Chapter 3

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* She hops up. "So did he kiss you back?" she asks finally snapping out of it. (or into it?) "Yes I wouldn't be smiling if he didn't" "Was he any good?" she asks wiggling her blonde eyebrows. "f**k yeah," I say remembering our kiss. "I felt hi-," "You girls going out?" asks my mom cutting me off as we walk past the living room. She was probably just getting back from Luna duties. Then that get's me thinking would Gael be okay with being my Luna/ Luno? (I could step down to be his Luna, I don't want him to get offended by me asking him to be my Luna/ Luno) "Yes mam," answers Jinx. I guess I was caught up in my thoughts. "We're going to the Pool Hall to meet up with some friends" I say. "Oh, any boys,?" she asks smiling. "Two," says Jinx earning a glare from me. "Three guys from school" I say. "But, I don't know if they will be bringing dates," I say making me a little nervous. (What if Jax brings Gael a date? Or, worse. What if he likes her?) (No, worse would be him showing up with his girlfriend.) ''Well enjoy yourselves,'' says my Mom as we walk to the door. "We will," I say pulling Jinx out before she can say anything else.  When we pull up to the Pool Hall we realize the guys are not here yet. So we go inside and get a booth big enough for all of us and wait for them to arrive. As Jinx and I order our drinks the boys walk-in and as I feared Jax brought a girl for Gael. "f**k!" I say under my breath causing Jinx to look over at me. I explain to her why I'm kicking myself and she cackles at me. "You know what Jinx, you're no help," I say scowling at her as the boys crawl into the booth. Of course Jax slides in next to me. "Hey guys" I say while looking at Gael. He says "Hi" and smiles but it isn't like his usual smile, it's forced. They greet us and he introduces his cousin; a dirty blonde, green eyed boy named Samir I shake his hand and I greet the bubbly red headed cheerleader that is his date.  She is all smiles sitting next to my... well I don't know what he is yet, but he's mine. As everyone tries to figure out what we're going to do first I can't stop staring daggers at Cassie the cheerleader. How she's giggling and whispering in his ear. "You guys should order drinks" I say through gritted teeth. He looks up at me and nods with a gleam in his eyes as he smiles. (Goddess, he's beautiful) I think to myself.  We decide to play pool first and of course, I'm great at pool, which is why I like to come here. We team up first and see who the best players are so that we can compete and the loser gets the bill. Of course the boys think of that, Maxie and Samir immediately hitting off. "Since we are not an even number, I'll sit this game out while you losers compete and, I'll play the winner," I say before I give them a evil laugh. Earning me a sweet chuckle from Gael. I walk around the table and his eyes go to my legs and he bites his lip. "Man what I wouldn't give to have those legs wrapped around me" he says through the link. I moan quietly thinking about it, at least I thought. Everyone is staring at me, especially Gael. I don't think I was supposed to hear him say that. So, I clear my throat. "My throat is very dry, I need something to drink" I say reaching for my water. "You're so f*****g hot, Baby girl" says Jax as he wraps his arm around my shoulder. "Dude what did I say about you touching me," I say crossing my arms across my chest. "Why can't I hug my future mate,'' he says earning a glare from Gael that only I saw or imagined. Either way, I'm already hooked. So it turns turns out that Maxie was the better player. But he only won by one ball, and, only because I got distracted by Cassie the cheerleader and Gael. She wanted private lessons from my... Gamma boy. I was so distracted that I broke a pool stick. I didn't have to pay for it because they said that their insurance takes care of that stuff, but I left a big tip, because I felt bad.  We walked to the bowling side next, which I'm also good at ,but, nobody but Jinx and I knew that. I go last after everyone else (which is all part of my plan). "Can you help me?" I say to Gael after purposely rolling a gutter ball. He smiles and walks up to me with a ball in his hands. He shows me the movements and then he hands me the ball. Then gets behind me and places one hand on my waist and I hear his heart beat faster as he grabs my wrist and brings my arm forwards and backwards, showing me the movements again. "Like this?" I ask while leaning forward slightly and rubbing my butt against his member. "Kari" he whispers in my ear as he pulls me against him softly. "You don't know what you're doing to me" he says and I moan and lean back into his chest. "Roll already," says Jinx through the link. I wiggle out of his arms and roll a strike. At first he looks surprised and then he smiles, when he realizes what I did. "Thank you" I say as I walk past him patting on his chest as I do. "Anytime" he says smirking.   