Chapter 2

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* I had been trying to avoid Gael unless it was necessary. I would still wave and say Hi if he spoke. But I wouldn't stalk and ogle at him like before. I had also put a stop to mostly everyone bullying him. But sometimes he still ended up with a black eye or a bloody lip, that I just wanted to suck on or nibble. (See this is why I had to stay away from him) And, I had enough thoughts coming in my mind without Macy adding fire to the flame. I mean we're virgins, but, we were not thinking like virgins around him. During every class with him I had to look only at the teacher or the material they had placed on the blackboard. I'm not going to lie my eyes strayed quite a bit, but, I rarely talked to him. Jinx has also been helping me avoid Jax, but, since today is Friday I'll have to see them both after school.  I get a text message as I reach the cafeteria and I smile when I see that it's from Gael. I look up when I feel someone watching me. It's Gael did he see me smiling and getting all excited over his text? I wave and get in line as I open the text.  Gael's text: Hey beauty your car is ready. I can take you to get it after school before we go to the pool hall. or I can take you Saturday. Kari's text: Okay, whenever is best for you, Gamma boy. Gael's text: How about I take you tomorrow. So that I'll get to be with you today and tomorrow;)  Kari's text: Are you flirting with me, Gamma boy? Gael's text: I'm just Joshing with you Beauty.  He texts causing my once happy whole heart to break into pieces. Kari's text: Okay, I'll see you tonight  I reply wanting to add sad crying emoji's.  I get my tray of food but now I'm not hungry, so I just sit and pick at my food. "Hey Baby girl, I'll order you some food if you don't like this" says Jax sitting next to me with his tray. "I'm fine" "I'm just not as hungry as I thought I was" I say pushing my tray away. "What the f**k did you do to my Chic, Jax?" asks Jinx. "Nothing!" "I would never hurt her" he says caressing my arm. (And I swear I heard a growl behind us) Jax wraps his arm around me and again I hear a growl. (It's not weird to hear growls we're wolves) "Something is definitely wrong if she's letting you put your arm around her," "What's wrong Chic,?" she asks. I hand her the phone to show her the messages. "I know he has a girlfriend and it seems like something stupid to get upset by but, it really does hurt" I say through the link. Her eyes get big "You're f****d!" she yells; causing everyone to stare at us. "What's going on?!" asks Jax squeezing me tighter. "Tell me if you need help, no matter what it is," "You can tell me," he says looking to my face, as, I'm still staring at my phone in front of me. "Is it bad news,?" he asks now staring at the black screen of my phone. I grab it and put it my pocket and smile at Jax. "I'm fine, you're so sweet," (I had to tell him something) "How did you fall for him so fast?" "You don't even know him," "I don't know Jinx," I say as we talk through the link. "If you really like him, you can get him to leave his girlfriend,'' "How?" "Just be yourself, show him how awesome you are Chic," "Then you'll have Gael's arm around you instead of Jax's" she says causing me to smile and lean on Jax's shoulder, from just the thought of Gael hugging me. My joy was short lived because Jax leans down and kisses my cheek a little too close to my lips. "That's enough Jax," "Thank you so much for comforting me" "I feel so much better now" I say removing his arm from my shoulder and sliding away from him. "Are you on you period?" he asks looking confused. "Dude!" I yell hitting his arm. "That's rude!" Jinx thinks it's funny, because, she almost falls back laughing. "Jax, never ask a girl that, even if it's your mate" "Don't you have any sisters?" I ask. "Kari, you should know that I have a 10 year old sister and I'm pretty sure she's not bleeding yet!" "Jax," I say touching his shoulder. "Werewolves don't get periods, we go into heat," "Humans get a cycle or period" "Then why did you even get mad?" "Because you should never assume that just because a girl is having a bad day, she's on her period" "Thank you, for explaining that," he says wrapping his arm back around me again.  "Since you're feeling better, let me feed you" he says grabbing a fry a leading to my mouth. "Dude, I'm not eating anything coming from your pervy paws" I say chuckling. "Why I wash my hands?" he says holding them up in front of me, so that I could see them. "Boys are gross," I say making a face as I look at his hands. (I bet a black light would show all types of things on those hands) "Who says we're gross?" says Gael behind me. "Ow, what the f**k!" yells Jax because Jinx kicked him probably aiming for me. (But I had my feet on the bench in front of me) "Uh, sorry," she says. "My foot has a cramp" "So why are boys gross?" asks Gael. Jinx slides over so he can sit next to me. "Why'd you do that?" I ask through the link. She just smiles as he sits down. "You should have learned that in the first grade" "Boys are where cooties come from" I say as I play with the food on my plate trying hard not to look at him. His laugh