Chapter 2

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"Um, well I... I am here for Jessica's wedding but it seems like this is the wrong pala- house so I'll be on my way now", she stuttered out and turned around to walk away. Damn it, why didn't she notice the scent before, the place reeked of werewolves. Her being there was like walking into a dragons den or poking a sleeping bear, asking for trouble. Whoever that man was, he was obviously a werewolf and most likely a pack member, her being brought up in a rogue family was really not helping the situation. Her senses were on high alert, she could feel her ears that were hidden by her dark brown hair get pointy, her teeth lengthened a bit, nostrils flared, pupils dilated and her fingernails almost ripped the material of her bags. Since she had her back to him, he did not notice and she was waiting for him to strike, if he thought that she would go down without a fight then he had another thing coming. Just when the tension between them was at its peak, a cheery voice pierced through it causing Lana to calm down. "Oh, Lana! I was afraid you might not show. You know, you should have called, I had a driver ready to go pick you up at the airport. Derick, won't you help carry in Lana's bags, they must weigh a ton". Jessica chimed. Lana turned around and peeked around the man named Derick, who was blocking the entrance, to see that it was indeed her best friend, Jessica. She couldn't help but wonder what Jessica was doing with werewolves but still she smiled and waved back. "Of course Jess, we wouldn't want to keep a lady waiting", Derick gave Lana a fanged smile while he took her bags and stepped aside eyeing her wearily. Jessica launched herself at Lana giving her a tight hug. A lot of books claim that female werewolves are more appealing than the average human but Lana had never believed that because she had Jessica as evidence, it was either that or Jessica was no ordinary human and since Lana had known her almost all her life she chose the former. Jessica was a beautiful and sexy woman, her hour glass figure had a lot of men at her feet and her bust was the thing of every p*****t’s imagination. To top it off, she had wavy waist length blond hair that framed her well sculptured face, enhancing her facial features, not to mention that in direct sunlight her hair seemed to give off its own light. She had her own hallo but Lana knew Jessica was no angel. Lana saw herself as the dull friend with shoulder length hair that had a life of its own and light brown eyes. The only thing Lana had over Jessica was height since she was slightly taller than her. Lana pulled back from the hug and watched her friend wipe a tear or two while she waited to be introduced to the hulking man by the corner. "Oh, Lana this is my future brother in-law, Derick Silverman", Jessica said while gesturing at him. "And, Derick, this is my best friend from since forever, Lana Banes", she gestured at Lana. Lana gave Derick a small smile, before he turned to leave. She honestly thought that he was the groom, after all he was the kind of guy Jessica would go after, minus the wolf part. Jessica ushered her inside and Lana's jaw almost hit the marble floor when saw the foyer. It was beautiful, it made her feel more and more underdressed, sending a massive blow to her pride. The grand stairs with intricate designs just took her breath away and when she saw that Jessica was enjoying her reaction she quickly closed her mouth. But when she looked up, this time her jaw smashed into the perfectly polished floor. The chandelier had what looked to be diamonds dangling from it and if she was told that those were real diamonds she would have believed it without giving it a second thought. The bulbs looked like candles but were giving off the kind of light that would put a candle to shame. The ceiling also had beautiful paintings, she wondered if Leonardo da Vinci was still alive somewhere. Now humbled, Lana was led to what had to be the sitting room and she took her seat. A young girl came in holding a tray of beverages but paused at the entrance, she looked at Lana suspiciously before she spaced out, it was only for a second but Lana noticed. She was obviously using telepathy, must be wondering what a rogue was doing in pack territory, it’s called having friends in high places. Lana eyed her friend and wanted to ask her how she did it but still words failed her. The girl continued into the room, she wasn't dressed like a maid and Lana didn't believe that Jessica had servants, living in a pack is not that different from living with family since you all have chores but at least at home you can whine about it. The girl handed each of them a glass of what appeared to be red wine but made no eye contact. "Thanks", Lana said, though Jessica just accepted the glass without a word. Lana's eyes were transfixed on the glass but she could have sworn that she saw the girl bow her head before she left. She took a tentative sip of the liquid with her mouth anticipating the taste but the moment the liquid stained her tongue she was disappointed beyond belief, it was just Grapetiser. She covered the disappointment with a smile. Jessica who was sitting right across from her had a satisfied look in her eyes before she cleared her throat. "So, Lana, how is life oversees?” Jessica asked attentively. "It was going well than I expected and more fulfilling but I was thinking about moving back home", what was she supposed to say, life as a teacher sucks because she gets to spend time with other people's children while she'll never have her own?. "Oh, you are moving back? I hope it's not a guy problem?” Jessica said while raising an eyebrow. Lana almost chocked on her drink, so she set it down. Jessica can turn anything into a choking hazard. "Oh no, no that's not it. I just missed home that's all", Lana splattered out. Jessica knew that Lana could make a nun jealous, so the questions were quite peculiar. "So where's the husband-to-be?” Lana cut in before Jessica could say anything else. "He had to tend to some business and has to pick up the wedding planner who is bringing some food samples for the wedding but he should be here at any moment now", Jessica replied and no sooner had the words left her mouth, Lana heard a car being parked outside. They heard the door being opened and someone enter. "That must be him", Jessica said excitedly but made no motion to get up so Lana followed suit. At that moment the most enticing smell hit her nostrils and her mouth watered for reasons that had nothing to do with food. All she wanted to do was to get up from that couch and run to wherever the smell was coming from but she kept her composure. Her eyes were on the entrance of the sitting room when two men walked in. One of them was at Jessica's height, muscular, green eyes and had on a purple shiny suit. He was carrying what looked like a picnic basket, he must have been the wedding planner but he looked more like a pimp. Jessica certainly used movies as research tools, let the wedding planner be gay, it reminded her of Maddie from Glitz Gurlz on Deck by Tamoja. The other man was a couple of centimeters taller than Derick, had jet black hair, dark brown eyes that looked almost black and had on a black business suit. He had a briefcase in one hand and was the one emitting that enticing scent. When she saw that he was looking at her with awe, her heartbeat increased, she started breathing hard and had a sudden urge to run into his arms. A part of her was busy chanting, MATE! MATE! MATE! Before she could make a move to get up, Jessica jumped up from the couch and ran into the man's arms. "Honey, you are home", she said while embracing him.  
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