She Is Alive!!!!

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Christof POV Addison felt her muscles relax as I rubbed the gel over her bronzed back, and she gasped again in awe of my deft touch. As my fingertips ran up and down her spine, she smiled dreamily. She turned her head toward me in surprise when she felt the clasp on her bra suddenly release. Addison simply offered her a lovely wink and a funny grin. She drew her arms together and put her head on them, raising a single brow. "Christof, don't just sit there, keep going." "Oh, yes, Addison, I intend to." I haven't finished with you yet." “Mmm, you better not be.” Addison let her eyes slide shut as she felt my hands continue down her body, surrendering herself to my explorations. Her pvssy had become moist with arousal and thoughts of what she would like me to do to her began racing through her mind, I could read her mind. She felt my hands slide down her lower back and then continue on over her exposed rump. Addison moved my hands as she was feeling shy, "don't feel shy My Baby girl" my hands began kneading the fleshy globes of her bottom. As my hand smashed down on her vulnerable skin, a stinging sensation exploded on her butt. She yelped out of surprise than than pain, and rolled over hastily, attempting to cover her bottom from another open-handed hit. Her unhooked bra was left on the towel in her haste, and her breasts bounced freely in front of my smiling face. "Ah ha!" I exclaimed . I mumbled something and then turned my focus to her large boobs. "Hey, great t**s, Addison," I teased, smirking. She cupped her breasts in her hands, covering them from my view and then smiled naughtily back at me. “Do you like what you see babe?” “Yeah I do, they look great. Let me see them again” I said laughing. Addison reached out and drew her fingers around the outline of my c**k through my shorts. Her fingers pressed and dragged over my sensitive shaft and I swallowed hard as he felt his erection grow to almost painful proportions. “Mmm, I think he likes you.” “I know he does.” Addison responded as she unbuckled my pants. “Do you mind if I play with it, babe?” “Of course not. I'm yours, so do whatever you like.” “Mmm I will.” Addison pulled my hard length out of my pants and gave it several slow strokes as if she were mesmerized by how it felt in her hand. She teased the head with her fingers and gave his balls a gentle squeeze, causing me to gasp in the most delightful way. Addisson couldn't resist the impulse to lick a small drop of transparent fluid that had developed at the tip of her tongue. She opened her mouth and dragged her lips down and over the head of my c**k since my flavour was pleasantly delicious. As she took a little more of my length into her mouth, I moaned loudly and my knees seemed to tremble. It was a strange sensation for her, and she felt her p***y begin to moisten as she licked it. Addison was pleased and proud of herself for being able to gratify me, and she accelerated her speed. I began sliding my fingers up and down Addison's juicy slit and then plunged two stiff fingers well into her hot pool as she lay down between her legs. As she bucked and rotated her hips, I hit her hard with my fingers several times. I ran my fingers over her damp, pink skin, massaging her until she whimpered. I then dragged my moist digits across her clit, forcing her to scream and convulse under my weight. I took my fingers out of her p***y and rubbed them together, surprised at how moist they were. “Wow, My Baby girl, you're dripping wet. "It's great to see you looking so good." "Mmm, yes, I am." It feels great, Christof, so don't stop.” I bent down to run my tongue up and down her p***y, seeing the yearning in her eyes. I traced her petals with my tongue, swirling it around and around inside her petals. I was able to touch every area of her p***y using my hands to keep her open, and hearing her moans only drove me to lick harder and quicker. I kept staring at her, driving her climax closer and closer, and when my lips met her clit, she screamed in ecstasy and her entire body shook and trembled. Addison finally pushed me away, as she was becoming increasingly shy. I drew her closer to me by saddling and guiding my c**k into her moist hole without wasting any time. She gasped and moaned as his head opened her up and plunged into the root, thoroughly filling her with my meat. Her p***y swelled slightly and closed securely around me, rubbing my c**k with its wet grip. Everything began to fall apart at the same time, Addison vanished, I shouted out for her but couldn't find her anywhere, and suddenly my eyes opened. It had all been a dream. The clock was ticking, and it was almost 6 p.m. I didn't leave my room, I stayed in my room for 10 months, I couldn't believe what had just happened to me, and my Addison, everything was going well until everything changed, the ticking of the clock echoed in the room as there was complete silence. I had been looking for Addison for almost ten months and couldn't find her. My world was shattered after what happened to us. I knew my Addison was alive, that she wasn't dead, and that our baby was safe as well. Everyone assumed Addison and our baby had died. My family advised me to move on, but I couldn't. How could I go on? Why does this happen to me? When I start loving someone, why do they abandon me in some way? I loved Addison with all my heart. She was my life, I couldn't live without her, but I knew I'd find my love; I believe in miracles, I believe in our love, and I believe that our love would keep her alive. "Christof, it's been ten months, and the police haven't recovered her body or any indications of her being alive," Jared said softly. "As your friend, I'd like to make a suggestion: you need to move on. She fell off the cliff, and no one has ever survived a fall from such a height, so I believe she's dead." "She is not