Willow's First Gig

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    When Skylar arrived she did my make-up first.  She used my new silver eyeshadow on both of my upper and lower eyelids, then she added a darker silver to the crease.  She put eyeliner on my bottom eyelid and a thin line across my upper eyelid.       After that, she added a thick layer of mascara on my eyelashes and a light layer of blush to my cheeks.  To finish the look, she added the silver lipstick.  I had already put the silver nail polish on earlier today.       When she was done with the make-up, she added the hair clips to my hair.  She helped me load my guitars and amp into the back of my Honda Civic, then I drove us to the café.  As soon as we walked through the door, Savannah squealed then hollered over the crowd, "Our talented star has arrived.  If you will all please give her a few minutes to set up, we will begin shortly.  Thank you."     All eyes had turned to me and Skylar for a moment then most of the crowd went back to whatever they were doing before we walked in.  There were a few lingering eyes but I tried my best to not let them distract me.  I had to stay focused or I might lose my nerve.       Once we got everything carried onto the little makeshift stage, I turned to Skylar and asked, "Hey, can you please get me a mocha.  I think the warm deliciousness would be good for my throat and my nerves."     She giggled then said, "Anything for you star."  Then she gave me a curtsy followed by a wink before she rushed into the kitchen.     I got my amp plugged in and my two guitars hooked up to the amp.  Savannah already had a microphone and speakers in place, so I just had to get it all hooked up correctly.  Skylar came back with my mocha just as I was finished hooking everything up.  After she handed me the mocha, I asked, "Would you like the honor of testing the mic?"     Expecting her to do the cliché testing line, I went ahead and took a sip of my warm coffee.  Mid sip I heard her voice come through the speakers as she yelled, "Fabulous fans..."       As soon as those words came through the speakers I nearly choked on the mocha.  Skylar continued, "welcome to the first live show of our one and only, Willow."  She used both of her hands to gesture in my direction as we heard Savannah yell, "Woohoo!"     Skylar used her pointer finger to gesture for me to come to the mic.  I took a few more sips of my mocha trying to ease the sting in my throat from nearly choking a moment before, then I grabbed my acoustic guitar.       I walked up to the mic and timidly said, "Thank you," to Skylar and then repositioned the mic to my height since I'm taller than her.  While trying my best not to make eye contact, I spoke loudly and confidently into the mic as I said, "Thank you all for attending not only my first live show, but also the first live show performed in this café."     I started strumming the tune for my first song.  It was a mellow country song that I had written.  All the songs I sing are written by me.  The crowd was surprisingly quiet as I sang the lyrics, and they gently swayed my hips to the melody.  When the song finished I heard applauding and cheers sound around the café.       I cleared my throat and smiled then started strumming the tune for my second song.  This one was also a country song but a little more upbeat.  By the time I reached the middle of the song, my foot was tapping and the crowd was clapping in sync to my foot tapping.  It was really something and definitely gave me a boost to my self esteem.       When I finished my second song, I walked back to my mocha and took a quick drink of it.  The crowd was cheering and clapping even louder now.       I grabbed my ukulele and carried it back over to the mic.  After setting the ukulele to the side, I began strumming the tune for my third song on the acoustic guitar that was still hanging in front of me.  This song was more of a pop country song, also very upbeat.  As I sang, I could see some of the people in the crowd start dancing.       When the third song was finished, I set my acoustic guitar to the side and picked up my ukulele.  After that, I spoke into the mic, "This song is very special to me. I hope you all enjoy it."       I closed my eyes and took a deep breath then started playing the tune on the ukulele.  It was more of a reggae type of song that I had wrote in honor of my grandmother after she passed away.  It was slower than the last two songs, but it had a very sweet and melodious sound to it.       As I sang the beautiful melody I caught sight of my momma.  She was smiling at me with her eyes full of love and pride as a single teardrop rolled down her cheek.  This was her favorite song of mine.  I smiled at her while still singing then gave her wink.  She winked back and smiled even wider.       At the end of the song, I grabbed the acoustic guitar and walked back over to my rock guitar.  I grabbed my mocha and took another drink.  This much singing could be brutal on the throat.  Especially when you are nervous.  Next, I picked up my rock guitar and walked back to the mic as I put the strap over my shoulder.       When I got to the mic I shouted, "I hope you're all ready to rock!"  I immediately started strumming the tune to my fifth song.  It wasn't a crazy obnoxious rock song.  It seemed to be just the right amount of rock for the crowd because most of them were bobbing their heads or swaying their hips.  When the song finished the crowd erupted in cheers.     Not giving much time for more applause, I started strumming the tune for my last song.  It was also a rock song and just a tiny bit faster of a song.  The crowd again quickly started bobbing their heads and some even held their hands in the air holding lighters.  It was awesome to see it happen for me.  I sang my heart out and at the end screamed the last few words of the song as it was meant to screamed.       