Chapter One

873 Words
*Alexandria*  I have ran across my mates scent multiple times now. There is just one problem. I don’t want to find him. Every time I get that strong smell I take off. So much so that I am moving to the next town over and starting a new job. I know whoever he is will start looking closer for me. I can’t let him find me. I interviewed for a new job and I’m moving into an apartment with my best friend and she is going to help me stay hidden better this time. I never believed in a million years that when I moved 3,000 miles away from my home town that I would find my mate. Now that I like this area I hate to move to far. So I’ve gotten a nice office job only a few minutes away from the apartment so that I can walk back and forth as needed. Me and Olivia finish packing our stuff and move to our new town excited as we always like to come here to go to the clubs and restaurants. I start work on Monday so we only have about a day and a half to get things settled in.  I woke up to the sound of my alarm and I dread ever having to wake up this early. I wake up and quickly curl my navy blue hair and throw on some skinny jeans and a nice long sleeve top. I throw on mascara and head out the door. I’m walking down to the office and I dread today. I’ve always worked night shift so this day shift job is going to be an adjustment. I head in and get instructed to find Demetry on the fourth floor. I head up the elevator and into the huge room. There is couches and chairs and 4 rooms. In the middle of the main room is a desk. Most likely mine. One of the four rooms is labeled conference room then Samuel, Keilen, and Demetry. All of the rooms are open except his. So I walk towards it and knock on the door. Extremely nervous, I’ve never worked in a more professional setting before.  “Come in” I hear. He is setting at his desk deep into thought. His dark black hair carefully placed and his chiseled face concentrated on his work. I am taking time to admire him and that’s when I notice. The strong smell of old vanilla and sandalwood. It’s my mate. He must’ve noticed as well because he looks straight up. I try to ignore the gravitational pull that I have towards him and act like I am oblivious.  “Hello sir, my name is Alexandria. I am the new secretary” I say looking at him as he just stairs straight at me.   “Yes, um, ok” he says and you can clearly tell he is tripping over his words. He quickly gets up and comes closer. I know he wants to touch my skin even in the slightest way. It is said that when you touch your mate that you will feel sparks and feel an even deeper connection to them. “Let me show you to your desk” he says. I walk out of the room fast so he has no chance to get close enough to touch me and be sure of the bond we have.  “Is this it?” I ask “yes, Gail will be out to train you soon. It is her last week so that will be all the time you have” I quietly know my head and get seated. He goes back into his office as two other handsome men in suits walk through and to his office.” *Demetrys POV* I got back to my office slightly flustered. I have to find a way to get close enough to her to be sure. I’ve always gravitated to her smell but I’ve never been able to get close enough to see her. Her long navy hair draped over her shoulders almost reached the center of her stomach even with the curls. She was short only abut 5’4” maybe 5’5”. She is without a doubt the sexiest person I have ever seen in my life. With her small waist and perfect ass. I hear the door open and look up hoping that it is her.  “We have a hot new secretary” Samuel said as he walked into the door. I involuntarily growled at him and both of them just look at me with shock.  “D is everything ok?” Keilen asked as he laughs at me  “That’s my mate” I growled out at them. Both of them just stand momentarily in shock. They have always been with me when I feel as if she is around.  “ finally our Luna has been found” Samuel said as he walks toward the door “why aren’t we all celebrating?”  “STOP” I quickly say more aggressive then I meant to. “She either doesn’t know or is planning on rejecting me”  “That’s absolutely crazy, I’m sure she is just as shocked as you are” Keilen said while looking out the glass door and across the room directly at her.  “Well we are going to give it some time. I’m going to figure it out” I say as I watch out the door as she laughs with Glenda. 
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