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So I am a first time writer. I have always wanted to write but never thought I could. this is the best way to be able to write and not let people that know you, know the book you wrote. I love all types of books. so my book is called Bitten By An Alpha, I am hoping to make it a series. so have a read let me know what you think. I have started a Facebook page that is for my book, it will tell you when I am updating, but it also for you tell me what you think about it. be it good or bad. Facebook page name is Author Millie_evans My Facebook group is Millie_evans books and discussion group my email is
The Lycan King's Chosen Mate
Updated at Aug 13, 2022, 23:00
Audrey and her two mates are still coming to terms with what happened when they defeated Balto, but there is still an enemy out there that will try to kill Audrey at all costs. While they are trying to figure out what Andreas and Ricker's plan of attack is, they don't notice the new larger threat at bay. Ever since she had seen the mysterious Elder from the original council of super natural creatures, Audrey has felt a pull towards the Lycan Elder. He needs her help to restore his soul back to his body. But at what cost? Will she lose her mates? What happens when the Lycan Prince and Princess come out of hiding to try and take Audrey as their Queen? So many enemies, who can she really trust? This is Book Number 2 in the Blood Line Series Book 1 is Bitten By An Alpha #Dreame Writing Marathon -- Love Story Contest
Her Rejected Mate's Revenge
Updated at Apr 6, 2022, 04:37
Sophia has always been tortured by the Alpha and his son. Her parents died when she was younger. She can't find out what actually happened, she doesn't believe it was an accident, she knows they were killed. She is hell bent on finding out the truth. She wants revenge, but what happens when she finds her mate? does she reject him, or does she get the revenge against the pack that killed her parents? Everything was black. There was only a numbness I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I was stuck in the darkness; I was finally dead and left in hell. He had finally done what he had been trying to do all these years, but why was I able to still think. Maybe I was just holding on. I tried to do what that the voice inside my head told me to do. “Sophia, you must hang on. If you don’t, we both die. Just hang on for a little longer and then you will be able to get your revenge.” The voice inside my head rings, and that was all I had to hold on to. Story Writing Academy III
Bitten By An Alpha
Updated at Feb 6, 2022, 00:07
My name is Audrey, I was living a normal teenager life until 1.5 years ago when we moved to a new town. Since moving here I have a strange feeling that something is going to happen to me and change my life forever. My parents have been very secretive since I have been here and my brother goes to college out of town. That I am not allowed to ask any questions about. My life changes when 2 strange guys start at my school. And that strange feeling that I kept getting starts to happen. I find out that my families are werewolves and alphas with special abilities at that. We have been hunted and my family moved to hide us. Will I take the dark path? or become the alpha I am destined to be? Will I be hunted and what will happen to me on my 17th birthday?