The Interview

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Alexander POV “WOOHOOO, LET’S GO BROTHER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, STILL GETTING READY?! Yelled my brother Anthony “You know it, I’ve got to look extra good tonight I’m meeting my mate I can feel it” I said as I smiled the biggest smile ever “Yea and I’m just looking to get laid and have some fun so let’s go” Anthony said pushing me out of my room and toward the back yard! “Finally, the guest of honor has arrived” my brother announced to everyone in the pack along with allies and surrounding packs!! A thunder of roars and applause sounded in the huge backyard!! “Let’s get this party started” sounded Anthony. As we made our way into the party with drinks in hand, the most beautiful scent of roses and sandalwood came across my nose. “MATE IS HERE” my wolf Deacon screamed “Wow, thanks for the headache, can you be any louder” I said to my wolf “Let’s find her and claim her as ours” Deacon said excitedly As I scanned through the crowd the scent of roses and sandalwood gets heavy and then I freeze when I finally see her. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen from her long brown hair, her beautiful tan skin, amazing body, and a smile that makes my world stop. I am sweating, nervous, fidgety as I walk towards her, hoping I’m everything she dreamed of the man she could count on, the man that’s loyal, honest, damn good looking and an Alpha at that. Her scent drowning me as I get closer and then she sees me, and I’m met with the most beautiful grey eyes ever. A phase of emotions flickered in her eyes from passion, to want, need, desire and then hurt, and anger. I couldn’t make out what she was thinking at all, as I neared her, I grabbed her into my arms and looked deep into her eyes. As I felt the most amazing feeling ever and it was all due to her my mate. “Mate” I growled out I couldn’t contain myself “Hi, I’m Alexander Montgomery” I said as I just stared at her unable to keep my eyes and emotions at bay. “Hi, my name is Salena Alvarez, she said as she pushed me away with a disgusted look Not sure what she was thinking by pushing me away; a mate isn’t supposed to do that or look at you that way so I gave it another try. I grabbed her again and I kissed her deeply and passionately devouring her lips, she tasted so great I couldn’t get enough of her. Once again she pushed me away and slapped me hard across the face. I thought to myself what I do wrong, she could tell I was her mate just the same as me and I know she felt everything I felt. I was so confused at her actions I thought meeting your mate was supposed to be magical; this was the complete opposite. She just stood there staring at me like I was a worthless piece of dog s**t, never ever have I seen a look so disgusting as hers, and then she looked behind her. That’s when I seen my best friend, my soon to be beta Derek walk up behind her as she looked back at me with an evil grin on her face. I stood there shocked, and confused, then angry when I see Derek wrap his arm around her smirking. Anger burning in my veins at the betrayal of my so-called best friend, my right-hand man, my beta, the guy I once called a brother. He knew how important a mate was to me and instead of pushing her towards me her mate, he played her against me somehow, why? Hurt beyond measure at the betrayal I didn’t know what else to do. I growled so loudly everyone in the party stopped and looked our way. I was about to rip his head off for touching my mate, as I moved closer the words that a mate is never to say rang out in my ears and my whole world came tumbling down. “I Selena Alvarez daughter of the alpha of Ruby Moon rejects you Alexander Montgomery as my mate and alpha”. I stopped just before I was about to grab him and looked at her with sadness in my eyes pleading silently for her to take back her rejection, but it never came so I said the words I never thought I would say ever. “I, Alexander Montgomery future alpha of Red Moon accepts your rejection Selena Alvarez as my mate and Luna.” After that I stormed out of my party never looking back, months later I contacted my alpha and let him know I was no longer interested in taking my rightful place as alpha. . . . That was ten years ago that I walked away from my pack, and I vowed to myself never to get hurt again and a mate is the one person that can cause the most damage. Since then, I worked hard to open one of the biggest multi-billion-dollar tech companies on the far east side. As I put my clothes back on, I stared at the figure on the bed one last time before I departed the hotel. Since then, I turned in a playboy bedding different women to keep my nightmares at bay. It was the 4 in the morning as I headed home to shower, get ready and head to work, I needed to have a good day today as my past had been heavily on my mind lately. I made it to work at 6 in the morning on the dot as always before everyone else arrived between 7a-9a. I stood at 6’3 with dark hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, and I have more than an average physique. I worked out on the daily to maintain my shape and sanity, today I dressed in an all-black Calvin Klein suit with a white button down and black Armani shoes. I needed a new assistant like yesterday since the last one got attached to me. I had HR interview women and there was one last interview to complete. I took the morning