No Hero

1816 Words
“PLEASE HELP ME!!” Elijah pushed down to the ground fending off the newly turned undead turned to Lucas to seek help but just as Lucas trembling looked at Elijah and forces himself to reach to him Elijah was dragged out of his view. Elijah’s continuous seek for help and the groaning mixed sounds sounded in the large hallway of the prison walls. “AHHHHHH! I AM SORRY I AM SORRY!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!” Lucas slumped to the ground and can only shed a tear, even turning his head to Elijah’s direction is impossible to him right now. “Aurgh!” In front him is another newly turned undead approach so low that it’s head is almost touching grounds. It looks like a spider crawling taking it’s time on approaching. It looked vicious as it’s saliva dripped to the floor and half of its face may have suffered from heavy beating, seeing it’s bleeding profusely and bent concave. “Arghh” Lucas can only groan as the undead’s face approaches his’. The putrid breath of the undead aired to him. *Growl ‘I am sorry Andrea, looks like, brother can no longer go back.’ *Bite … Twenty minutes ago. “How many you guys have killed so far?” Elijah inquired. “13.” “3” Aaron and Lucas respectively answered. “Heh! I killed 16.” Elijah rubbed his nose while slightly puffing his chest slightly. “The top scorer is 55pts right? How much should be enough to secure a ranking?” Aaron contemplated. Lucas didn’t answer and instead he stopped looking from outside and opened the cell lightly. He peeked his head and looked over the two ways being quiet. There are several undead on each side but they are faraway. “We need to go.” Lucas said as he lowered his body to hide from the other side Aaron and Elijah weren't able to protest and just followed him from behind. Approaching from behind, Elijah pulled the cloth of the undead and pushed it from the second floor balcony. *Thud “17.” He said with a wide grin. “Ah!” Aaron was about to question Elijah’s number of kills but seeing his simple ways, he understood it immediately. The undead coming out of a cell was grabbed by Aaron and using both hands he lifted the undead easily and threw it to the balcony. *Thud Aaron and Elijah looked over the railings and saw two squashed undead on the ground floor. *Appear The two clap as they get motivated to repeat it when Lucas makes them stop and hush them. On the end of the corridor, a hand and leg appeared. Soon a head with long hair came to their view. It was the newly turned undead from the other side, earlier. It was crawling in a very unusual and scary way. Then they meet eyes. Lucas’ hair on his nape stood up. The head of the undead tilted 90 degrees as if it was studying them. “Run to the next turn when I tell you.” Lucas said in a low tone. *Thud The undead turned fully to them, there is still distance between them, but it doesn’t lessen the fear from facing it. *Slap It’s open palm slaps the cemented ground as it takes time to approach. “Not yet?” Sweating Elijah said. “Wait…”Lucas replied as he went for his pocket and get out a piece of the toilet bowl glass. He slowly set it down and flicked it really strongly so that it caught the newly turned undead’s attention. “Now!” Lucas comes up from kneeling and starts running head on. No time to argue, the two didn’t lag from behind. “Ah s**t!” Elijah cursed as he witnessed the scary way of running of the undead coming towards them. “There!” Lucas pointed at the next left way. “AH s**t!” Elijah cursed more after being greeted by a lot more undead that had gathered on the left turn. With his loud cursing the horde came to their attention. “Nice one buddy!” Aaron elbowed him. Lucas kicked the incoming undead and pushed through the side where less undead had gathered. Aaron and Elijah did the same. They reached the stairs where Lucas had used to go down. While the horde follows their trail the newly turned undead was blocked in the process successfully making the three of them escape to the third floor. “Now we can’t use those stairs.” Elijah commented as they watched the undead struggle to get up to the stairs. *Thud An undead had fallen from the upper floor. It was the same as Elijah’s method of killing. “Ah. Now, everyone knows.” Elijah pouted. Another undead had fallen. *Clang clang clang A player from the other side repeatedly beat the metal bars to catch attention. Lucas and his companions immediately hide in one of the cells as the undeads come to the banging sound. Some undead fall to their deaths. “Ahh! Let’s do that too. We can secure top spots if we can successfully do that, too.” Elijah enthusiastically recommended. “That method is like a double edge sword...” Lucas answered. Soon a cry had been heard. “The undead’s power comes