Everyone finishes with pretty high scores. Gael in first place and me in third, which, made Jax question why I needed help. "I wanted to see his technique" I say shrugging. (obviously lying) "Stay away from his "'technique"' says Jax grabbing my hand. "I didn't think about it, in that way" I say laughing. But Jax didn't think it was too funny, even though everyone else did. We were going to play again but Jax didn't want to. "Next time, just try my technique" he says winking at me as he wraps his are around my shoulders. "Man, Jax your smooth" says an overly impressed Maxie. "Please don't encourage or take tips from him" I say a bit worried about having Maxie turn into a Jax Jr. in the future.  "Let's get something to eat" says Jinx. We decide on a couple of pizzas, burgers, and fries with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I go put in our order at the counter, and I see the guys go to restroom. I guess they're going to wash up. Me Jinx and Cassie the cheerleader wait until they come back and then we go wash up. When we come back out of the restroom finishing up our gossiping and finding out that Cassie thinks that Gael is cute enough for a one night stand. I make a note to stay away from her the rest of the night otherwise I will break her like I did the pool stick. She will not be spending the night with my... Gamma boy. As I walk passed the counter they call my name and just as I'm about to call someone to help me Gael walks up from behind me and takes the pizzas and gives them to his cousin and then he takes the burgers. "You got it?" I ask looking into his eyes, wishing I could kiss him. "Yeah, I got it, Beauty" he says bumping his hip into mine. If he keeps this cute s**t up, I'm not going to be able to handle myself around him for much longer. When we get to our booth the others help to spread the food over the table. I slide in and Gael slides in after me. As were eating and talking I slide my hand up Gael's thigh causing him to tense up and then he relaxes. Then he looks over at me and smirks. "You're playing with fire" he says so low that only I can hear him. "How would you like to play with fire?" I ask as I grab his hand and place it on my thigh. "I'd love to" he says as he runs his hand up my thigh and then lightly squeezing. I bite my lip to suppress a moan. "Gael" I whisper almost inaudible. "I love it when you say my name" he says rubbing his thumb over my thighs, and he does this for the rest of our meal rubbing on my thigh. "Hey, do you guys want to play laser tag or go to the arcade?" asks Maxie. "I'm fine," I say as I put my hand over Gael's causing him to chuckle at my actions. "Come on Baby girl, don't be a party pooper," says Jax causing Gael to squeeze my leg out of jealousy and making me gasp. "Fine, but you're pooping on my party now," I say sliding out of the booth. I smile hearing Gael groan behind me. Jax grabs my hand and pulls me to the laser tag room, with everyone trailing behind. Since we still have uneven numbers. I ask a group with a lot of people, if a few of their members could join our team. So we got three people to join our team. Then we choose teams Jax makes himself captain and automatically chooses me and Gael first. Which surprises us because we both turn to look at each other and burst out laughing, causing everyone to turn and look at us. I quickly put on a straight face and cough to fake clearing my throat earning a chuckle from Gael. Which causes Jax to raise an eyebrow and stand between us. "Okay, everyone suit up" I say not liking the attention on me at the moment.  We enter the room and each team separates Jax pulls me behind him "Stay close" he says before kissing my cheek. And, I'm tempted to shoot him. (But it wouldn't hurt) "I need both of my hands" I say pulling my hand back from him. "We're playing a game not going to war Jax, lighten up" I say chuckling at a seriousness. "Fine, just stay close behind me," he says walking forward. I see Samir step in front of me and before I know it, I'm being pulled and spun and then pinned up against a wall. "Gael!" I say surprised. He looks into my eyes and I immediately pull him down for a kiss. I moan and pull his hair as we kiss passionately with his hands tightly gripping my butt. "Kari, where are you?!" asks Jax through the link. "Just wait and I'll find you," I say back through the link. I kiss him once more and caress his face. "Jax is looking for us," He nods