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"Tell me how you feel about oral s*x," he asked, stroking my chin softly.

"For me, or you? Because I do enjoy it when you do that..." I said shyly, looking down.

He lifted my chin to meet his gaze, "Say it,"

"Say what?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

He looked at me with warning eyes, and I licked my lips, before speaking. "I do enjoy it when you..." I paused, and my eyes met the floor again. "when you um...suck my clit." I said, wincing as the words left my mouth. I was comfortable having him do all the things he did to me, but it was harder when I had to say the words out loud, and from the wicked grin Drey had on his face, I knew he had more in store.

"I know that, tell me how you feel about sucking my c**k." he said casually, not minding that I was already as wet as a pool as he spoke.

I bit my lips shyly. I had never done any of that before, and honestly, I had never imagined I would want to do that with anyone. The thought just never excited me, but hearing Drey say them only made me more aroused.

"'Have you ever sucked a c**k before?" he asked

I shook my head.

"Would you like to know how it feels?" he asked, extending his arm down to my collarbone and neck. He caressed softly, not putting too much pressure, just the right amount.

"Yes," I mumbled.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes sir," I said, but he still had his brows raised as if to say 'complete it,' "Yes sir, I would love to suck your c**k," I looked up at him, wetting my lips again, why did it feel so dry tonight? I could not believe those words had just come out of my mouth, but the reward was worth it.

Drey held me up and smashed his lips into mine. Slow at first, but it soon escalated into a fiery, passionate kiss, and when he released me I was almost breathless. We were almost breathless.

"Now that we know how you feel about spanking and oral s*x, I want you to know that you can snap your fingers twice in place of your safe words. Once for yellow and twice for red. These will be used when your mouth is otherwise...busy."

He smirked as he spoke, sending a shiver down my body, I could not help but imagine how he was going to keep my mouth...busy. I got my answer, as he spread his legs further, and placed each hand on his thighs. He lifted his legs to me, and I got the hint, taking off both his shoes, and exposing his long and large feet. He was like a mini giant.

"Come here,"


After a fatal accident that claimed the life of her mom and sister, Alisa had always lived a quiet life in guilt and self-denial with the only two men in her life being her dad and very gay best friend. Everything changes though when she meets the very infuriating, very arrogant, very handsome, and very hot as sin Drey Carlson. Her life becomes a roller coaster where she has to deal with her new unlikeable boss, new feelings, desires, orgasms, and of course obsessed childhood friends who want nothing more than to see her six feet under.

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