A Night With You

one-night stand
escape while being pregnant

One hot night. Drowned in the blast of music and kick of the ardent spirits. Kira had the night of her life. A wild cheer as thoe glasses clanked. But suddenly, the unnoticed Vin got hold of her. And the steam began to rise.

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Chapter 1: The Blast

As the smoke blurs the background. I entered the scene. Walking with confidence in every stride I make. Well, that's me, Kira. The confident and strong lady that no one or nothing can destroy. Because I never back down. I always fight with all I've got.

I sat on the bar stool and cross my legs. Flaunting the perfect pair of legs.

"One Bloody Mary."Raising my pointing finger to sign one. The words rolled my lips and minutes later the drink was served.

I took a sip of the liquid and it gave my throat a soothing touch. I sighed as relief washed my system. Closed my eyes and listened to the mellow music that was played for the slow dance on the dance floor.

I sat at ease as I observed the people around. Laughing their hearts out, doing what they want. Well, I'm here to have the time of my life.

I downed my shot and ordered another one. Quickly drinking it up and walking to the direction of the dance floor. As I reached there the music turned to an upbeat one. And I danced to the tune of it.

Waiters and waitresses are roaming around the whole place to serve liquor. And I continuously grabbed and down the drinks. Two comes three. Then five and more.

I danced with all the people there. Laughed my heart out and swayed my hips. Throwing my arms in the air and feeling the surge of the heat.

Lights continue to flick. Turn and off it went. The dancefloor became a wild paradise of these souls. Souls that needs heat to be quenched from the cold.

Feeling tired, I sat on the seat I got earlier. Then suddenly the world stopped spinning. The music ceased and my heart beat erratically.

My vision zoomed and the background blur as I saw the man that I can consider a sin. Oozing s*x appeal and drop dead handsomeness. A perfect definition of an Adonis come to life.


Vin went inside the place with confidence. His heart was hollow and coldness was in his aura. Clad in an expensive Armani suit and a diamond and gold ring in his necklace, the heirloom of their family.

Why does he need to be here in the first place when he has all the problems in the world that he needs to solve?

Oh yes. Because of his dying father. A last wish he needs to grant as the only heir of their family.

His swept his gaze in the wild crowd until his eyes landed to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. And right there and then he knew, he found the one.

Slowly, he walked to her direction. A knot on his lungs. He seem to hold his breath and was mesmerized by the goddess that was her.


'OMG! Oh My Gosh!! Is he coming to me?' The constant squeal on Kira's mind as Vin walked towards his direction.

"One cognac on rocks." He said to the bartender that was just behind her. His voice was thick and husky.

'So he was not going to me. Aish stupid Kira! Do you think an Adonis will say hi to you? Tsk!' Kira silently scolded herself for being so assuming.

On Vin's side, he tried to breath and appear normal and relaxed but his internal organs began to do summersaults.

Her scent invaded his nostrils and he can't get enough of it. He's thinking what's beyond it. What's the feeling of her skin against his? Of her breath mixing his? What could those lips feel like? But he hold a tight reign and control of his thoughts.

Their elbows touched and a surge of electricity crept on their system. Their eyes locked and they were lost on their own world. Blocking the blast of the music. Away from the people who will notice.

"Hi." Kira croaked slowly. A sweet smile plastered on her lips.

"Hi." Vin replied breathlessly.

"I'm Kira. And you are?" she extended her arm, palms out.

"Vin. Nice to meet you milady." But Kira laughed. Which puzzled Vin.

"Why?" Vin curiously asked.

"Hahahaha! You and your sweet mouth. Milady? Pfft... are we in some sort of royalty huh Sir?"

"Uhmm... I just wanna call you Milady. Can I?"

"Sure. It's not a big deal anyway."

Oh her bad. It was a big deal. Only the ones they choose to call Milady are the ones they call that name and title in their entire life.

They talked about things in life. Just anything under the sun. They laughed and they seem to be closed. Two hollow hearts filled each other. A tie on their souls with a bond that will never be broken.


They got out of that place. 11:30 at night. They held each other's hand and they headed towards the black Sedan.

"Kira... can I?" Vin asked anxiety was evident in his voice.

"Can you what?" She peered at him curiously.

"Well, this..."

Vin moved from his seat and reached his hand on her side. Touching his pale skin in the neck. Gently and slowly dipped his head towards hers.

A spur of the moment, a flame ignited. As their lips touched, a frenzy of feeling burst in their souls.

The kiss was ardent. Needing and seeking for something. She hold his arm to support herself as she turned jelly on his kiss.

Their tongues battled for dominance and heat continued to spread in their being. Gone was the shyness. Gone was the inhibition.

All that was left was pure need and carnal desire. His hand slipped towards her small waistline. Slowly grabbing her towards his body.

They stopped, foreheads on each other and breaths raging. Their orbs communicated a language only they can decipher.

Slowly, she reached for his lips. Dropping a light kiss, teasing him. He pulled her closer that even air will be ashamed to pass between them.

Like a magnet attracted to each other. Their lips meet again. Quenching their need. Battling for dominance. Seeking for satisfaction. But satisfaction never washed them.

Like a gasoline in the flame. The heat soared higher until the blast came.

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