresses in the floor  “Not until you tell us how you ended up asleep and all cuddled up with the mad you were trying to avoid” Rylee said  “Yeah. You have avoided him so much we moved and now you are sharing a bed with him?” She asks  both of them have smiles on their faces. I know they aren’t mad but I don’t even know what to say. “We are taking baby steps” I said and with that we spent most of our morning talking about guys and how Rylee met Kingston and when we think Olivia will meet her mate.  Then we heard someone walk in  “Hey sense you almost got me killed last night can I hang out with you guys” Keilen asks. Both the girls give him curious looks “oh she didn’t tell you, she told D about me taking her to lunch one day and he tried to kill me.” The girls just laughed  “She calmed him down though, never seen it done before but I’m going to need this one around next time he gets mad, and every time after that”  “That just might happen after last night” Rylee said  Keilen just turns and looks at me. “Well do we have a new Luna?” He asks  “Demetry is the Alpha?” I say very loudly and shocked, I’m sure everyone in the house heard me   “I dont think they have gotten there yet” Rylee said  Demetry comes running it to check on everyone, he heard yelling but couldn’t hear what was said. “What happened is everything ok?”  “She is ok D, someone just asked her about being our Luna.” Rylee said and with that everyone looked at Keilen. “Can I talk to you?” I asked him, with a worried look in his eye he nodded his head yes. He lead me to an office area and we walked in and he locked the door.  “Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask him  “Well It hadn’t come up yet, we are taking things slow like you wanted.” He said  “Can I just do one thing?” I ask moving towards him. He looks at me with curious eyes as I gently pull his face down to mine and kiss him. It was amazing. I thought I felt sparks when we touched, it was nothing compared to this. I pull away before it leads into anything else.  “What was that for?” He asks me  “I’ve never been kissed by someone who cares for me in this way” and with that our lips meet again. 
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