and pecks my lips "Take me home when we finish here," "I rode with Jax and that girl Cassie is..., well I don't want to be rude" he says shrugging and looking uncomfortable. "And, I would like a little more time, with just you" he says brushing his thumb across my lip. I kiss it and nod. "Where were you guys?" asks Jax. I shoot two people behind him and we run for cover. "Wrong turn," I say, the next thing I knew I was up against a wall. "I told you to stay close to me!" he reminds. "Jax, firstly don't yell at her and secondly you're giving us away!" says Gael as we shoot at our friends that seem to be gaining on us. Surprisingly we win mainly because my team is full of gamer's. Jinx only plays Super Mario and Pokemon and that's only when she comes to my house. Samir was the only person to walk away with no shots to his body which had us all impressed.  We went to the arcade afterwards to play some games there. I was playing a motorcycle game and Jax was on the other one next to me. We were racing when I heard Jinx cackling as she pointed to Gael. Then she told him something and he smiles and wiped at his lips. I smile and went back to the game, so happy it wasn't Jax that saw him. "Sooo, that's where you two were," says Jinx through the link. I smile and tell her to make sure I don't have lipstick smeared all over my face. She walks over pretending to be interested in our game and looks me over. "You're good, Chic" she says grinning at me. That lipstick is not supposed to move! I think to myself. "So getting busy in the laser tag room,?" I nod "It was indescribable Jinx and he wants me to take him home later!" I say excited. "You're going to have to do better than that, if you want to beat me!" says Jax after we start another game. "You're never going to beat me!" I say catching back up to him and winning the game. "I have the highest score," "Did you forget?" I say getting off. "Come on rematch," he whines. "We've played 6 times I'm not playing this again" "Well at least let me take a picture of you on the bike" he says pulling out his phone. "Jax have you been playing with me, just to see me on the bike?" I ask. So close to slapping him. "No, I like the game, you just happen to look so good in that position" "If I get a bike will you ride with me?" he asks wrapping his arm around my waist. "I'm afraid not, I've seen you drive your car and it always ends up in the shop," I say trying to slide out of his grip. "Come here Jinx, let's take a picture just us three" says Jax getting his phone ready. "Crazy face," says Jinx at the last minute. "Noo, Jinx, cute face," he says when he sees the funny faces we made. "One more but cutie pie faces" he whines. We smile in the next pic and leave him looking at the pictures as I take Jinx to Just Dance.  "Now, this is a game that I can play" she says. We play all the time at my house so were experts. "Nice moves," says Gael beside me. "Do you want to play next?" I ask. "Guys don't play that game" says Jax walking up beside Gael. "Says who?" I ask raising an eyebrow. "Uh, nothing, no one" "We just stop playing it once we get passed puberty, or, when we can finally get into a real dance club" he says. "Let's play!" says Cassie grabbing onto Gael's arm. "I- I don't really know how to dance," he says trying to get out of it. "You don't have to know how to dance" "The dance moves appear on the screen" she says pointing to the screen in front of us. "Help me," he mouths as he turns to walk over to the other Just Dance machine. Jinx and I play a couple more times as Jax watches.  Every time he asks to play we remind him that boys don't play.  "Don't forget, you're taking me home," says Gael walking over to lean up against my car. Jinx hops in the front and Gael and his cousin in the back. "When did you two decide this?!" asks Jax following behind me. "Does it matter,?" I ask before getting into my car. "We'll see you guys later" I say smiling "Wait!" says Jax as he grabs my hand and kisses it. "You know what?" "I'm not going to tell you not to touch me anymore, because, you don't listen" He smiles. "I'm going to chop off your hands!" I say chuckling when his eyes go big Jinx and Gael are laughing while Samir chuckles. "Don't be like that Baby, you treat me so badly," he says still holding my hand. "Goodnight Jax, I have to get these kiddos home" I say hoping he will let me leave with that. "Okay, goodnight Baby girl, I miss you already" "Dude, get your kids home," I say pointing to Maxie and Cassie. "Bye" says Jinx waving to him. "Bye Jinxy" he says. "When are you going to tell him that you- like someone else" she says the last part through the link. "I don't know Jinx," "He doesn't get don't touch me," "So do you think he'll understand that?" "Besides, I don't want him going back to Jerkville." "Gael likes you do you think he can be patient and wait for you to finally explain to Jax?" "You also aren't going to be able to stop this, whatever, you have going on with him" she says causing me to think.  