My Billionaire Step-Brother Is An Alien

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Finding out that your boyfriend cheated with your best friend and that you're moving in with your famous step-brother all in the same week wasn't exactly how Cianna pictured the week before her birthday to go. But she soon discovers that sometimes things happen in life and there is absolutely nothing you can do but go along for the ride. . .


Chase Torres

The billionaire.

The famous actor.

The legendary Chase.

. . . The alien.

When Cianna Agosti finds out her mother is getting married to the father of the famous billionaire Chase Torres, she's completely mind blown. But what's more, she finds out that they're even moving into his massive mansion to stay there. . . For good.

She can't hide the instant attraction she feels for her step-brother but their relationship is completely FORBIDDEN. As if that's not all, she has to deal with his insanely jealous girlfriend who happens to be a gorgeous model while also trying to figure out what secret Chase is desperately trying to keep from her!

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Chapter 1
~CIANNA~ Chase Torres. The billionaire. The famous actor. The legendary Chase. My mind was filled with images of the man I'd only seen in pictures and television screens. "Mom," I managed to gasp out despite my inability to speak for the previous five minutes during which she'd originally broken the news to me. "Are you honestly telling the truth?" Her eyes were brimming with excitement and joy. "Yes sweetheart," she confirmed once more. "I am marrying the father of that famous actor. The wedding will be held this Saturday and right after we're set to move in with both of them." This had to be some sort of dream. Things like this didn't happen to a family as average as ours. My parents had divorced over ten years now. I'd known my mother was dating again but never in a million years did I expect it to be the father of Chase. "And, we're also headed to there mansion as we speak. Am I correct?" I asked, at the edge of my seat. She laughed. "I told John that you wouldn't believe me." I trusted my mother with everything in me. But in this case, I had to see it with my own eyes to believe any of this. We weren't talking about moving into any average home, we were talking about moving in with a billionaire!  Not just any billionaire, a young, handsome one that made butterflies in your stomach by just looking at his picture! Chase was everything any woman could ever dream of, at least in terms of looks. I wasn't sure of his personality, I knew a lot of celebrities weren't exactly what the media portrayed them to be. I still couldn't wrap my mind around all of this. This couldn't possibly be true, I wouldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes . . . ........................................... ~CHASE~ "I've always loved you. . . I still do," the woman cried. "Please don't do this, don't end us before our relationship even starts." An uncomfortable silence followed right after. "CUT!" The director roared, his voice annoyed. Fuck. Once again my mind was distracted, something that hasn't happened to me in years. I'd somehow managed to pause at this exact scene for more than five times already. I was never this easily distracted, but after finding out from John that he was getting married and that the woman was moving in with us along with her nineteen year old daughter, I couldn't concentrate even the slightest bit on my acting. We'd had arguments ever since he'd brought up the preposterous idea. Living with a human that didn't know anything about me or my lifestyle wasn't exactly how I expected this year to go for me. It was already difficult enough keeping my identity a secret from the public, how would I keep it from someone living in the same house with me? "Chase!" The director called, judging by his frustrated tone he's surely been trying to catch my attention for a while now. "Yes, director." "Is everything okay?" he asked. I sighed. "I apologize. I recently found out John is getting remarried. It's been keeping my mind preoccupied. . ." "Oh, your father is marrying again." I clenched my jaw, I'd forgotten to call him father again. He wasn't my biological father, but no one knew that. "Yes, he is." "I see boy, I now understand why you've been so distant lately. It's not easy learning that your father is finally moving on from your mother." He said. "I understand if you want to take some time off from work. You should clear your head a bit, so that when you return you can focus and we could finally shoot this scene." The director didn't often give me this opportunity, so now that I was getting it, I wasn't letting it slip by. "Thanks, I appreciate it." He tapped me on my back. "If I were you I'd get going now before those reporters I saw earlier figure out you're leaving early and corner you. I'm sure that's the last thing you want right now." I nodded and without another word made my way out the door. I took in the fresh air around me, something with earth's air always managed to make me more relaxed. My eyes evaluated my surroundings as I waited for the parking valet to bring my car to me. I got a flash of shiny blonde hair before I saw the pretty hazel eyes I'd grown so accustomed to. The only familiar face from my planet. . . Haisley, my girlfriend. She unfortunately had a frown on her face, usually that would mean serious trouble for me. Whatever it was that happened to be bothering her, she would most definitely make sure that it bothered me as well. "We need to talk." She snapped. I spotted the reporters a mile away and motioned for the approaching Bugatti. "Not here," I told her. "We've already been all over the news last month for one of your public arguments, I'll like to keep it on the down low this time." As we got in the car, she turned to me with her eyes shooting daggers in my direction. "I spoke to John earlier today." I nodded. "And?" I already knew what she was getting at but preferred to pretend that I had absolutely no idea. She must have spoken to him and learnt about his upcoming marriage. "Why didn't you tell me?" She demanded. I glanced at her for a brief second before turning my attention back onto the road. "Tell you what?" "Don't play dumb with me Chase." She argued. "Why didn't you tell me that John was marrying someone?" "I didn't think that would concern you." "What?" She hissed. "Why wouldn't it concern me when the woman is bringing with her a young b***h to stay with you! I don't understand, even I'm not allowed to be in the same house with you but some stranger who knows nothing about our kind gets to stay?" I squeezed my temples with one hand while keeping the other on the steering wheel. "You don't think I already had this conversation with John?" I demanded. "I'm not okay with the idea of having any other humans but him living with me but it's completely out of my hands. He's in love with the woman he plans on marrying and he isn't taking no for an answer." Her eyes were angry now. "So what, you're just going to let him control you?" I stopped the car and turned to face her the moment it came to a screeching halt. "Control me?" I asked angrily. "Are you forgetting that he's the only one who helped us when we first landed here? I'm only doing this out of respect for him. If he was kind enough to offer us a place to stay and an entire new life here, why can't I try to respect his wishes? He deserves to be happy." "You're always too emotional Chase," she complained. "If we were back in our home planet, you would have never been this way. We're taught to let our brain do all the thinking for us, not follow what our heart wants." My jaw clenched. "Would you just let this go, we're almost home and I don't want John to see us fighting again. Especially when the fight is about his decisions." She crossed her arms over her chest and threw her head back against the seat. "I swear, you're becoming much more difficult to be with every single passing day." I was about to respond when I noticed a car parked in front of the mansion. "Who do you think that is?" Haisley asked, noticing the car as well. I shrugged my shoulders as I parked the car. "I guess we're about to find out." As I shut the door behind me, one thing stood out to me more than everything else. Rather, one person. Her hair was the darkest of black, her skin the perfect shade between olive and white. Her figure was hidden underneath the baggy clothes she wore but still I could just tell that there was a prize hidden beneath all that clothes. My eyes travelled higher and got lost in pink, fully plump lips. My body became impatient and rushed to see her eyes. I held my breath. Piercing yet innocent green eyes stared straight back at me. The feeling that suddenly overcame my body completely shocked me to the core. I desperately wanted to grip her waist and shove her body against mine, desperately needed to be closer to her.  I'd never felt this way before. This feeling, it was completely new to me. "Chase!" John called, catching my attention. It was hard to break eye contact with the beautiful woman but I eventually did to gaze at the man who had given me a home. "Meet your step-sister, Cianna." Time seemed to stop in that second. Step-sister? Oh, f**k!

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