to their number. That’s fact number 1.” He continued to explain. Gathering undead is like you are amassing their power. “Ah!” Elijah was embarrassed to even suggesting a dumb way to die. *Ting [Top Scorer: 76 Points] “Let's go.” Lucas said after checking the surroundings. “Where are we going?” “To arm ourselves.” Lucas led them to one cell that had drag blood marks on the floor and inside appeared to be undead busy eating in the corners. The undeads crawled to Lucas' group. The three of them back a few steps to let the undead come and when the two are out, Aaron and Elijah took care of it by throwing and pushing it too to the ground floor. “You are hoarding all the Kills man, give one to Lucas will yah?” Elijah looked up to Aaron. “Huh? Aren’t you the one with leading scores?” “Let’s just give the next one to Lucas, he only has three counts.” “I am fine. No need to concern yourself.” Lucas said as he entered the cell and glanced down at the mutilated bodies. It was to the point they are not recognizable. Lucas picks up the bat near the body and hand gripping the bat is still firmly attached despite being severed. “How did you know about this?” Elijah came inside and went to pick up a metal stick. “I saw it when I was passing by.” “Ah! They are Hiraya’s!” Elijah recognizes a tattoo on the meat left on the arm of the mutilated body. “I hope they felt every tear and bite for a long time.” Aaron said in the background as he exited the room and Elijah followed. Lucas was the last to exit; he spared one last look. As soon as he stepped out, a shiver in his nape was felt. He automatically looked over at his side and there he found the undead that bit him coming out of a cell just next to theirs. “UARGH!!! WAARGH!!” it launched itself up to Aaron, Lucas came in fast as he pushed away Aaron. *Cling cling Aaron was pushed to Elijah’s embrace and hit the railings of the balcony. Elijah’s metal slipped out of his hands. *Clang clang The sound resounded on the floor, making the undead’s turn to them. The undead who failed to bite Aaron, attacked again but Lucas is faster now, as the undead tries to launch again at Aaron and Elijah. Lucas behind it, holds up the bat and swings it down to the monster’s head. It dropped to the floor, not moving. “Let’s go!” Lucas said at still dazed Elijah. Elijah looked for his weapon and when he was reaching for the weapon it was stepped on by an undead. Aaron pulls and starts dragging Elijah out of reach of the undeads. “Ahhh. Argh!!! W,ait!---- Wait!” Elijah tried to make room for him to breathe as his collars were being pulled. Aaron pulled up Elijah quickly and headed in front to make a way. When Lucas turned to see behind, standing behind Elijah is the bloodied undead,Lucas had swung his bat too. “AARGHHHH!” Lucas pulled Elijah away as he offered his bitten arm to the open mouth of the undead. “UARGHHH.” Another undead had attacked on the side, Elijah who had seen it, was in the middle of kicking in when Lucas pulled him in. With the kick, Lucas and Elijah were pushed to the side of the destroyed railings of the 3rd floor. They are falling and the clueless undeads jumped down with them. Lucas didn’t fall as he managed to grab on the cloth that was hanging on the newly turned undead that was pierced in its abdomen with protruding metal from the destroyed structure. “Uawrghh!” The undead carry two weights of men hanging on the floor. “LUCAS! ELIJAH!” Aaron shouted but he was a little far from them. “GO!---- Urk! GO!” Lucas said in between his gritting teeth. Aaron bit his lips and left, with many undeads, he was forced to go. *ZIPPPPPPP *Thud. Undead fell to their death as they tried to grab on the living humans. “AHHH! AH!!” Elijah, who is grabbing Lucas’ other hand, panics. “Elijah!--- Elijah Listen to me!!” Lucas said, clutching tightly Elijah’s arm. *ZIIIIIP They descended a little as the body of the undead began to bend sideways. A clear signal that they are running out of time. “Wahhh!” “ELIJAH!!!! LISTEN TO ME!! We have no time! I need you to jump to the second floor now, okay?!” He said clearly. *THUD THUD The undead keep missing on grabbing them and just continue to fall to their deaths. Elijah nodded then Lucas nodded and said . “Swing your body.” *RIPPPP Crack They descended again but it was a low drop as the body of the undead cracked under their weight. Elijah uses his legs to give momentum while Lucas can feel his grip losing. After some big movements, Elijah finally let go of Lucas' hands as he successfully landed on the second floor. As he looks behind him, he sees Lucas falling, the undead’s body wasn’t able to take it and was split to half. He watches Lucas fall to the ground. *Thud
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