Chapter 2

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Adella Wow, it's 5:00 in the morning and look at the hustle-bustle of the airport. Why am I kidding? This is New York Ella. I started walking to the airport cause my eyes were still sleepy and I don't want to sleep here cause if I sleep here then I'm definitely gonna miss my flight. My stomach grumbled. I didn't have dinner last night. Stupid stomach. Now, where can I get some Food. I started wondering here and there at the airport to find a shop where I can fulfil my stomach. Finally, I found a snack shop. After filling my stomach I came back to the place where I was before. Half an hour is still left for the flight. I was turning to show my tickets and other things at the counter when someone's luggage bumped into me. "Oomph." "I'm so sorry my child. Are you okay?" "Yes...Yes, I'm fine." I got up from the floor and removed the imaginary dust from my clothes. "I'm really sorry again." "No no it's seriously fine Mr You had a lot of luggage to carry. Let me help you." "Thank you so much. . ." "Adella," I said. "Adella dear. My name is Charles." "Nice to meet you Charles's." "Nice to meet you too." I helped Charles carry his luggage but for once and twice I accidentally dropped his luggage on the floor cause let's face it I think this man had every single thing in his bags. Like there were about 8 bags. After we came to the luggage counter. We put our luggage and said goodbye to each other. I went to the counter to show them my passport visa and tickets and they told me my flight number. It was time for me to go. To my surprise, I thought I was on a commercial plane but it looks like I'm in the business class. I don't care, I'm too tired to think about this. I put my luggage. Sat on my chair. Tied my seatbelt. The seat beside me is still empty. I better sleep cause I'm gonna be sitting here for the next straight six hours. As I was closing my eyes. I saw a man who sat beside him and boy let me tell you he's hot and handsome. But I didn't look at him again after a glance cause I don't want him to show me his stupid smirk when he'll catch me checking him out. So I simply turned around to the window side, closed my eyes and went to sleep. The last thing I heard was the flight attendant speaking her lines but she told us that the flight is going to be 7 hours and 46 minutes. I wonder why because of the flight from New York to London in just 6 hours. Maybe they got some complications and we're gonna be late. Without thinking another thing. I went into a deep sleep. I woke up after two hours because the seat wasn't that comfortable for me to sleep anymore. I saw the air hostess coming and giving us a glass of juice. I looked at the man who was busy reading a business magazine. Grey Enterprise was on the cover page. I checked out that company too and already applied for the interview. Let's see what happens. I started reading a book and put on my headphones. I was at the c****x of the book when I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked up to see that man looking at me more like staring at me. "Hi, my name is Mason." "Nice to meet you. My name is Adella." "Adella that's a nice name but can I call you Ella." He said. "Sure." "So what are you reading?" "A general fiction novel." "Seems interesting." "Yes, it is." "So where are you going, Ella?" "I'm going to visit my aunt and you?" "I'm going to have a long vacation with my friends." "Okay well have fun then." "Oh, we will." We talked for some time and he seems like a nice guy. I like his attitude. He asked me a lot of questions. We even played some games to kill the time and to be honest it was fun. He's a lively guy. We both started watching a movie and then the movie turned into two and after watching the third movie my eyes closed again. Someone was poking my cheek. "Ella wake up we're gonna land soon." "Go away." "Ella wake up." "I'm up." We landed soon. Got our luggage and exchanged numbers. We give each other a goodbye hug. As I was walking I heard people speaking French. What? I know a little bit of French so I figured it out. But who speaks French in London. I looked at a signboard in front of me that made my eyes widened. Welcome to Paris. No way. How's this possible? How can I be in Paris? I should be in London. What did the hell happen? Is this a dream? If it is then please wake me up. No, it isn't a dream. God. What am I gonna do now? I have no place to go. I don't know anybody here and I even don't know how to speak French. What am I gonna do now? No Ella don't you dare to cry. You're a strong girl. You can handle this situation. I'm gonna figure out a way. But the main question is how am I here? I looked at my tickets again and then it clicked Charles's. Our tickets got exchanged when I was helping with his luggage. But how is this possible? Why didn't they check it properly? Leave it, Ella. I didn't even have Charles's number to contact him. Relax Ella takes deep breaths. You'll be fine. Think just think to get yourself out of this problem. As I was wondering about the ways I heard someone calling my name. I looked around to find mason waving at me. What is he still doing here? I thought he left. "Mason, you're still here?" I asked. "Yeah my i***t friends are late but why are you still here?" Should I tell him about my problem? No, I don't even know him properly. How can I share my messed up problem with him? "Ella is there something wrong?" "No everything's fine Mason." "Ella if there's a problem you can share it with me." What can I do now? I don't know anyone here except him. I think I should tell him about my problem. Maybe he has a solution to my problem. Taking a deep breath I told him everything. He was pretty surprised by my situation. "So you weren't supposed to be here?" "Mason I think for the past ten minutes I'm telling you the same thing. I'm not supposed to be here." "What are you going to do next?" "I'm thinking of staying in a hotel tonight and calling my aunt." "Ella I have an idea." "What?" "Come with me." "What do you mean?" "Come with me and spend the next two-week vacation with me and my friends. Everything is organized. All you need to do is to come with me. Don't worry I'm not a kidnapper or a serial killer." "Thank you for the brilliant offer Mason but I need to go back to my aunt. I don't know what I'm gonna do next but I'll figure it out." "Listen Ella just come with us tonight. You're going to spend the night at the hotel. Spend the night in our hotel. It will be free of charge as the hotel is mine and I will be relieved to know that you're safe and fine. Just trust me." Should I trust him? He told me a lot about him and he's definitely not a kidnapper or serial killer that's for sure. I think he gave me the best deal I could get here. I shouldn't leave the chance. Tomorrow I'll call Aunt Stella and tell her about my situation and let's see what we can do about this situation. "Okay, I'll come with you. Thank You so much for this. It means a lot, Mason." "Hey, you shouldn't say thank you to your friend." "No seriously. Thank You for-" "Yeah yeah I know you'll never forget this act of kindness of mine. You own me and one day you'll be telling our children this story of how I saved your ass and how I was your hero." I started laughing and after a second he joined me too. I love his bubbly nature. "You sure your friends won't have any problem with me coming with you guys?" "Oh, you don't worry about that." "By the way, I was serious with the kids part." "Shut up." "Here, let's go Ella." He put his hand on my back and led me the way. I hope everything goes just fine. ______________________________________
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