Her Rejected Mate's Revenge

kickass heroine
female lead

Sophia has always been tortured by the Alpha and his son. Her parents died when she was younger. She can't find out what actually happened, she doesn't believe it was an accident, she knows they were killed.

She is hell bent on finding out the truth. She wants revenge, but what happens when she finds her mate? does she reject him, or does she get the revenge against the pack that killed her parents?

Everything was black. There was only a numbness I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I was stuck in the darkness; I was finally dead and left in hell. He had finally done what he had been trying to do all these years, but why was I able to still think. Maybe I was just holding on. I tried to do what that the voice inside my head told me to do.

“Sophia, you must hang on. If you don’t, we both die. Just hang on for a little longer and then you will be able to get your revenge.” The voice inside my head rings, and that was all I had to hold on to.

Story Writing Academy III

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“Conrad, we have to get out of here now, before he comes back and tries to kill her again.” I say Conrad, there was no way that I was going to stay here in the Blue Blood Pack, for Alpha Julius to try and kill Sophia again. “Scarlett, honey, I know, but I think we need to kill him first.” He says to me seriously. I knew he was going to say this. Could we really kill the Alpha, Julius was an ass. I mean, we should know more than anyone because we are his beta’s. But for some reason, when he found out that we were having a baby, he acted differently. He went cold and began to take his s**t out on me and Conrad. I remember this one bad day Alpha Julius was having. He had just had a fight with his mate, who could still not produce an heir. Which I think is why he turned on us. He saw me giving orders while we were all training, and I wasn’t training myself, so he came up behind me and kicked in the back. When I screamed in pain and fall to the ground, he kicked in the face; he was trying to make me pay. But I would not show any weakness to him, any normal warrior, would have stayed down, but I got up and punched in fair in the face. I am pretty sure I broke his jaw. I screamed at him, “Don’t you ever touch me again while I’m pregnant, or I will go to the f*****g council and see you pay for touching me.” His eyes glazed over and his wolf, Godric, took control of him. He stepped forward to grab me. When Brenna, my wolf, took control, I didn’t even fight it, because I knew what she was really capable of. See we were part of a pack of super strength Alphas and we had the uncanny gift of being able to absorb another wolves strength and use it against it, but we didn’t use it unless we had too, because the wolf would never gain that strength back again. We were a very secret pack. Few people knew about us, but one greedy Alpha found out about us. He planned an attack dead at night when we least expected it. And as you could imagine, we were not prepared. They slaughtered everyone, including the woman and children. They had slit everyone’s throats and drunk their blood, thinking they were going to gain the powers, but it didn’t work like that. Conrad and I were just teenagers, so we had snuck out and gone for a run down the river for a midnight swim, when we heard all the screaming, we run back as fast as we could, but we still hadn’t shifted then, so we ran and ran, by the time we had gotten back to pack grounds, it was too late; they had already gone and everyone was dead. We both just dropped to our knees and cried. We couldn’t believe that everyone we knew and loved was dead. This couldn’t be happening. Then my survivor mode kicked in. My parents had always kept a bag with money in it and papers, and clothes a way out if we ever needed to leave quickly, so I made Conrad go to his house and get his, because our parents were best friends, I knew they would have done the same thing. So we grabbed what we could, and we ran. I would send a letter to the wolf council when I could about what had happened. We travelled for days. I can’t remember how many days it was. But we finally thought we were far enough away that we could find a pack to join. We ended up crossing over into Alpha Julius' territory; we were taken to his office after we had told the warriors what had happened. They had sad looks in their eyes when we had told them the story. Of course, we left out the part about our powers. No one needed to know that. So after talking to Alpha Julius, we allowed us to stay. We even brought a tiny house off him, to show we were grateful, and from then we just lived our life and worked hard and moved up the ranks to his betas. No other pack around had a female and male beta. So as I was explaining before Brenna came forward, and when Godric throw a punch at me, Brenna caught his fist and crashed his fingers. He stepped back and kicked me fair and square in the stomach, and that’s when we nearly lost our little Sophia, but she was a fighter. I was in the hospital for a few days, but recovered all the same. Not long after that little Sophia was born, we could not be happier, everyone was so happy, even our Luna Violet, had fallen in love with little Sophia, she would spend most of her time at our house with me, helping me with Sophia, one night the Alpha had gotten drunk from drinking wolfbane, when he broke the door, he attacked Luna Violet first; she told me to get Sophia and run, but I couldn’t leave her there to be beat up. So I threw something at the Alpha and got his attention. He knocked Violet unconscious. She fell to the floor, with a huge cut on her face, which was pouring out with blood. He sees me and runs for me, slams me against the wall and knees me rapidly in the stomach. He hears Sophia cry. He then drops me and runs for the baby. I couldn’t get up quick enough, running into the room after him, he had Sophia by the throat and was choking her, as he was doing this, she was trying to scream but couldn’t, then suddenly he screams in pain, Sophia’s hands had light pouring out of them, she touched his face and he screamed, his face was burning where her hands had touched him. He drops her and he is on the ground screaming. Conrad comes running in and I tell him what has happened. He kicks Julius, while he is down on the ground over and over until I hear bones broke, he then picks him up by his hair and drags him along the ground. He took him to the cells and throw him in there, so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. Sophia turned out to be fine. As for Luna Violet, she died from the injury; he had crushed her skull, and she had too much brain damage to save her. After we held her funeral, Alpha Julius was still in the cells. For what he did, the council were sending out their warriors to teach Alpha Julius a lesson. So we needed to leave before they got here. That’s when Conrad had formed the plan to kill the Alpha. He had gotten hold of enough wolfbane to kill him but injecting it into him, so the planned was formed. Conrad went and killed the Alpha. The guards did not know, and it would take them a day to figure out what had happened. I was packing our bags, so we could leave. He had to die for what he had done to Luna Violet and to our little Sophia.

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