Episode 1

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"He is a literal and metaphorical b*stard." Blair Perkins told her friend and beta reader Violet Stark. They were both seated in the closet sized room that Blair called her "creative art temple", where she did all things creativity which includes writing, chibi drawing and the occasional dancing. The "creative art temple" was Blair's sanctuary. It was her secret place and also her favorite place and you had to be a really, really, special entity to be invited in. Also, ironically, it was located in a, very, public cafe. Violet Stark, a brunette with her hair dyed the color of her name, was also Blair's roommate for half a year. The two females had met from an advert article that Violet had published for a new roommate in their varsity magazine, and they had hit it off immediately. Blair had always loved writing as a kid and even growing up. In high school, she would write short stories for the school play and to publish on the school newsletter. Due to the recent high rise in self publishing companies, Blair could finally put her stories out there for a greater audience. ...Also, it meant a chance to get paid for her hobby. And heavens knew that she needed the money. It is not easy being a nursing undergraduate in a metropolitan city and bills seemingly piles up like a stack of cards. Student loans, house rent, electricity bills, transportation fees, and feeding money to mention a few were coming at her left and right so writing part time seemed like the best reasonable solution... ...you know, besides the already low paying night time shopkeeper job she did on the side. Thanks to Violet, she had been able to secure the job and even though the pay was kind of low, it was okay for the equally low effort she had to put in. And moreover, the night time job meant she could have her day free to do whatever she needs to get done. Like assignments, projects, writing and book clubs. Blair lost her parents since she was fourteen and since then, she had been in and out of foster homes till she was eighteen since she never liked anything of those homes enough to want to be adopted. Being able to finish high school as well as send herself to college was a feat she was immensely proud of. Studying to land a part scholarship and now working two jobs alongside her schooling was going to be worth it, she was sure. Sure, her sleep pattern was messed up with her catching up on the zzzs whenever she was free between classes and her sleep time was cut short but she was sure it would all be worth it when she was loan free in a few years from now. Violet looked at her friend with an half amused expression. Going by how vehemently Blair always talked about the villain in her story, you would think that she had a personal vendetta against the poor guy. And maybe she did. Afterall, Blair had came up with the idea of her story from her dreams. She had dreamt of the Viking being a merciless king, and she had, on waking up, thought of a female character who would be sure to deliver his enslaved people from their "tyrannical leader", Blair's words, not Violet's. ******* "...and that is why it would be more than satisfying to make him fall by the hands of a strong, independent woman. Don't you think?" Violet opened her mouth to refute Blair's words but the other was already talking away, eyes locked on the digital display system of the computer she was typing on. "I can just see it now." Blair added with what she called her villainous author laughter that was nothing like a cackle in Violet's humble opinion " I'll draw the readers in with romance between those two, make it seem like they are both falling in love with each other then boom! Danielle had been faking it all along and she betrays him to the North Kingdom. Cahir, that bastard," Violet winced "pays for his tyranny, the readers are left shook and the grateful citizens of the South Kingdoms make the brave and beautiful Danielle their Queen! Cool, right?" Violet was shaking her head before Blair was even done. "Blair I understand how you want your books to promote women empowerment and all ...and—and I am all for empowering women but this is a fictional book you are writing, it doesn't exactly work that way in those times." Blair barely spared her a glance before she continued typing, "Which is why Blair would betray Cahir to the more civilized monarchy." Violet raised her eyebrows in skeptism "Uhm... The Catholic Rednecks were in no way more civilized than the Vikings. W— I read on that google thingy that they were more hygienic and even more civilized with regards to women privileges than the Europeans." "Really?" Blair said dryly looking her in the eyes with her tone and expression passing the message across that she did not believe what Violet was saying. Violet let out an exasperated sigh "I'm serious, you don't want your book to be historically incorrect, right?" Blair shrugged and went back to typing. "Well, that is why it's called fiction. It's my story, my idea so it is going to be be the way I want it to be. It's not like I'm tainting an actual person's reputation." ****** "My hands are numb." Blair exclaimed Blair exclaimed after making sure to save her typing progress and exiting the tab she was writing on. She yawned and stretched feeling a little bit of ache from sitting too long and her eyes were definitely not happy with her but, on the good side, she had written three chapters in one sitting with a total of over six thousand words so she was super proud of herself. Looking around her, she could see that the cyber cafe was already empty and since Violet had gone up front to get them some snacks to eat, Blair shut down the computer and packed her books and pen, ready to leave. "Ready? I'll walk you to your job." Violet said as they met at the door. "It's already late." "Oh, it's fine. I walk there by myself everyday." Blair said taking a bag of chips from Violet with a grateful smile. All that writing made her unbelievably hungry. "Not from this place, you do not. There is that creepy alley on the way. I absolutely can't let you go by yourself." Violet said with her no argument tone so Blair reluctantly complied even though she did not see the point of Violet walking her to her place of work like a kid being dropped off by her big sister at school. They continued to chat, about what Blair had written for the day while Violet gave her two cents as a history major student would, correcting Blair's wrong assessment of the ancient Vikings, till they walked in and out of the alley... ...just kidding, what's the point of making two college girls walk through a creepy alley at night if they are not going to get attacked, Huh?... I digress. "Seriously, I recommend you ACTUALLY reading up on these people before writing about them" Violet said in an exasperated tone. "What's the fun in that, Vi?" Blair replied to her roommate. "Fiction is for fun, not facts." Is what she would have added if three men, appearing from seemingly nowhere, did not come right up into their personal space. "Did I hear you ...you girls are *hic* looking for fun?" One of the men said right into Blair's face. His breathe reeked of alcohol ...and probably rotting gum. The blond girl clutched the brunette in fear. Violet just rolled her eyes, not loosing her composure as always. "We are just looking to get to work without any trouble so take your cowardly friends and skeedadle." The girl said with a resting b*tch face. The three drunks began to laugh uncontrollably like Violet had said something really funny. Violet hissed and grabbed Blair's hands to lead her past the men when one of the grabbed Violet's hand and yanked her back. "but what's the fun in that, Vi?" He man mimmicked what Blair said earlier in an high pitched girly voice. "Let me go right now before I scream bl**dy murder." Violet hissed at the man eyes flashing in anger. "Please, don't." Blair whimpered as one of the men grabbed her purse. Her most important things were in it including her phone, power bank, her flash drive containing her drafts and projects as well as her wallet... ...basically her whole life was in that purse and she could not afford to lose it. "Let go of her." Violet yelled as she hit the man holding her hard in his ba!ls. The man's grip on her instantly loosened as he crumbled to the ground holding his groin. Immediately, one of the men ran to Violet, the third man was still struggling with Blair so she decided to follow Violet's example and knee the man but he caught her movements and moved away in time. Then it happened in a millisecond, a clenched fist came down by the side of Blair's head. It felt like a ton of bricks hit her. Pain traveled then exploded in her brain followed closely by stars in the night. Or was it just the night? Blair vaguely felt another hit to her stomach before her body fell into space. Then it was all dark. A/N: How was the intro? I'm anxious to hear from you all. This book gonna be as cliche as I can manage while still being different... ...do you know readers interaction helps the dreame algorithm promote a book, the more you comment (both positive, negative and constructive) helps the book get promoted. A simple, "nice chapter" or "I don't support her decision" comment can go a long way. Thank you all.
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