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A WRITER FINDS HERSELF IN HER OWN BOOK, PROMISED TO THE VILLAIN! Something caught his nose, a light scent, of something really good. It was there one second and gone and it really got him curious, and surprisingly, Ulf too, as the wolf seemed to unfurl within him. However, he could not look back to check as he had been instructed by the priest to face the altar until his bride had been handed over to him by her father. The scent came again though, this time getting stronger. Cahir's nose twitched twice, having never anything quite like it. What was that marvelous scent? He heard footsteps behind him and he turned in time for Henry to put his daughter's dainty hands in Cahir's rougher and bigger ones. The princess raised her head. Her unsmiling and cold expression surprising Cahir for two reasons. One, she was in no way smiling and blushing like she was the day before. Her eyes held a fire and surprise that he hadn't imagine they could... The second reason being Ulf's response to the sight of the princess after seeing her just the day before and not in any way moved. "Mate... My little Mate." Ulf whispered through Cahir's mouth. How the hell was this possible? ******** Blair walked in to the sound of the bridal march on the arms of a shorter stubbier man that was her father in this fever like dream. At the end of the aisle was her soon to be groom in an unusual clothing. Unusual because Blair had often thought that Vikings would not be caught dead wearing an almost suit or in a church wedding at all. Too soon they were at the front and the princess's father was handing her over to the groom. Blair had her first real look at the character she had created. He stared at her in something she assumed was surprise and she did the same. The surprise were for different reasons though, Blair thought. She was definitely staring because 'Oh goodness, did this man look so gorgeous'. Blair was shocked to the bones by how good-looking Cahir of the Vikings was. She hadn't exactly retained his looks from her dream, motivated only by his tyranny to his think of his looks but now that he was right in front of her.... He was basically perfection if such a person existed. Like if a man was made especially to her taste, this would be it. But he could not be staring at her for the same reason, Blair wasn't vain or stupid either. She knew she was pretty but didn't think she was mouth droppingly gorgeous. The two stared at each other with similar expressions for so long that the priest had to clear his throat uncomfortably to get the service started. Blair half listened to all what was going on, her mind in turmoil over what was happening. Her first wedding was one she didn't want. She internally sighed, so far she could not see a way out. Not until she heard the priest say. "Do you, Princess Danielle of West Creek take Cahir of the Willulf clan to be your lawfully wedded husband to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live? This was her opportunity. The chance she had been waiting for, she could say no now and forget all this, or at least, she could buy herself more time. That was her best bet. Then she felt Cahir's grip tighten considerably on her hand. That jolted Blair back to reality... A pin drop silence filled the room. Cahir's blazing and dangerously dark gazes was on her and every collective gaze was on her waiting for her answer. Blair imagined that they all held their breath waiting for her to say something. She suddenly realized that she had not considered what was at stake here. All she had been thinking was what it meant for her that she hadn't considered what it would have meant for others. The words of the Head of servants rang in her mind again. Cahir had most likely threatened the chief with war to wed the princess for whatever reason and it was her duty to protect the kingdom now whether she liked it or not. She did not like it but she could not have the death of so many people on her conscience. And that made her reluctant decision for her. "I do." Blair finally said. She looked up to see Cahir staring, expression closed off at the priest. After what felt like forever, the priest pronounced them as husband and wife. Then Cahir did something she didn't expect. He grabbed her by her hips and threw her over his shoulder ...and marched out of the chapel. Like a fvcking Neanderthal! A/N: Welcome to this book. Please I would love your comments and support. Don't be shy, I want to hear from you all. My prior books have stronger female leads which makes me nervous to write this. Don't worry, this lady won't be a weakling though.
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