Chapter 5

1723 Words

Chapter Five At eleven on the nose, Travis pushed back from his desk at the station. “I’m going for coffee,” he said as he passed Jeanine, his right-hand assistant and dispatcher. “I’ll catch up,” called Weston from his spot where he stood holding up the wall while flirting with Jeanine. Good luck with that. She was a tough nut to c***k. She’d been at the station longer than he had, and he’d seen countless guys vie for her attention over the years. It was downright entertaining the way she could reduce even the toughest cops to a puddle with a witty insult. Travis pushed out the door and into the humid mid-day sun. He’d sweat through his uniform on the walk over. But it could be worse. He could be on a jungle floor in Kevlar in Colombia. No thanks. He kept fresh shirts at the station fo

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