When the song was over, I cleared my throat and said into the mic, "Thank you all again, you have been awesome.  I have one question.  Would you all like this to become a regular Friday night tradition here at the café?"     The crowd immediately erupted in cheers and applauds, with a few people yelling, "hell yes."     I chuckled into the mic, then said, "Your voices have been heard.  You all ROCK!!  I will be back next Friday night to perform for you all once again.  Have a good night everybody."       As soon as the last word left my mouth, I walked away from the mic and started unplugging the cords to everything.  My momma quickly came running over to me and wrapped her arms around my body as I was crouching down nearly knocking me over.  She meant well but it kind of startled me just a little.  Once I got my footing under control, I hugged her back as I said, "Thank you for coming."     "I wouldn't have missed this for nothing.  I am so proud of you, my baby," she lovingly cooed.     I gave her a genuine smile and hugged her again, then continued unhooking the rest of the cords.  Skylar came up and helped me collect everything that needed took back to my car.       We quickly took it out and set it back in the trunk.  After I closed the trunk, Skylar wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tight.  When she let me go she said, "You were awesome back there.  I mean it, you totally rocked and the crowd loved you."     "It really was awesome.  You are going to have to sing a duet with me sometime so that you can experience what it is like to be on my end.  The feeling of watching the crowd enjoying my performance is nothing I can explain," I admitted enthusiastically.  "We should probably head back in.  Savannah would be so upset if I left without saying bye."     "Damn straight!  She would kick your ass for not telling her bye after this," she said jokingly.     We walked back into the café and immediately got surrounded from people in the crowd.  I recognized a lot of the faces.  Some were regular customers and some were friends from school.  However, there was also a few faces I didn't recognize at all.       Suddenly I caught sight of the one face I did not want to see again now or ever, f*****g Evan.  He smirked right at me when he realized I was looking at him.  I instantly turned my gaze away from him and continued to talk to the people around me.     When I was finally able to break away from the crowd, I ran to kitchen needing a moment to catch my breath.  I made myself a fresh mocha adding a little white chocolate to this one.  My mom had followed and was just watching me.      I think she could tell I was feeling a little tense and needed a moment to myself.  I don't know why, but that damn smirk that asshole gave me had me feeling a bit annoyed.  It was the same smirk he used to give me when I dated him and at one time I actually liked that stupid smirk.     After a few minutes, my mom squeezed my shoulder as she asked, "Is everything okay, sweetie?"  Just as the words left her mouth, Savannah and Skylar walked into the kitchen.  Upon seeing the wary look on my face, they stopped in their tracks and waited to hear my answer.     "Yes, momma.  I just needed a minute to get myself collected.  Evan is out there and I really don't want to talk to him.  I think I might just leave out the back door and walk around," I sheepishly admitted.     "Oh hell no!  You will not," Savannah immediately roared.     "What? Why?" I asked innocently.     "Because it is not safe.  My star is not walking down a dark alley at night," Savannah deadpanned.     "Fine, but if he bothers me, I am liable to punch his stupid f*****g smirk right off of his stupid face," I said indifferently.     All three of them exploded into fits of laughter, to the point they were doubling over holding their stomachs.  "I am not playing," I insisted.     My mom choked out, "Oh, honey, we know you are not playing.  That is what makes it so damn funny.  I personally would cheer you on if you did."       Instantly, we all exploded into another fit of laughter.  By the time we got the laughter under control we were all holding out stomachs, with tears rolling down our cheeks and both Skylar and I were now hiccupping.       We had attracted a little crowd and one of the cooks said, "What in the hell did we miss back here?"     Savannah chuckled before replying, "Oh nothing, just Willow informing us that if Evan bothers her on her way out of here, she is going to punch the smirk right off of his face."       Suddenly, we heard a gasp from the doorway and all of our heads snapped in that direction.  Standing there was Evan with his eyes wide from shock and a frown on his face.  He looked like a hurt puppy dog, and I felt a small ping of guilt.       However, I shrugged it off as I nonchalantly mumbled, "Sorry, Evan, but I really do not want to talk to you right now.  Thank you for coming to my show, but I need space from you."     Without saying a single word, he narrowed his eyes at me, then he nodded his head, spun on his heels and left.  We all exchanged looks with each other, then we erupted in laughter for a few more minutes.       After that, we said bye to everybody and left.  Skylar was spending the night with me so we headed straight to my house.  When we got there, I found a bouquet of lilies laying in front of the door.  On the card read, 'Willow I am sorry I hurt you in the past.  I truly hope that we can some day put it in the past and try again.  I have matured and I am not the dumb kid I used to be.  Please forgive me. Evan.'       He remembered my favorite type of flower is lilies and I was pleasantly surprised and touched by the gesture and by the words on the card.  Skylar grabbed the card out of my hand and when she was finished, she said, "Ah that's really kind of sweet.  Maybe he has changed."     I just shrugged as I said, "Maybe," then walked into my house with Skylar right behind me.
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