Secret Mate's

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Chapter 1.  Scarlett’s POV Conrad had returned from the cells; he had told me that the guards suspected nothing. Alpha was already drunk when he had gotten there, so injecting him with the needle was easy. I should feel bad somehow, I think, but he had killed our Luna, his god damn mate, and tried to kill our little baby. I had everything packed. We were going to travel light. We each had a bag with all the documents that we needed, and we had enough cash to last us at least six months, if it came down to it. I knew that we could access the hidden bank account if we needed to, but that was for emergencies, and it was also little Sophia’s inheritance. Not knowing how long we would be on the run for? Or where we would end up? This time, we were going to have to get as far away as we could. “Scarlett, did you get rid of everything that had our names on it?” Conrad asks me. “Of course I did. I know the drill all too well. Everything with our old name has been destroyed and I have all the new id’s with our new names on it.” I say to him. “I love you so much.” He says to me, and kisses me a kiss, even after all these years, every time he touches me, I can not get enough of him. I just want him to keep touching me, but now wasn’t the time. “Honey, I will get Sophia and then we will leave ok.” I say to him. “How are we going to get through the gates? With no one asking where we are going?” I ask him. “I told the guys at the gate that we were going to spend a couple of days on the human side of town. That we needed to get away for a while, after everything that happened. They said they would let us pass.” He explains. “You think of everything.” I say to him with a cheeky wink. Just then, Sophia cried. This was our cue to leave this s**t place. Well, not all of it was bad. When Alpha started taking his s**t out on us, that’s when I started to hate this place. We had stayed too long here. All I want is somewhere safe, that we can raise little Sophia and she can live a normal life. We were going to have to tell her one day about everything that happened, but that would not happen for a long time. Conrad left to get the car. The pack had cars, that people were allowed to use, but we were going to take our own, because the packs had a tracking signal on them, that they would use if they thought someone was in trouble, or just to monitor the person using them. If we used ours, we would be safe enough to get to the border before they suspected anything. I couldn’t help but think how people were going to react to the news. Alpha Julius was dead. See, the thing about a lethal does of wolfbane won’t show up in any reports. It’s a known fact that he takes it, so he can get drunk. So if all goes well, they should think that he just killed himself. Conrad’s POV Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull this off, Julius was one tough son of a b***h, if he put up too much of a fight, he might make too much noise and I couldn’t risk that. Our lives depended on this. He had killed our Luna. Violet had always been so kind to us. She loved Scarlett. I remember the first time that she admitted that she had feelings for me. How was I meant to feel about that? I loved Scarlett with all my heart. She was my mate, but there was something about Violet? She just had this aura about and the Moon Goddess had forsaken her to an asshole like Julius. We were both on patrol, and she had asked me to go to the river with her because there was something she had to talk to me about. It's not like I could have said no because she is the Luna. We shifted back, and I was going to put my clothes on when she told me not to. She was about five foot nine, her body was amazing, her breasts were so plump, her stomach had the outline of a six-pack. She walked over to me and put her hands on my face. When she touched me, my whole body tingled, which couldn’t be right, because you are only meant to feel them when your mate touches you. She looks into my eyes and says, “Conrad, I am not sure why, but I feel a pull towards you. Like I did with Julius, my wolf seems to think that we are our mate as well. Just looking at you now turns me on.” She says. She leans in for a kiss. It was so wrong, but so right. I kiss her back. She has the softest lips, my tongue wants access to her mouth, I want to feel every part of her; she grants me access and I growl. My hands got to waist, I pull her in closer so that I can deepen the kiss. My c**k is pulsing just at this. I just want to f**k her, like she has never been f****d before. She reaches down and grabs my c**k in her hand. She deepens the kiss as she strokes my c**k. OMG, f**k, that feels amazing. I am rock hard. I can smell that she is getting aroused as well. I stop kissing her mouth and I start to nip at her neck; she moans as I do this, making my c**k pulse. I grab her breast in my hand; I stroke it, then I place her n****e between my thumb and index finger and pinch it. She moans “Harder Conrad.” I pinch it hard that she yelps. 
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