The New Secretary

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Christof POV I slept naked on my bed, the white blanket covered half of my body, it was morning. I woke up with a knock on my door. "Sir breakfast is ready", my maid said while knocking at my door. I got out of my bed and headed towards the washroom. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I walked towards my wardrobe and removed my suit which I was going to wear today, it has been months since I started working. I knew that I couldn't ignore my work as work is my first priority in life. If I start working It would keep me busy and it could divert my mind, I would never fall in love again. I got ready for office, and headed towards my dining room. The table was ready, fried eggs, toast and a glass of juice was placed on my table. I began to have my breakfast. "Good morning sir", Jared said while walking towards the table. "Good morning Jared, come have breakfast along with me", I said. "No sir I already had my breakfast, I am to see you get ready for work",he said. "I am happy sir, that you decided to resume your work after 10 months", he added. "I cannot ignore my work for a long time Jared, so I thought that from today I would dedicate myself towards my work", I said. "We have appointed a new secretary for you sir, she will be your personal secretary", he said. "New secretary, I don't feel like appointing a new one", I replied. "Sir you will need one, so we had to appoint a new secretary for you", he replied. "I want her file placed on my table before entering my cabin, along with hers I want the other employees files to be placed too", I replied. "I want to know their progress, I want to know how hard they worked in my absence", I added. "Yes sir", he replied. I had my breakfast and left for work, Jared opened the car for me. After an hour we reached the company. Everyone was shocked to see me there. The employee bowed their heads and greeted me, I ignored them all. My new secretary was waiting for me outside my cabin. Before entering my cabin, my eyes feel that Addison's cabin, she was one my most dedicated employee and secretary, she was not like the others, she was dedicated to her work, she was not at all lazy, this office reminds me so much about Her, I don't know how am I supposed to live without her?, it's difficult to live without the women whom you love so much After I entered my cabin ,she followed my back. I headed towards my cabin. "Good morning sir, Lisa here!! I am your new secretary", she said. I looked at her, she wore a blue top and a skirt. She was holding her file in her hands. "Sir this is the progress of the company, In your absence" she said. I began to turn the pages of each employee's files. She placed her file in front of me. Did I ask you to place your file in front of me No sir "Then why did you place it on my table? Listen, let me make myself clear you will do things when I ask you to, this time I am ignoring your mistake as you are new here",I said with a bold voice. "I am sorry sir", she replied. "You can leave now", I said. I began to resume my work, I opened my laptop and stared at the display picture. It was our wedding picture of me and Addison. Oh I miss her so much, for a moment I was angry at Jared for appointing a new secretary for me no one could take Addison's place. But I needed a secretary to handle my work so I had no other choice than to appoint a new one. I had finished my work and got ready to return home. I got into my car, made my tie loose, and opened my phone. I began to scroll the pictures which Addison had taken during our honeymoon. After an hour I reached home, my maid Nancy said that the dinner was ready, I told her that she could leave and I was not hungry. I took a shower and began to do my pending work on my laptop. I got a message from my mother who said that she would be coming tomorrow to my place, and she would stay with me for a week in my mansion. I just thought to myself that I didn't need anyone after Addison, I knew the reason why my mom was visiting me tomorrow. She has a list of girls whom I could marry. It has just been 10 months for Addison to leave and all of them expected me to move on which was impossible. I am already stressed in my life, and people wanted to make it worse. Lisa POV It was my first day at work, I was greeted by all my co-workers. I Was selected as a personal secretary to Mr Nelson. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time to be a secretary to a CEO. It's a big responsibility, I need to do it well. I heard the news that today after 10 months Mr Nelson would be returning for work. All were scared as our CEO was too strict about his work, there were also rumours about him that he lost his wife. All of them present In the office had their side of the story related to his wife. Jared, our CEOs guard, instructed me on my work as he was handling the business in MR Nelson's absence. After an hour our CEO arrived in his big car. Everyone bowed towards him when he entered. He looked so attractive, he had a good personality, he was tall, and had a good body structure. I was attracted to him. I followed him in his cabin, he was turning the pages of the other employees. I placed my file in front of him, as Jared had told me to hand my file over to him as he wanted to check my progress and if I was capable according to him for this job. I placed my file in front of him, he stopped checking the files and just stared at me. He began to scold me with his loud and bold voice which was kind of scary. I apologised and left his cabin. I returned to my cabin and began to do my pending work, this cabin had belonged to his dead wife Addison. Who was his first secretary and then became his wife. I was too tired so I thought of having a cup of coffee, I headed towards the canteen, ordered a Latte and took a seat in the cafeteria. A girl approached me and asked me if the seat was vacant, so I told her that she took this seat as I was sitting here alone. She took a seat and her name was Liza. "Are you the new secretary of the CEO?",she is asked. "Yes I am", I said with a smile. "This position was of his dead wife Addison, our CEOs beloved wife", she said. "Yes I know, I heard about her", I added. "Yeah it was sad to hear that she was dead 10 months ago, she was pregnant with our CEOs baby, our CEO didn't only lose his wife but he lost his baby too",she replied. "It's sad to hear about this", I said. I chatted with her for a few minutes. "Anyways I will take a leave good to meet you Lisa" saying that she left. I had my coffee and headed towards my cabin to complete my pending work. O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O
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