Preparing for my First Singing Gig

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     The next time I worked, Savannah was so excited to show me the flyers she had made for my upcoming gig.  They were really cute and I couldn't hide my excitement about it.  I made sure to keep two of the flyers, one for myself and one for my momma, to always have as a reminder of the hard work done to get to this point in my life.           I didn't have to go to school anymore, which allowed me to be able to spend more time working on my current songs as well as write some new songs.  I had the ten songs I picked out the other night with me.  When Skylar got there, the three of us sat down and went through them.       Savannah suggested a six song set so we only had to decide which four songs would not be included in this set.  They were all good songs and it was tricky making a final decision but we finally got it done.     After work, I went and practiced the six songs, making a couple changes to each one.  This was going to be my first singing gig, outside of school performances, and I wanted the songs to be perfect.  When I was content with my work several hours later, I finally crashed for the night.       I had the next day off work and so did my momma.  When I got out of bed, she insisted I get ready to go shopping with her.  She said, " I am taking you to buy a new outfit for your gig in a few days.  I want you to look fabulous when you step into the limelight."     I hugged her as I squealed, "I am so excited.  I can't believe this is actually happening."     She chuckled as she hugged me back, then she excitedly gushed, "I am so proud of you my precious girl.  You have worked so hard for this and you deserve everything you want."     "Thank you Momma.  I wouldn't be where I am if you hadn't believed in me and pushed me to go for it," I admitted.     "No, you are where you are because you had the personal drive and motivation to do it.  I only offered you support, because let's face it, everybody needs someone to lean on for support.  Just as you have been there for me so many times, I will always be here for you," she assured me.     I ran up to my room and quickly threw on a blue pair of skinny jeans and black tank top with 'bad girl' on the back.  After pulling my unruly hair into a messy bun, I threw on some flip flops and headed back downstairs.       My mom was standing in the kitchen finishing a cup of coffee.  I've always thought that my momma was one of the prettiest people I have even seen.  She didn't wear make-up often, but she didn't need to either.  She had a natural beauty that most females wish they had.      She had changed into a black pair of skinny jeans and plain purple tank top.  She had her long blonde hair in a ponytail and was wearing a pair of flip flops.  Even though we looked a lot a like, our hair was the biggest difference between us.  While she had straight blonde hair, I had very curly black hair.     We hopped into her car and she drove us to the mall.  We agreed on a long black skirt and a sparkling glittery silver tank top.  For the shoes, we got a pair of shiny black stilettos.       I also bought a set of sparkly silver hair clips as well as some silver eyeshadow and a silver lipstick.  I was growing more excited but also more anxious as the days went by, so this shopping trip with my momma was just what I needed to calm my nerves.       Before we left the mall, we stopped by the food court and ordered from the Chinese line.  I love Chinese food.  I got the mandarin chicken with fried rice, and momma got the bourbon chicken with noodles.  I always get fried rice while she gets the noodles, then we share with each other.       When we got home from shopping, I laid my outfit on top of my bed and snapped a picture of it with my cellphone.  I sent the picture to Skylar and she immediately texted back. Skylar:    Is that your outfit for the gig on Friday? Willow:    You know it Skylar:    You are going to look so hot wearing that Willow:    Just what I was hoping you would say LOL Skylar:    You know you look good no matter what you wear LOL Willow:    If you say so Skylar:    I know so, LOL, hey do you work tomorrow Willow:    Yep Skylar:    Sweet, me too Willow:    Right on, I will see you tomorrow ttyl Skylar:    See you tomorrow     When I finished texting with Skylar, I sat down at my sketching table and worked on a picture I had been sketching a dress design I wanted to make.  My mom had taught me how to make my own clothes when I was very young.  I like to think that I am pretty good at it, but the dress I had been sketching is a very intricate design.       I wasn't positive I would be able to make it, but I was determined to at least try.  I was saving my money to buy the fabric and other materials I would need.  I was hoping the money I would get from my first singing gig would be enough to complete this project.     My mom called me down for dinner a little later.  She had made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls.  It smelled so good, it made my stomach immediately start growling.  We sat down and ate together while we talked about my upcoming gig.  The food was delicious as always.  My momma is a damn good cook.       