dead, Jared!! Did I make myself clear, she is alive and I know she is alive, I can sense it, and I even know our baby is safe," I yelled, hand clenched on the table. "Please leave me alone Jared, I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone, I just want to be alone," I replied, gesturing to the door. "Sir, you're missing your one-time food, please don't ignore your health, today you've missed your lunch, please have something, I'll tell Nancy to get the table set for lunch, please have something for me, please sir!" he begged, his eyes filled with anxiety. "No, Jared, I am not hungry; after Addison's leaving, I have nothing more to live for; my happiness is over; please leave," I said. "You haven't left this room in ten months; your employees need you; you need to return to work; you are the CEO; I won't be able to run your business for a long time; please try to understand Christof; you need to move on," he urged. "Jared, may I ask you a question?" I questioned. "Yes, go ahead, Christof," he said, "you know you can ask me anything." "What if one of your enemies tried to kill Anna by throwing her off a cliff, and you later discovered that not only she, but also your baby had been thrown off? Would you go on? , Jaree would be able to marry someone else and forget about Anna, will it be easy for you",in a cold tone, I questioned him. "I don't think I'd be able to live without Anna, Christof; I'd die," he replied. "So how can you tell me to move on Jared, this is my life, and don't tell me what I should do Jared, I know how to handle myself, and I will find my Addison, you don't know anything about our relationship, so please don't interfere," I said. "Where are the cops, did they find any leads, did they find any traces of her?" "No, Christof," he said, "they haven't found anything about her yet." "Call them here," I answered, "I want to talk to them." He said, "Yeah, they'll be here in no time." "All right, Christof, I'll come check on you later," Jared said as he exited the room. I was sitting on my couch, staring at the portrait on the wall, which was of Addison. Addison, I miss you so much; everything was fine between us. We were going to have a child together, and I'd always hoped to have one with you, a daughter who would look exactly like you, with your eyes, hair, and lips. Life would be so beautiful if it weren't for my terrible luck; I had you as my bliss and then lost you after that dark day. One of my guards inquired, "Sir, the cops have here, they want to meet you, should I send them in?" "Sure, please send them in," I said. The three police officers approached me, I told them to take a seat. "We tried to find your wife but we couldn't find her, nor did we find her body, it has now been 10 months since your wife has been missing, sorry to say this but I believe she is dead, we will be closing this case sir, Nolan is behind bars and we will make sure he never gets out," they said as they sat down. "You can't close this case; I know my wife is alive; why do I have to tell everyone; why don't you believe me?" I exclaimed, tears streaming down my face. "Sir, if she was alive, we would find signs of her existence, her corpse is absent as well, she is clearly dead, you need to get through this, I apologise sir, we need to shut this case," the police officers said before leaving. I walked over to my bar and poured a beer into my glass. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Jared POV Christof's condition has deteriorated drastically since Addison's death. He didn't shave, he was frail, he neglected his health, and he forgot to eat. I felt bad for my friend but didn't know what to do. I looked for Addison all night and all day, but she was nowhere to be found. I knew she'd died since no one can survive a fall from a great height. She must have smacked her head on the stones, despite falling into the water. People have fallen down the cliff in the past, but none of them have survived. I informed Christof that he needed to move on, but he was unable to do so. I could understand if I were in his shoes and couldn't move on if something happened to Anna. Christof, on the other hand, believed Addison was still alive. He hasn't worked in ten months, which has had a negative impact on our business. The business meetings were handled by me. "How is Christof?" my wife Anna inquired as I returned home. I said, "Still the same." "I attempted to persuade him to care about his health and work, but he was unwilling to listen. I'm at a quandary as to how I should support my friend ", I added from my coach seat. Anna sat down next me and brought me a glass of water. "I understand his pain; Addison was my best friend, and I, too, lost a friend and her child," she remarked, her eyes welling up with tears. "All we can do is try to help Christof; he is in great need of our support," I explained. "Yes, I know," she said, "and I hope things improve soon." "Dinner is done; get dressed; I'll be in the dining room waiting for you," she said. I kissed her lips and went to the bathroom to shower and eat. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Authors POV Everything changed after the incident. Noel, Addison's younger brother, was adopted by Sarah. His family tried to persuade him to move on and marry someone else because Addison was no longer alive, but Christof remained convinced that his beloved Addison was still alive. Christof used to isolate himself from everyone and lock himself in his room. He used to spend the entire day staring at Addison's portrait. Christof began to drink excessively, ignoring his health. Christof hadn't shaved in months, and he used to work out to get rid of his rage. No one knew where Addison was or whether she was dead or alive. There were numerous questions that remained unanswered. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O
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