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Taylor POV Befuddled, and confused, as I sat in the cafe after the guy Alexander said some weird s**t after the interview was over and left. I guess that means that I didn’t get the position. I’m not quite sure what transpired, one minute I’m telling him about myself and why I should be chosen for the position to him saying something about rejection after he came back from the restroom. I called Jeremy to let him know how my interview went as I left the cafe still confused. “Hey Tay, did you get the job”. Jeremy asked through the phone excitedly “I’m not sure exactly I don’t think so, I mean I thought the interview went well, but at the end of it he said the weirdest stuff and left”. “Whoa really, what did he say” “I’ll tell you about it later I just want to go home and sulk, I probably won’t be here too much longer anyway”. “Aww Tay don’t feel that way I’ll be over in a couple hours to cheer you up” “Okay I’m putting my phone on DND you know how to get in”. I said to him in a gloomy mood and hung up I went to the store grabbed a huge bottle of wine and went to wait for my bus. I really needed this to go well and get the job if not I would be on the first bus back to Ohio. My saving grace has been my best friend, Jeremy. He befriended me the first day he saw me in an interview for a position where he worked, and we have been friends ever since. Jeremy’s parents were loaded, and they gave him whatever he wanted. The only exception was for him to get a job to know what it felt like to make your own money. He has helped me out from time to time, but I can’t depend on him to get things done for me. I’m 26 years old and I graduated from OSU with a degree in business. Standing at 5 feet tall, black hair that comes down to my shoulders when I straighten it out. I have honey brown skin, brown eyes that’s covered with glasses, huge boobs, average waist size (not skinny in the least bit) thighs for days with a small booty. I dressed in a yellow dress that came down to my knees with shoulder length sleeves and a bow on the side with black closed toe heels. I wanted to open my own business someday a restaurant preferably, have my own brick and mortar, my very own employees, rules I set up, things done my way the whole nine. Working for someone else just didn’t work for me there were too many hoops to jump through no matter the place. I made it home an hour later and dropped my things off at my bedroom door and fell face into my bed. My mind was still reeling from my altercation earlier with that very attractive man Alexander. The interview was going great at first or so I thought and then it just ended weird. After a few moments of sulking into my bed I got up and went to put my big bottle of wine in the freezer to get chilled while I went to shower. I finished showering 30 minutes later and made my way to my room to get dressed. I live with a friend Casey that I met at my first job working with Jeremy at the restaurant. She had a two-bedroom apartment, that wasn’t in a good neighborhood and her roommate had just moved out. With no other choice and she was only charging me 200 bucks for rent, and I had to buy my own food plus help with utilities. I took it with no questions, it was way better than staying in a motel. Coming out of my bedroom meeting Jeremy I was in awe, he had an arrangement of seafood with steak, salad, sides, dessert, wine the works. I was glad he brought food I was hungry; I gave him a hug on my way to the food. I grabbed a crab leg and made my way to grab the chilled bottle of wine. I poured up two glasses of wine and, we smoked the fat joint he rolled and dug into the delicious food he brought. After pigging out we finally decided to talk about my gruesome interview. Before we started, I rolled another joint to take my mind off the situation at hand, me having to go home. “So, what’s up what did he say after the interview was completed” Jeremy asked as he sipped his wine “Well, he said he rejects me as a mate and walked out of the café without explaining what the hell that means” I said as I took a big gulp of wine. “That’s weird I wonder what that means as well” he said pondering what I just said. “Yea tell me about it” I poured me another cup as we sat in silence for a moment before any one of us spoke “Well, it is only Monday so you have a week left to find something, don’t give up so soon you will find something I’ll help you” he said as he poured more wine. We finished off the bottle of wine while watching movies and eating dessert and I passed out on the couch. Jeremy POV Hmmm……I wonder did Taylor just meet a werewolf? Mate, was Taylor mated to a wolf, and If so why would a werewolf be mated to a human?! What did she mean when she said he rejected her?I though that was quite impossible for a wolf to me mated to human as I have never heard of it.
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