After dinner, I grabbed a notebook and sat on the porch swing outside.  It had cooled off a little to a more comfortable temperature.  As I sat there, I started writing another new song.  I write songs for many of the different genres.  The one I was currently working on would be a country song.  It is nice to sing different genres and it would allow me more opportunities to make a name for myself.            As I was sitting there in my own little world, I didn't realize somebody had walked up and was standing beside the porch swing.  I nearly pissed myself when he cleared his throat and said, "I heard you have a gig tomorrow night."     Ughh I thought to myself.  Obviously I am not a fan of this guy.  I gave him a chance to be my boyfriend a while ago and he totally blew it.  He is nothing but a playboy that only cares about getting into the panties of as many girls as he can.  After a second, I responded indifferently, "Yep" popping the 'p', then went back to my writing.     "Is that all you are going to say about it?" he asked incredulously.     "What do you want Evan?" I deadpanned, not hiding my displeasure of having to talk to him right now.     "Seriously, what is your f*****g problem?" he asked angrily.     That just set me off.  I slammed my notebook down on the seat, stood up, and walked to stand about half a foot in front of him.  I narrowed my eyes at him, then said, "You. Are. My. f*****g. Problem." poking him in the chest with each word.     He suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled it behind him making my chest bump against his.  Within seconds he had me pinned against the wall of my house.  Obviously I gasped in surprise at his sudden movements.  He leaned closer to my ear as he said, "I don't know what the f**k makes you think you can poke me like that but if you do it again, I will kiss you until you can't breath."     Instantly my free hand flew up and slapped him on his cheek.  He stumbled backwards letting go of my hand as his free hand flew up to rub his cheek.  He glared at me wide eyed and angry.  "You will regret that," he angrily spat before turning on his heel and stomping away.     "f**k you, Evan.  You brought that on yourself.  Don't you ever put your filthy f*****g hands on me again, asshole," I screamed at him as he walked away.  Of course, he just flipped me the bird and kept walking.     I grabbed my stuff off of the porch swing and stalked back into the house.  My mom was sitting on the couch and seen the sneer on my face as soon as I stepped inside.  "What's wrong dear?" she asked.     "Oh it's nothing, I just had to slap Evan in his stupid face," I said nonchalantly.     First she gasped, then my mom erupted into a fit of laughter.  Hearing her laughing so hard got me laughing right along with her.  That was one of the many great things about my momma.  Her laughter could melt all of my problems away in a second and she always knew just when to laugh like a hyena.     Once our laughing had subsided, we ate some sugar cookies with milk, then both headed to bed.  Of course I didn't go to sleep right away.  First I texted Skylar to tell her about my recent altercation with Evan. Willow:    You are not going to believe who I just slapped in the face Skylar:    OMG who Willow:    Evan's stupid face Skylar:    That dumbass will never learn huh lmao Willow:    Obviously Skylar:    Why did you slap him Willow:    He got shitty because I wouldn't talk to him Skylar:    Screw him, you don't have to talk him Willow:    I know right, when I told him he is my problem, he pushed me against the wall and threatened to kiss me.  So I slapped him Skylar:    Good, he needs to learn that he can't just do whatever he wants whenever he wants Willow:    I agree.  I need to get to bed. goodnight Skylar:    kk  night night     After I finished texting Skylar, I changed into some pajamas and lied down.  Of course, my irritation with Evan made it hard to fall asleep.  But once I did I slept like a rock.  The next day went by fast between work and practicing my songs.     When I woke up the morning of my gig, my momma was already at work.  I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and was surprised to see a box of my favorite flavors of donuts.  I immediately grabbed a lemon filled powdered donut and practically inhaled it.  It was so yummy.  When I was finished I had powdered sugar all over my hands and face, but I just giggled to myself about it.       I spent the rest of the morning doing girl stuff, like shaving my legs, plucking my eyebrows, applying lotion, you know all those things girls like to do before being seen in the limelight.  When I was finished with all of that it was afternoon.       I heated up a leftover piece of pizza for lunch then enjoyed a bubble bath.  I knew Skylar would be here in a few hours to help me get pretty for my gig so I had a little time to spare.     When I finished with my bath I put my hair into a nice bun while it was still wet.  I knew if I waited I would have to get it wet again and I didn't want to have to do that.  I saved the silver clips for Skylar to put in when she gets here.  I pulled out the songs we had picked for the gig and practiced them some more while I waited for Skylar.
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