I get to Jinx's house and drop her off. "Don't do anything that I would do," she says laughing causing Gael to smile. She holds her door open and tells Gael to sit up front with me. He gladly does and chuckles at her feisty attitude making me feel a little jealous. But I smile as he sits down. "By Girly," I say and I drive off to find Gael and Samir's house. We talk about how they are both Omega and Gamma and how Samir came to live at this pack when he was 12. He also told me about how he went to live with Gael's family because his parent's died in a boating accident. The reason why I had never met him was because he went to school online. But I talked him into giving our school a try. He agreed and I felt Gael tense up beside me.  When I pulled up into the driveway I noticed that the house was huge like a mini mansion, very taken care of and beautiful. "Thank you for the ride and it was nice meeting you" says Samir as he opens his door. "It was nice meeting you as well," I say as he gets out and closes the door. "Would you like to come up?" asks Gael. "Maybe next time, I'm not really dressed to meet the parents," I say chuckling. "Do you like my cousin?" he asks. "Um, Yeah, he seems like a nice person" I say shrugging. "No, I mean" "Are you interested in dating him?" "No," I say shaking my head. "No" he says with a smile. "Why do you ask?" I ask taking off my seat belt. "You just seemed so interested in him just now" "I'm the Alphas daughter so I have to get to know everyone and I have to make them feel welcome" "I'm only interested in one person" I say unbuckling his seat belt and climbing over into his lap. He smiles with a gleam in his eyes. I take off his shirt and then mine, then I rub my hands all over his abs and chest and kiss from his neck up to his lips. "Wait" I whisper before I undo his pants and slide them down a bit. Then he yanks down my shorts and I slide them off.  He pulls me back into his lap and I can feel his member better as he grinds against me. I go back to his lips and roll my hips in circles causing us to both moan. He pulls my breasts out of my bra and sucks on them one at a time causing me to whimper. He growls as I pull his head up by his hair to kiss my lips. He deepens the kiss and grinds harder against my v****a. I wrap my arms around his neck wanting to feel his hard chest against my soft breasts. "I need to feel your body touching mine" I say in his mouth as we kiss. "I love you so much, Kari" he says grinding on me harder "I love you, too" I say as my back arches and I c*m. "Oh Gael, that was amazing," I say trying to catch my breath. After we catch our breaths I suck on his bottom lip and and play with his lips using mine. "I love you" he says as I keep pecking his lips over and over. "You don't have to tell me I just want to let you know" he says before hugging me and kissing my forehead. "I feel something for you as well, but I don't know if it's love," I say avoiding his eyes. He grabs my chin and lifts it up to kiss my lips softly. "Take all the time you need, I know you want to help Jax" "So, I'll try not to get jealous when he touches you, when he looks at you, or when he calls you his baby" "He doesn't really touch me, the most he's ever did was kiss my hand or wrap his arm around me" "I try not to hurt him, but, I've always let him know that he didn't have a chance with me" "I don't know how he will take this and I want to protect his feelings" "But I also want to protect yours and I'll understand when you decide that you've had enough and can't wait anymore," I say looking him in the eyes. He cups my face and kisses me deeper I moan his name and melt into his kiss. "Kari" he says in a whisper as he pulls away. "I have to go," I nod when I see that his eyes are almost black and I realize that he's fighting his wolf. I fix my bra and put on my shorts and my shirt. Then I help him back into his shirt and button up his pants, then I kiss him one last time before I leave. I can't help but smile as I get back to my room while thinking about my night with Gael. I take a quick shower and put on my pj's and dive into bed grabbing my phone. I have one missed call and 3 messages. Jax called me and text me twice and I have a text from Gael.  Gaels text: Goodnight, beauty I'll be dreaming of you tonight;* ;*  Kari's text: Goodnight, Gamma boy;* ;* ;* End of texts for Kari and Gael
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