to prepare myself for the interview that was to take place in a few hours. I was conducting the interview myself due to the head of HR being out sick. So engulfed with the questions I was preparing I didn’t realize that I was running late until I glanced at my watch. I got up and raced out of my office heading downstairs to where my driver Chris was already waiting for me. We arrived 20 minutes later, and I hopped out of the truck once the door opened, I disliked being late and I was extremely late for this interview. I entered the cafe as the strong scent of rainwater and lilies came across my nose as I made my way to the counter. I ordered a coffee with two creams and some sugar along with a couple of Danishes to apology for my tardiness. “Our second chance mate is somewhere in here I can smell and feel her ”. Deacon perked up and replied “Yea yea I already told you I want no parts in it”. “Will you man up and forget about what happened. She is not her and she will not reject us”. “Whatever I said what I said plus I don’t have time for that I have an interview to complete”. “You mean an assistant you can stick your d**k in”. Deacon said angrily Annoyed with Deacon, I pushed him to the back of my mind putting a wall between us as I scanned the café to see who I was to interview. As I looked around my eyes landed on the most beautiful woman sitting alone in a yellow dress playing on her phone. It looked like she was waiting for someone as my order arrived, I started to walk over, and the scent of rainwater and lilies started to become unbearable as I finally reached her. “Mate, she is our second chance mate” Deacon broke through screaming jumping up and down I froze dead in my tracks and just stared at her as she looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen. “Hi, are you who I am interviewing with for a position at Montgomery Technologies” she said in the sweetest voice ever not once breaking eye contact with me “Say something you i***t”. Deacon scolded me I was at a loss for words as I just stared at her, this was not the distraction that I needed now. “Um…. hello, sorry my name is Alexander”. I said as fear and rejection clouded my mind taking me back to that dreadful night. I snapped back to reality when she introduced herself. “Hi, my name is Taylor Knight” she said standing up holding her hand out for me to shake it. I just looked at her like she grew two heads, not wanting to touch her because I knew what that entailed. Totally dismissing her handshake, I apologized and blamed it on me being late and not having time for formalities. I motioned for her to take a seat as I got started with the interview asking her a series of questions. Finally, the interview was coming to an end and my last questions was for her to tell me more about herself and the reason she should be picked for the position. I was so wrapped up with her telling me about herself, she was unique, graduated from a great college, had a good head on her shoulders, had experience and the looks for the position. I also came to the realization that she was my mate and a human at that. After she finished talking, I excused myself to go to the bathroom to get my mind together, as her scent was driving me insane, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I bet you won’t tell her that you f**k all your assistants”. Deacon chimed in as I made it to the restroom to apply cold water to my face. “Will you shut up”. I scolded my wolf trying to push him to the back of my mind “Will you just get over that w***e and her rejection, she is not the same as our first mate” he said angrily. “Yea, she is worst she’s a human and they reject people based off their looks, stop trying to persuade me otherwise a mate is nothing but heartache” I said to my wolf as I was finally able to block him out The only thing I could think of as she spoke to me earlier was how good she looked, her big, beautiful lips, brown skin, her all around beauty. I wanted to know her more or maybe I just though I did. A part of me wanted to stake my claim to her but another part of me was glad she was human and knew nothing of my world. On the other hand, I thought to myself; Why would the moon goodness mate me with a human who doesn’t understand anything about me or my world, someone who cannot share my same feelings? I stared into the mirror for a few more minutes before I headed back to where she was seated, as I gathered all my things and my thoughts I sighed as I paused and just thought a minute. Not sure if wanted to do what I was thinking, she hasn’t once looked at me with disgust. I see a light in her eyes that makes me feel some kind of way. After all the pain my first mate put me through I’ll admit I still wanted a mate. I wanted to explore all those great things with my mate, but she wouldn’t be able to feel half of what I feel. She wouldn’t be strong enough to lead my pack if I ever had to go back. I’d have to always protect her and make sure she was safe, if anyone ever found out my mate was human they’d hurt her to get to me. I don’t want to lose my mate tragically, that pain and heartache is totally different from rejection pain. I didn’t want to go through that or put my mate in harms way. So I did what I thought was best for the both of us. “I, Alexander Montgomery reject you Taylor Knight as my mate”. I said without looking at her and walked out
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