Midnight stroll

1145 Words
Andrew I was driving back to my apartment when I saw a woman walking alone, with her heels off shuddering like she was cold or maybe crying? Hell what time is it?...shit it's one in the morning, is she trying to get herself killed? maybe she's crazy. I should just pass by. No, I can't leave her, she could be someone else's sister, best friend, or a wife I can't just leave her. Shit! Me and my morals! I'll just pull over and see if I can give her a lift. Maybe her car broke down. Yes! That could be it! Right...Okay...it'll just take a couple of minutes. I pulled my car over and walked out to her. "Excuse me miss? Are you okay? Did your car broke down...can I give you a lift somewhere?" I was saying in front of her, but not trying to stop her from walking. God! I must sound so creepy right now. Maybe she should be scared of me. I was waiting for her answer when she just fell. I looked around but I saw nobody. Shit! f**k! Hell! This is not good! I can't leave her here. Damn it. Right! I should just take her back to my apartment and call the person on her phone. Thank god I could see a phone peeping from her very small purse. We arrived at my apartment fifteen minutes later, I was carrying the woman to my place. John was opening the door for me. "Evening Mr. Monroe." He greeted me, clearly not wanting to ask more questions, and respected my privacy. He opened the elevator for me and pressed my floor seeing that my hands were occupied. The elevator opened directly to my penthouse unit, I punched in the codes and carried the woman inside. God! This is borderline creepy even for me. I should call Aiden. I'm not sure what to do in this situation. He's the lawyer, I'm only a property agent. I set her down on the sofa and covered her with a blanket. I could see the traces of the mascara down her cheek. She had been crying, she looked so fragile but beautiful with really nice curves. Wait...why am I thinking about her curves? I was going through her purse to check her phone when she stirred looking like she was about to wake up. "Sorry Miss..." I touched her shoulder gently, then as if electricity had stunned her, she sat up nervously looking around. "Am I dead yet? Are you my angel? Where are your wings? Your pretty handsome for an angel tough." She blurted out questions, then blushed at her last statement. Well then... "To answer your questions, no you're not dead. I'm not an angel, I don't have wings but thinking of getting a wings tattoo, and thank you for complimenting me as handsome." I smiled at her, pulling her loose hair back behind her ear. "I was going to get your phone peeking from your purse, to check and call your emergency contact there. I found you collapsed on the street when I was trying to give you a lift. You looked so out of place. I just thought maybe your car broke down somewhere and it was really late. You're really lucky I found you first." I was grinning, trying to light up the mood. She smiled at me and look around. "Thank you but I'm okay now, I really appreciate your help, but I really must go I can call a cab from downstairs and get to a hotel." She looked like she said the wrong thing, and her eyes watered instantly. "Hey...it's okay, look I know it's scary that you're here alone with me. But I assure you that I'm good. There's a phone if you need to call for somebody to pick you up. I would rather not send you off in a cab at this time of night. Or you could stay here? Let me warm you up, you want to change clothes? Have a warm drink? Coffee or maybe a whiskey? do you want me to call John in the lobby and get you a doctor seeing that you fainted earlier?" I didn't know why but she looked so fragile like something had just happened to her. She laughed at my serious trails of questions. I liked her laugh it sounded delightful. Delightful? What...where did it came from? Damn it! "Let me start over, I'm Andrew Monroe. This is my apartment. I live here alone, but there's a spare bedroom if you'd like to stay the night. You will be perfectly safe. There's a twenty-four hours security guard down in the lobby, the one who's on duty for tonight his name is John. I sense that something had happened to you earlier, that's why I offer you to stay here just awhile and get yourself back from shock? I know we had just met. But I have a mother and a sister-in-law, that's why I try to reach out to you earlier. I can't stand seeing a woman putting herself in danger. Knowing that you might be someone else's sister, girlfriend, or wife." She winced when I said wife, to that note, I was sure that she was. Well..with a face that beautiful and that curves, I'm sure that she's taken. " I'm Janice Lawrence. You can call me Janice. I will have a glass of wine if you have. I still feel cold inside. And can I borrow your phone charger? My phone died, that's why I'm walking. Well, not really but I ended up walking anyway." She started blabbering, looking all embarrassed. She's cute when she's blabbering...wait! Just give her the damn phone charger. You! Down boy! I went to my bedroom and got the charger for her, and retrieved a set of pajamas, just in case she would like to change. I was providing her with the thickest one, so I wouldn't get tempted. She accepted it and went to the bathroom, to wash her face and feet while I got her the wine. She was out of the bathroom all fresh, and had changed to my pajama top but didn't use the bottom part. Damn woman! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight. "Sorry but it's kinda hot, I hope you don't mind? Again thank you for this." She pointed to my pajamas. I just nod and gave her the wine. Suddenly I was so parched. I directed her to her spare bedroom told her about the lock if she needed it, but she just smiled and said that "you would have killed me by now if you have bad intentions towards me anyway." She smiled so wryly. Then I left her be, and back to the living room to watched the news, and drank some more.  
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