Chapter 1

1050 Words
After five years of not keeping in touch, a young werewolf named Lana is invited to be the maid of honour in her best friend's wedding. Here she finds the mate she has been searching for for the past six years but when she finally meets him she can't have him, they are said to be incompatible. With more reasons for them to be apart she's about to realize that the magic in the air is nothing but smoke and mirrors.                                                                                      ... Lana fidgeted in her seat, her back and behind were killing her but what do you expect from sitting in a thirteen hours flight. She was currently in a cab looking out the window but not focusing on the scenery, her mind was on her best friend's wedding that would take place the following Saturday. For someone going to such an auspicious event she was too gloomy, you might have mistaken her for someone going to a funeral not a wedding. She couldn't help but envy her friend who was getting everything she might never have. Lana was twenty four years old and still hadn't found her soul mate. It does sound cheesy but Lana was not a hopeless romantic, finding a soulmate is something that is expected among her kind, the werewolf kind that is. She should have found her mate at the age of eighteen but the universe was against her, after six years of waiting and searching she had finally given up, maybe her mate died before they had a chance to meet, it is rare but it does happen. Sighing in her sit, Lana's mind wondered to her friend, Jessica. They have known each other since elementary school and have been best friends ever since. Jessica was wild back in high school while Lana was quite the opposite, most of her peers had said that Jessica was Lana's wild side but only Lana knew that her wild side had furs, sharp canines and paws and it did not go partying whenever it felt like it and it definitely was not loose. Still Lana loved and cherished her friend. She thought of how excited Jessica sounded when she called her after five years to tell her that she was getting married. Jessica told her about her beloved fiancé and how she wanted her best friend to be the maid of honour, to say that Lana was thrilled would have been a lie but she still agreed to come. Lana was pulled out of her thoughts when the cab came to an abrupt halt, she looked out the window and saw a huge gate surrounded by trees, it was impossible to see the house from the gate since the drive way seemed to go on and disappear amongst the trees. "Is this the right place?” Lana couldn't help but ask. It took the driver a while before he answered, he was also dumbfounded. "Lady, the address you gave me says that this is the place", he finally said. While they were busy wondering how they were supposed to get the gates open, a high pitched sound of metal scraping metal was heard and the large gates opened ushering them in. They drove in. They drove under the canopy of trees for a while until a huge fountain came into view, the cab rounded the fountain and came to a stop in front of a huge house. Well calling it a house was an insult, the correct term was, palace. Lana got out of the cab and stood looking at the building before her with awe. She looked down at her clothing, jeans, flats and long sleeve shirt and felt slightly underdressed, she should have been wearing a ball gown. The taxi driver got out her massive bags, dragged them to her side and waited. After wondering why the cab driver was staring at her she finally fumbled with her handbag, retrieving a couple of notes and handed them to the chubby man while mumbling a sorry. "It's alright missy, now here is my business card", he said handing her a card. "If you need someone to take you back to the airport after the funeral, you know who to call", the man said while giving her a small smile and getting back in the cab. Lana watched the cab pull away while fiddling with the card, he didn't even give her a chance to correct him about her visit nor would she need the card. She put the card in her bag and turned to face the building again. With new found determination she grabbed both bags in each hand, lifting them off the ground with ease and started making her way to the door, being a werewolf had its own perks. She couldn't help but feel that Jessica was showing off, Lana should have insisted on staying at her parents' place because staying here even if it was for a week was going to leave a huge dent in her pride. She accidentally stumbled on the last step and lost her grip on one of the two bags while trying to regain her balance and the bag tumbled down a step. She had to place the other bag on the platform, then debated whether she should go down the stairs to collect the bag or just stoop down and pull it onto the platform, feeling lazy she chose the latter. She had her back to the door while pulling her fallen bag up when she heard someone clear their throat. They must have very well oiled doors or whoever was behind her was a ghost. She quickly jumped startled and turned around to glare at whoever startled her. To show how much the universe hated her, she glared at a chest. This threw her off, there weren't that many human males who could tower over her. After glaring at the chest for a while she took in the light brown boots the man was wearing, dark blue jeans and the muscle-loving black T-shirt. That was no ordinary butler. Finally she took in the man's face, he was a handsome lad but he was looking at her disapprovingly. "What do you want", the man growled. That's when the scent hit her nose and she gulped.
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