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second chance

I was curious. What the hell! we're strangers anyway. I was taking a peek in the other room, a large bedroom with an bathroom door. I can see his naked back with ripples of muscles stretching, as one of his hand's above his head spreads on the bathroom wall, and the other one stroking his shaft.

What the hell? His m**********g calling out my name? Damn!

I quickly run back to the safety of the kitchen. Pretending to make coffee, or at least trying to. The image was too vivid and so sexy, so f*****g sexy!

Then I hear him behind me. I squirmed suddenly feeling the wetness between my thigh. "Morning Jan, how are you feeling this morning?"

Wet... So very wet oh! And horny...so very horny!

My inner voice shout out.

I like him calling me Jan, only my mom used to call me that. Andrew is looking sexy with his shorts chinos, and only a towel hanging on his shoulder still trying to dry his hair. I can see his tattoos making him looked even more sexy. Making me Hot! Need cold shower!

Shit! Did he see me peek just now?


Andrew believe in the simple life, where love is non existent. But it all changed when he met this beautiful woman, that pushed him over the edge with all his jealousy and rage. It's easier for him to just walk away from her, but proven difficult to do.


Having previous bad boy as a husband, that cheated on her. Janice promised herself, that she would never fallen for another bad boy. Untill she meet Andrew.

All the attraction between them, makes the s*x even hotter and proves harder to part from.

Completed: Feb 2019

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Steve The Cheater
Janice I was happy on my feet this evening, I got myself pampered and had full body wax. I hadn't try this before with Steve, but Lionel my beautician said that I had to try it at least once, see if he would like it. I was trying to spice up my marriage with Steve, before our marriage he used to be sexually active. He would date different women every weekend. He would leave trails of broken heart women at his doorsteps, and he would just carry on from one woman to the next. Until he met me. I was a virgin, a twenty-three-year-old virgin. He seemed besotted to me, he would leave all of his dates for a date night with me. A sexless date night, I told him that I would remain a virgin until my wedding night. He seemed to be really amused by it. So we dated for a year, until one day he decided to ask me to marry him. I was flattered, he was handsome and very ambitious, that was what I like about him. But later I would think, that maybe the urgent feeling to have s*x with him clouded my judgment to say yes to his proposal. On his bachelor night, there were rumors that there would be a stripper there. But he convinced me that they were for the boys and that he would remain loyal to me, and I never asked him with the details again. Until one of my bridesmaids told me that he f****d one of the strippers. I was angry and threatened to cancel the wedding. But he came to me that night and convinced me otherwise. He said that he was truly sorry, and would never repeat it. He said that he loves me, so I forgive him and we carried on with the wedding. I was hoping tonight he would be please with my appearance and f****d me all night long. The upside of his trails of lovers was that he became very good at s*x. I was smiling in the anticipation of what the night would bring, I was wearing my new slut underwear for his viewing. I was giggling and light on my feet and quietly open the door, knowing that he was not working today. I told him that I was busy at the office, and would call before I get back. He said that he would probably just going to watch some TV, and waited for me. I tiptoed and put my heels beside the door. I was tingling with anticipation...well he was not watching TV, the living room was dark, must be in the bedroom. Closing in I could hear rustling sounds of moaning, the door was opened. Smiling to myself, he was probably watching some porn. But then I heard his name, somebody was moaning his name! Fuck!f**k!f**k! I stormed and open the door forcefully, and some woman was riding him. I didn't even want to know who the f**k she was! Steve was surprised to see me. "Janice sweetheart...this is not what it seems." While he pushed the woman down, and she quickly gathered her clothes knowing that she didn't want to get in the middle of a fight. I was disgusted with Steve, I could still see his d**k proudly standing glistening with the b***h's arousal. "We are done! I don't even know why I'm trying to make it work between us. You're just never going to be satisfied with me. You will always need some w***e to satisfy you! Well, this is it! No more Steve! I'm done!" I threw my wedding ring at him. "My lawyer will contact you! I don't want you home tomorrow, I'll be moving out." I declared myself to him, as I walked out the door. I was holding my tears, walking out of our apartment building. I was clueless as to where to go. So I stop in a nearby coffee shop and warmed myself. Until I remembered that I would spend my mornings here with Steve, then I shuddered and pay the bill then kept on walking. Shit! s**t! s**t! I should not wear these heels, I decided to take it off and keep on walking...and walking...and walking it felt like forever, then I started to get cold. I decided to call for a cab, then I found out that my phone died. So I just kept on walking, I could see a diner up ahead and decided to call a cab from there, then I'll go to a hotel to spend the night. I was getting cold and the diner was still quite a walk away, but I didn't have another choice until I see a car behind me. Maybe he was a stalker, maybe he was going to kill me. I didn't really care anymore at this stage, maybe it was easier for me to die. My tears trail down my cheeks, but I just kept on walking. Then the car stop and a man was calling me. This is it, Janice. Today you're going to die in the hands of a stranger. All because you can't satisfy Steve. I told you not to marry a bad boy, Steve has never been a one-woman man. You should've known better!! My head was telling me to die now? Well then, I stop my track when he asked. "Excuse me, miss? Are you okay? Did your car broke down...can I give you a lift somewhere?" His words were hanging in the air, as I felt my body fell to the ground. Right then Janice, not long anymore. This man is going to kill you and dump your body somewhere in the river, to be eaten by crocodiles. Then Steve the mother f*****g cheater will get all daddy's inheritance and he will live happily ever after with his many concubines. At least I'm going to meet mommy dearest and maybe gramps. Oh, I missed them! I wouldn't be in this situation if they were still here with me. I can already hear mom say, don't go with the bad boys they're trouble. I felt my body being lifted into the passenger seat of the car, but I couldn't seem to open my eyes. Too tired...very tired...need to sleep.

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