Chapter Three

969 Words
I woke up that morning and jumped into the shower. I then dried my hair and put it up into a ponytail. I don’t feel like dealing with it and there shouldn’t be many people in. I throw on some nice black skinny jeans and my gray/silver top and head out. Once I got to the office I noticed that it was quiet and I was the only one there. I sat at my desk and started working a few hours later I heard the elevator doors open.  “Well good morning “ Keilen says. Today he is dressed in jeans and a button up instead of a suite.  “It’s 11:45” I say laughing and start working again. I saw him at the club last night so I know him and Demetry are friends. He walks over to my desk and plops down in a chair and puts his feet up  “That means it’s time for a lunch break” he said and he gets up and starts walking towards the elevator “are you coming?”  “No I think I’ll pass” I say. And with that he comes over to my desk.  “I’m your boss and we are going to have a lunch meeting” he said in a serious tone of voice. I stand up and head to the elevator with him. As we are leaving I head towards my car “nope, this way” he states pointing towards his car. After a few minutes of bickering back and forth I get in his car “What do you feel like eating?” He asks.  “Nothing really” I said hoping he will let me out.  “I’m feeling burgees and shakes. Let’s go” and with that he drives to a small diner on the other side of town.  “You realize it’s been 30 minutes of my hour lunch right?” I asked irritated that we are wasting time  “Well I’m one of the bosses and I say it’s fine. We walk in and find a table. We both be a burger and a chocolate milk shake. “So how old are you Alexandria?”  “I’m 20” I say before taking a drink of the best shake I’ve ever had  “Ok, what’s your favorite color?” He ass “Purple, what’s with all the questions” I asked  “One more and I’m done” he said  “Fine you get one more” I say dreading this last question.  “Are you going to reject him?” He asks that question and I just set there wondering how to answer. “Because you haven’t even given him a shot yet” he says and with that I don’t want to talk anymore  “Could we go back to work” I ask quietly.  “You answer and we will go and talk about anything else I promise”  “He wouldn’t like me if he got to know me. Love wouldn’t even be in the equation. Don’t you think he deserves that?” And with that he looks at me with sad eyes  “My favorite color is red” he stated. And I can’t help but smile. The rest of our lunch and the trip back to work was kinda nice. He is still my boss but feels like a close friend now.  He rest of the week went by quietly as all of my bosses were on the business trip now it’s Friday and I’m about to head home to get my things to head over to Rylees. As I’m pulling up at home I realize that Rylee is already there and wants us to ride with her.  “Hey girl are you ready to go?” She asks excitedly  “Yeah just let me grab my bag” I said and I ran upstairs to get Olivia and our stuff.  “I already packed your bag” she said and with that we grabbed them and headed to the car. Rylee starts driving and we are all listening to music and enjoying our time as we drive into the town we use to live in  “Hey we just moved from this town over” Olivia said. Rylee just laughed. We went about 39 minutes down a back country road until we arrived at what looked like a big gated community. We pulled up to the house in the center. It was absolutely huge. We jumped out of the car to head inside.  “Rylee is that you? We heard a mans voice.  “Yeah I’m right here” she stated. Then he walks in. A taller dark headed man with shoulder length dreads  “Hey honey, well this must me Alexandria” he said looking right at me  “Don’t scare her off I haven’t told her quite yet” she said as she turns around  “I’m sorry I haven’t told you yet but this is the main pack house. So this is where most of us live” she stated and with that I simply shook my head no and walked right back out the door.  “Please please stay. They are on a business trip until Saturday morning. We will be in the movie room anyways. I’ve set a whole thing up for us. All weekend we will be in here relaxing and none of the others can come in.” She said quickly I just nodded and went back in. I can simply leave tomorrow if I need to  “I promise I told all of the others that nobody else can meet you” the man said “Who are you?” I ask quickly.  “Kingston, Rylees mate” he said  “What do you mean others, how many people know about me?” I ask quickly  “The entire pack, word travels fast. There is also word that you are going to reject him. Is that true?” He asks and gets an elbow to the stomach by Rylee.  “Come this way girls let’s go in here and watch some movies. And with that we were all off towards the movie room. After we got into our pajamas we watched three romance movies before the girls had fallen asleep. Rylee mentioned there was a hot tub out back so I poured another glass of wine and grabbed my book and headed that direction. 
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