One Night Stand With My Arranged Alpha

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Aurora a shy and reserved girl, who also hates to associate with people was invited to a costume party for their after-exam party by Layla her childhood best friend who was thinking that the latter would loosen up and party with the rest of the finalists at the Durst mansion. Aurora decided to attend the party just to be away from home, she thought that partying with her friend would help her forget about the arranged marriage.

It only got exciting when Layla was busy with her new fling Nolan. Aurora got wild, drank a lot and staggered towards the room on the last floor where she had a one night stand with an attractive man.

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The Final Exam

At Princeton University, which was one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in New Jersey, United States. Also, a subsidiary of the Princeton Group is owned by Adrian Princeton. The final-year students were seen in a big hall in the business school with their faces looking down at their scripts as we were busy with our final exams. Amongst the students were Layla Durst and I, Aurora Princeton who was sitting adjacent to each other with our faces glued to the paper in front of us.

“Humph!” Layla plastered a satisfied smirk on her face and went through her answers. She got up afterward, shot a glare at me who was still writing off on the white paper, and strode to the supervisor. Layla handed over her answer script and headed outside of the hall. My mind was so focused on the papers as I had long decided to give a very brief explanation on our last paper before submitting my scripts.

Shortly after I was done answering the questions, I got up from my seat and strode to the supervisor with some other students who had also finished their work. We handed in the scripts and left.

Feeling the bright sunshine as I stepped out of the hall, I smiled heartily and walked toward Layla who was standing in the corridor with her new boyfriend Nolan. It’s terrifying how Layla changes boyfriends, how did she even do that? I walked up to them with a sneer, “remember! By eight p.m tonight” Layla said cheekily while licking her lips. All that doesn’t leave my sight as I was wondering what Layla was up to.

“Hi, Nolan,” I said to Nolan and turned to face my best friend. Layla nodded to Nolan, he chuckled and left.

“What was that about? You already hooked up with boys just after you stepped out of the hall, Layla, have some shame!” I snorted with disgust. I hate associating with people, especially men.

“Come on Aurora, I got a massive blow from Julian after our breakup. So I got a nice replacement which is better” she said to me and chuckled.

“Such a slut!” I rolled my eyes and tapped Layla’s shoulder with my hand. “Tell me, what were you guys whispering about eight p.m.?” My look became serious as I asked about their conversation.

Huh! I thought you hate it when other people are involved. Well, I still need you to be at the after-exam party tonight, Layla shrugged and notified me about the party held at Durst’s mansion for the finalists. They’d thought of hosting the party at the Durst mansion after using up all their ideas, since Mr. and Mrs. Durst is out of town Nolan thought it’d be a great idea to have the party at the Durst’s as it would be less stressful.

“Layla, this is not nice. Aunt and uncle will freak out once they found out about this” I tried to explain to Layla but she wasn’t having it. She has already planned out this evening, spending it with Nolan smooching and having fun. I knitted her brow while biting my lips.

“News flash: you must be there, no excuses will be accepted. It’s a costume party, lingerie is needed” Layla gloated as she stared at me with a smirk.

“I’m busy tonight, I can’t make it. Mum and dad are already waiting for my return and I’d like to spend some time with them. Gosh! I haven’t seen them for four years, I’m so excited to see them” I beamed, recalling my parent's doting eyes.

“Humph! Look at yourself, gloating like a clown. You’re no kid Aurora, attending this party is a must there is no going back. Using uncle and aunt as an excuse won’t work either, you need to let your guard down and meet new people. I can’t believe you’re still shy after four years in school” Layla scoffed with her face filled with doubts and unforeseen thoughts. ‘Maybe she is right locking myself out isn’t right, I need to loosen up I nodded to my thought, and gripped Layla's arm, “then you will be by my side and help me through this”

“That would be for a while, I would be spending the night with Nolan. Let’s go back to the hostel first.” With Layla's eyes locked with mine, we nodded and headed back to our hostel which was a few miles away. We both arrived holding our hands just like in childhood we are always together with our hands clasped together.

Layla unlocked the door and walked into the dorm still with my arms, we were both standing still in front of the packed luggage waiting to be wheeled out of the dorm.

“We did it! Yes, California we’re coming for you” we both said in unison and screamed heartily while clutching our hands to express the happiness we felt. We abruptly rushed to the closet, pulled out the outfit we had chosen earlier, slid into it, wore make-up, and high heels, and wheeled the luggage out towards the gate of Princeton University. Both the drivers sent by our families were in front of the gate waiting for us, as we stepped outside the gate both the drivers hurriedly rushed to us and took our luggage collectively.

“See you tonight!” I screamed as I hopped into the back of a white Porsche.

“Remember the code, I already selected one for you. Eight p.m” Layla sounded excited as she got into the back seat of a black Lexus. The two Limited Edition cars that were slowly gathering attention sped off towards a different direction which was the Hill Valley and Rock view estate.

The Porsche soon slowed down once we entered Hill Valley, and the driver made his way toward the large gate of the Princeton mansion. ‘How much I’ve missed this place, the chirping bird and the cold breeze from the hills’ I gasped and got out after the driver pulled over at the parking lot.

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