Melting Me Softly (100 days with him)



I always have my diary with me; today, I dreamt of waking up on the bed of a handsome young man; he was tall, having a broad chest and a killer smile.

My phone beep, meaning I need to leave now; I can't believe I will be this jobless at the age of 23.

On my way home, I got stuck in traffic, and a heavy, down pour started; I saw the man from my dream stepping out of the car, unknown to him, someone held a knife to kill him.

I screamed no, but I ended up taking his fall; that's all I remembered before passing out.



"Your Highness, we need to leave with another route; it seems this place is not safe for you, even in your disguise, you got recognised."

"I can't leave this innocent lady to death; let's take her along." I insisted.

"What of your father and especially your mother and Fiancee?"

"I will hide her identity, for now, I owe this lady my life, after 100days when everything is clear, you bring her back here to her town, which I believe she is from."



What kind of love are we suspecting might develop with two strangers?

Hyuk is already engaged to Eun?

Let's ride with this all

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My Diary
    ?My Diary?          So Young? I opened my eyes, sprawling on my bed and yawning so loud, lapping my lips, I contrived to sit correctly, but I fell off the bed, oh damn it, So Young you are so clumsy but anyway you still the pretty girl on earth even if no one acknowledges that fact, I know it's true. My phone buzz; I just picked without checking the caller id, "Hello." I grinned while speaking on the phone. "So!! You are so dead. Did you even check the time hum?" Jin said on the phone, extending her voice. "Oh, what?" I checked the wall clock; it's 8:30 AM; oh s**t!. "I will be there in five, please." "You better hurry up; if not, the boss is going to sack you." I ended the call and dashed into the bathroom; I bath in a hurry and fit into my skirt and sleeve; I wore my shoes while leaving my room in haste. Luckily for me, I got a motorcycle that will take me to work cheaply; unknown to me is my beginning of bad luck for the day. A heavy downpour started, and I got soaked from head to toe, and I wished I just made use of a taxi; I wouldn't have gotten socked. I got so lost in my thought, and I didn't know when I hit a tree without bending low as the motorcycle driver did; I ended up on still water that smells after which heard the crow of a c**k," I hate motorcycle." I yelled. I know I smell like a dead rat now, but I need to meet my boss at work right about now; I entered the company. The workers avoided me covering their noses; the worst of all was that they wore a face mask as If I came with a coronal virus; I hate them all, but I know I won't be here all my life. "Oh Jesus Christ, So Young, you look so horrible and smell like a dust bin," Jin said, covering her nose. "It's actually what trending now, so give me a clue Jin, boss, is he vex by me coming this late?" I spoke to her, scanning the area.  "Why don't you go in yourself and find out everything, hum? I can't bear this; you stink, try and get a shower when you finish from here, okay?" "I heard you." I scoff before leaving to boss office. "Father in heaven, please save me from the wrath of my boss, please!" I made a short prayer before opening the door, and immediately he saw me with some clients, he covered his nose, yelling. "What on earth do you think you are doing So?" He didn't call my name in full this time, and it's a sign I am doomed. "I am sorry, sir, I slept past time, and I promise it won't happen again." "This is precisely what you said yesterday, even a day before and keeps going; you even created a mess in my office and polluted the air, you look so, I don't even know what to say, I won't let you ruin this company, I should have done this long ago, get out from my office, you are fired." He yelled with all his veins showing. "Sir, please come again." "You are fired, get the hell out of the company and never step a foot in here ever again else you will get arrested." "Sir, please, don't do this, it took me years to get this job, and it's going to be harder in finding a new one; please, I promise I will never be late again." I pleaded about to hold his legs, but his scary eyes made me stop; I hold back myself instead and begging for another chance. "Security."  * * All of you are jerks; I insulted the company after I got thrown out of the building. I picked my bag from the ground and my diary; I rushed back home to shower again, and right about now, I can now breath properly. I opened my diary to write, "Dear Diary, I got sacked today from work, it took me a year to get this job, and I lost it after working for three months. I feel so hurt that I am starting from scratch again, but I won't give up my diary; I will go to the newspaper stand to check jobs listed out and try my luck." I finished writing, and I dropped my pen, keeping my diary in my bag and heading to the newspaper stand.  I walked sluggishly to the stand; I met few persons arguing about their sons serving in the military. I copied as many job opportunities I saw on the paper and promised myself to arouse very early in checking the companies. I went to the first one on my list; the boss was so chubby. What the hell is this? Is there someone this fat in life? I blinked my eyes thrice. During the interview with his secretary, he was eating a bowl of rice with enough meat; I couldn't stop drooling at his food; I paid less attention to the Secretary but more attention to his food. I got asked a question, but I gave the opposite answer because I got distracted by food. "Well, I will say your boss is so selfish; I haven't eaten anything since sunrise; he couldn't even share his meal with me; this is so wrong." I covered my mouth, knowing the trash I just said, and I got thrown out by the securities in the company. I went to several companies, guess the feedback, either get rejected or thrown out like a piece of trash. "Oh Diary, what do I do? My world is collapsing; I need a job and a romantic life with a handsome young man." I came out at night looking at the stars saying, "My future lover, I hope you are doing fine?"          Hyuk? "What do you mean? My mother did what?" "Your highness, you know your mother fully well; she will do everything just for you to succeed as the Emperor against your brother who is of the same age as you." I hit the table angrily, standing on my feet, "When will mother ever stop? I want her to be happy, and I am not interested in the throne; I engaged Eun to make her happy, but it seems not enough; she will only end up putting me in danger because of her wrong actions." "What do you suggest I do?" "Just keep an eye on her and keep me updated in case she does something wrong." "What about your fiancee? Have you developed feelings for her yet? You need to fix the date of the wedding soon, with her family connection, your father will have no option than to make you his next successor as emperor." "Even you? Just get lost." He left. Eun has been betrothed to me for a long time, if I don't be with her, I will be a disgrace to our custom and will hurt mother deeply, but she is okay to be a wife; she is friendly and pretty when love doesn't exist, I don't have a choice but to be with her, and she loves me more than anything but mother? I need to leave this place to another town in disguise to clear my head soon before I go crazy. I don't want the throne if getting married on time will make me the next emperor. I will let father and the gods decide themselves. I came out because I couldn't sleep looking at the stars saying, "I wonder if I will ever get true love like the movies if she exists truly, do take good care of yourself, and if we are destined to meet, we will meet okay." ........ To be continued. Drop a comment after reading????

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