Chapter 1

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Adella I circled all the trending companies in the newspaper. Hopefully, I will get a job in one of these. The interviews will start after two weeks, and my college, for which I'm trying to earn and save as much money as possible, starts in four months. I looked at the photo frame in front of me. I was standing with my parents. After their tragic accident last year, I habitually talked to this frame. It makes me feel a bit close to them. "You know Aunt Stella called me last night. She asked me to visit her. I don't know why. I asked her why but she said it was urgent and I needed to go there as soon as possible. I told her I had no money to get there as she was living in London, but to my surprise, she sent me a plane ticket. It seems pretty important. I hope there's nothing terrible." I kissed their photograph and put it back. All my high school friends had already planned everything for their college. I had a good time in high school. I wasn't the nerd nor the barbie. I had good friends, not particularly best friends, but a group of good friends. What's the matter that Aunt Stella wants to talk about? She called me once at the start of the month to check up on me, but this time she screamed with urgency, and telling me to get to London as soon as possible was a bit suspicious. She always invited me to her house, but I refused. I don't want to be a burden to anyone. I'm stable and okay here. Aunt Stella and her children are the only families I've left. My dad has no siblings, and grandma and grandpa died six years ago. So it's just me and Aunt Stella. The neighborhood in which I live is friendly and very caring. I'm blessed to have them. They never showed me sympathy. They treat me like their family and take good care of me. I don't need a guardian as I'm turning 19 this year. I hope to get a job in one of those companies. A little post will be okay for me. I hope to get a job as soon as possible. After two days, I'll be leaving for London to meet Aunt Stella. I should start packing ---- after I have packed my bags. I wore my shoes, grabbed my phone, locked the doors, and went for a walk—the weather's pretty nice today. "Ella darling, where are you going?" "I'm just heading to the park, and you, Mrs. Benson?" "Oh, I was coming from the grocery store. If you want, you can have dinner with us." "Sure, Mrs. Benson. Thank you." "You are always welcome, dear." After that, she left. Mrs. Benson is the sweetest woman I've ever met in my life. She's like a motherly feeling to me. She has two children, about 16 years old, and they are twins. One of them has a tremendous crush on me. He promised me that he'd marry me someday. In reply, I always laughed at his silliness. I saw a group of boys whistling and asking for my name. They had better not follow me because I always have a pocket knife and pepper spray. Thankfully, they didn't mind me. After a nice walk, I went to Mrs. Benson's house. As usual, Max got the news that I was coming. His brother Sam opened the door. "Max, your wife's here?" He always calls me Max's wife. I forbid him not to call me his wife a thousand times, but he never listens. "It's been so long since I saw you, my beautiful wife. I missed you badly." He said while hugging me. "Max, you saw me in the morning when we had breakfast, or you climbed into my room and forced me to make you breakfast." "He did that?" Mrs. Benson asked, and I nodded in reply. "What? Can't a husband even ask his wife for breakfast?" Max said. Me and Mrs. Benson ignored him and went to the table to have dinner. The dinner was delicious. I thanked Mrs. Benson and turned to leave when Max stopped me and pointed his finger at his cheek. I gave him a peck on his cheek and ruffled his hair. I left their home and went into mine. I opened my laptop and began to take business classes. I studied till late at night, and my eyes were about to shut down. I changed into my PJs, brushed my teeth, and went toward the love of my life. My Bed. In the morning, after my daily routine. I did my job. First at the cafe and then at the library. It was 5 pm when I returned home. I tied my brunette hair into a messy bun. Grabbing a tub of ice cream from the refrigerator, I watched Netflix. My plane tickets arrived, and I had a flight early in the morning, so I had better take my ass to bed as I needed to get up early tomorrow to catch my flight. I did my night routine. Telling good night to mom and dad, I went to sleep, only to wake up at 3:00 am. "Come on, Ella. Open your damn eyes. Wake up, wake up, or you're going to be late." I tried waking myself up by slapping my cheeks as my eyes closed after every two seconds. After having a world war with myself, I got ready. I had already booked an uber to take me to the airport. I closed my door, locked it, and gave the keys to Mrs. Benson. As it's already 4:30 am, and she has woken up now. I knocked at her door. She opened it. After taking the keys and giving me a tight hug, I said goodbye to her and went towards the airport. ______________________________________
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