Chapter 4

2295 Words

Chapter Four She wasn’t used to being bossed. She’d been on her own for too long to take orders from anyone except herself. And she damned well wasn’t going to lock her door. No way, no how. She’d never let herself become trapped in a small space again. Not if she could help it. He was lucky he was so damned handsome. Travis looked even better out of uniform than she remembered. Her heart had taken up residence in her throat when she’d come out of her bedroom to see him towering in the entryway, looking delicious in worn denims and a soft plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She hadn’t realized until that instant that it was possible to go wet from staring at someone’s forearms. Then he’d had to go and give Dax a Transformer. One that he’d been begging her to buy for weeks. And the w

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