Chapter Two

937 Words
*Alexandria's POV* I worked very hard all day and focused more on the work than anything. Glenda has to leave but told me that at 4 I could go home. She said that the men would be in a meeting until 5 but it’s ok for me to go ahead and leave. So I continued making the spreadsheets and working until time to leave. I quietly put my things away and left. When I got back to the apartment I told Olivia all about my day.  “He sounds hot, why didn’t you say anything to him?” She asks excitedly  “You know exactly why I won’t say anything. I don’t know why you always ask me this” I say furring my eye brows at her.  “Well we are going out tonight to celebrate our move and you finding your mate” she said as she stands up and shoots across the room to her bedroom. I guess that leaves me no options other than to comply and go get ready. I go and throw on a dress that hugs my body. It is made short sleeves at the top and goes a few inches down my legs. Still short enough that if I bend just right you can see my ass. I quickly throw on some heals and head out of my room.  “Damn look who is looking like a whole snack” Liv says as I walk out of my room. I can’t help but laugh at her  “I think your talking about yourself love” I say shooting her a wink both of us laughing.  We head out and towards the club. When we get to the doors and enter the first thing we do is go get a drink. We both get two shots of vodka and then head to the dance floor.  *Demetrys POV*  We get to the club to meet up with some of the other guys and grab a quick drink. I own the club so it makes more sense to go there instead of a bar. We get there and make our way to the bar. It’s Samuel, Keilen, chris, Kingston, and Rylee.  “Guess who found their mate today” Samuel said excitedly to the entire group. Everyone just looks around. Only Rylee and Kingston have found their mates, and they didn’t have to look far as they are each other’s. “D did” he said and they all just look at me  “I said I didn’t want to..”I trail off and take a look around “She is here” I tell them. I can smell her scent in the air. It’s Lavender with a hint of coconut.  “Which one is she??” Rylee asks excitedly  “Purple dress, navy hair” Keilen said.  I’m to focused on watching her dance sexily with one of her friends and laugh with such a big smile. I could watch her all night. Before I know it I see Rylee walk up to them and start dancing. She enters their conversation and they all start laughing  “What the hell is she doing?” I ask  “While you were in Lala land she decided to go meet her” Kingston said as he downed another shot.  *Alexandrias POV*  Me and Olivia were dancing and had drank more shots. Several more. So I am a little tipsy as a women approach’s us she is 5’7” with short brown hair and just wanted to dance with us. So we start dancing and we are all talking and laughing and that’s when it hits me. He is here. I could tell by his scent.  “Rylee it has been awesome to see you, call us later but we have to go” I say as I grab Olivia and pull her out of the club.  “What was that for? I was having fun?” She asked whining  “My mate is there and I don’t feel like dodging him while I’m trying to have fun” I said  “Why are you dodging him at all” Rylee asks. I didn’t realize that she followed us and now she just stood there and overheard everything.  “You don’t get it, it’s not simple for me” I said and they both just looked at me “he would never love me if he knew me” I said as a year went down my cheek.  “You don’t know that” both is them said in unison.  “Can we please just go home?” I asked as I got in the car.  *Demetrys POC*  We just drank and talked as we noticed that the women had walked outside. We knew that they would be fine out there. We saw Rylee coming our way and as soon as she reached us we all became silent.  “Yes?” She asked curious as to why our conversation stopped  “We are waiting to see what you thought about her?” Chris asked  “I like her. She is cool. I’m staying the weekend with them so I’ll get to know her more”  “Absolutely not” Kingston said and all of us just stood there uncomfortable as they were about to argue when he quickly said “I mean instead have them over at the pack house this weekend. Then she has the chance of running into D.”  “That could work especially sense you will be out of the office until Monday” she said “Nope not happening” I said quickly. I want to figure things out with her on my own  “She will be running around in her pajamas  “Fine” I said and walked out of the club to go home.  *Alexandra's POV*  Olivia barged into my room all bubbly “Hey, Rylee just asked if we want to spend the weekend at hers instead” “Yeah sure, why not” I said thinking it would just be the tree of us.  After that she skipped into the other room and I went to sleep for the night. It’s about to be a long week.   
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