causes my heart to skip a beat. "How do I get rid of the cooties?" he asks and I feel his warm breath on my neck. "A cootie shot" I say still looking at my plate. "Where do I get one?" he asks. "I want one too," says Jax on my other side. (Go to bed Jax!) I think in my head. "I'm no doctor so this may work or make it worse" "Give me your arm" I say turning towards him to straddle the bench. "First... a secret incantation" "Then... comes the shot" "Are you ready?" I ask in a serious monotone voice. "Yeah" he says chuckling. "Circle, circle, Dot, dot" "Now, you've got your cootie shot" I say as if I'm reciting a spell. I make sure to pinch him when I say the word shot. I try to remain serious, even when he bursts out laughing. I smile and let go of his toned muscular arm. "You'll know within a couple of days if you're cured" I say now looking at his smiling face that sends a warm feeling through my body. "So do I come back to you, if it doesn't work,?" he asks still smiling. "Yes, I'll try once more and if it doesn't work then there's no hope for you" I say shrugging as I smile. "I heard that if all else fails a kiss may be the only cure," he says with a smirk. "But that could just be with the princess and the frog" he adds. "You may be on to something" says Jinx a kiss saved Ariel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty too," "This is the first, I'm hearing about it" I say. "But I may try it as a last resort" I say looking down at his hand that received the fake cootie shot. It is resting on my leg, and I didn't notice until I started feeling small tingles. "Sorry," he says pulling his hand back. "I didn't realize" "It's fine," I say wanting him to put his hand back on my thigh. "I'm going to head over to the gym" he says before he stands. "Okay, I'll see you in gym class" I say waving like an i***t.  "Now that your pet left, I want my shot," says Jax from behind me. "Fine," I say after turning to face him. As much as I wanted to punch the smile off of his face, that wouldn't be nice. "Circle, circle. Dot, dot. Now you have your cootie shot" I say as if I'm talking to one of my little cousins. "Ow" he says when I pinch him. "You're a big baby" I say as I shake my head. "I pinched Gael harder and he only laughed" "I can't believe it," says Jinx now picking over my tray of food that I didn't eat. "Yeah he probably went to go cry it out in the gym" he says looking angry. "Calm down, Dude" "Why do guys always go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds over such trivial things?" I ask. "Stop comparing guys and girls" "I only do that when I'm talking with you" I say chuckling as I stand. "To the gym," says Jinx as the bell rings. "Hey wait for me!" yells Jax as he gets up to dump our trays. We wait until he finishes, then we start running and burst out laughing when we get to the gym without him catching up. He comes in huffing and bends over out of breath. "Dude, what did I tell you about cardio?" "You must not be training like you're supposed to?" "When is the last time you even let your wolf out,?" I ask interrogating him. "I guess I have been a bit lazy these last couple of months" "If you run with me, then I'll have some motivation and a reason to do it" he says still a little out of breath. "What about your best friend and his girlfriend?" "They aren't interested in stuff like this" he says. "That's what got me out of training," he admits. "I guess it's my duty as the Alpha's daughter" I say. "We'll meet up at the fountain at 5:15 a.m. everyday before school" "Hey, would anyone else like to join us for morning runs!" I say aloud for everyone to hear. 17 people including Gael join. "Kari, I was hoping it would be just you and me so we could get closer" says Jax behind me. This is as close as we're going to get. (Is what I want to say) "But... I have to help anyone in the pack that needs help". I say instead. "Don't be selfish, Dude," says Jinx chuckling. "Where do we meet?" asks Gael looking into my eyes. "At the water fountain at 5:15 a.m.," "Everyday before school" I say after I lick my lips because they suddenly felt dry. His eyes go to my lips and he bites his and I feel butterflies in my stomach. "Here you guys partner up" says Jinx as she pushes me into his arms. "I'm trying a new partner too" she says grabbing Maxie. "I don't know if this is a good idea" I say through the link. "What about Jax? He'll be fine, this is just exercise" she says with a smirk. I realize that I'm still in Gaels hold. "Sorry, if you don't wa-," "I do want to be your partner," he says cutting me off. Everything was going good until we started doing the reverse crunch leg throw. He helps me down to the floor and I go first. "You have a little six pack" he says looking down at my stomach. I look down and see that my shirt has come up and my belly is showing. "Yeah, I workout a lot and only manage to keep up my tiny barely there pack" I say chuckling. "It's cute" he says "Just the right size" I smile as I get up and he gets down. We get a get rhythm going until I notice that his shirt is creeping up his stomach and showing his v line and hard abs. His legs went forward taking me with them and I let go and end up falling butt first on his chest. "Sorry!" I say trying to get up but not knowing where to put my hands. "Help!" I say nervously. He grabs my hips and easily lifts me to stand. "Thank you," I say turning to see him smiling. "No problem Beauty" he says reaching for my hand. I grab his hand thinking that he wants to stand, and he pulls me down on top of him. "The next exercise calls for us to be on the floor," he says looking into my eyes. "Okay" I whisper like a little kitten. "I'm impressed," I say after we finish exercising. "I can see why my dad want's you to be my, Gamma" I say smiling at him as he helps me up.  "Will you train me,?" I ask, "Of, course I will Beauty," "But won't your boyfriend be angry,?" he asks. "Who,?" I ask confused. "Jax" he says looking over to him. I stifle a laugh, because, that would be mean. I lightly chuckle and hit his arm playfully. "You're not serious, are you,?" "He's just my annoying friend, that hits on me every chance he gets" "I've been trying to bring him over to the good side, away from Jerkville" "I try not to be mean to him, but when he touches me I want to chop off his hand" "But Alphas are supposed to have some type of self control, and, only one person causes me to want to lose control," I say closing my eyes and biting my lip as thoughts of us making out come to my mind. I clear my throat realizing that I've said to much. "So, there is someone,?" he asks. "He's just not your boyfriend" "Yeah and just my luck, he has a girlfriend" I say. "I've never met her, but I hate her," "You're cute when you're jealous" "Even, if it's not for me" he says pinching my cheek. (It is for you, but you can never find out) "Hey Gamma boy, I'm not cute," I say folding my arms across my chest. "You're freaking adorable," he says smirking. "Alpha's aren't cute or adorable we're deadly," "Come on Gamma boy, take me" "Okay, but, I think it might make everyone else a little uncomfortable" he says chuckling. "No, spar with me," I say correcting myself, wondering if he would really 'take me' in front of everyone. "What kind of girl do you take me for?" I ask pretending to be offended. "I was joshing you, I know you're a good girl," he says chuckling.  "Listen Beauty, I don't want to be responsible for beating up my Alpha" he says shrugging. "Huh, you're so sure you'll win Gamma boy," I say as we circle each other. I decide not to play with him and just end him for the fun of it. But I won't hurt him to bad because I still like him. I easily flip him and put him into a hold. "I know you can fight Gamma boy and you insult me with a cheap move, taught to beginners" I say pulling his arm as I gently squeeze his head between my thighs. "I underestimated you" he says chuckling. "I would put you to sleep, if we didn't have art class next," "But, you still need to be punished" I say loosening the grip my legs have and then squeezing them a little tighter. "That's not a punishment," says Jax bending down next to us. "He has a smile on his face, not that I blame him," "Can I get next,?" he asks. "This is not a ride, Jax," I say annoyed. "So, Gamma boy" "You want pain,?" I ask as I squeeze my legs around his neck and pull harder on his arm. "Ahhh!" screams Gael. "I don't want pain Jax does" he says. "I liked the first position better" he says half chuckling and half in pain. I smile satisfied. "Well at least you learned your lesson, don't underestimate me just because I'm a girl," "Girl Power!" shouts Jinx as she jumps up and down. I slowly release him (not really wanting too) and I get up. I reach down to help him up. "We should do this again sometime" he says rubbing his neck as he stands to his feet. "It was fun for me too" I say winking at him and smiling. (WTF did I just flirt with him?) "My turn" says Jax. "You still need to work on your cardio" I say "And, I only want to fight the best," "But it seems that no one is better than me" I say as me and Jinx walk to the showers. "I want a rematch!" he yells behind me. "Anytime Gamma boy!" I say turning to look at him as I try to look sexy and seductive. (probably failing).   "Chic, you have never crushed on someone like this before," says Jinx as we get into the showers. "I know" I say as I wash off next to her. "I'm always crushing on a new guy every week, but you never have," ''I thought you were sweet on me, to tell you the truth" she confesses. "I mean it would never have worked out, but I was flattered" she says chuckling. "Jinxy, I love you Girly, but you're too much to handle, I would probably choose the sweet quiet type" "I guess... but I don't really think that I have a type with either s*x"  We make our way out of the gym and go our separate ways. I start to go to class but turn around and quickly head for my locker to get my art bag. "You really love art don't you?" says Gael from behind me. "Yes I do" I say as I close my locker and turn to look at him. "Gael, who did this to you,?" I ask angrily looking at his bloody lip. "It doesn't matter, I don't even feel it," he says dabbing his lip with a wet cloth. I take the cloth from him and dab at it lightly. He leans down so that I can reach it better and I couldn't help myself. I kiss him softly with my eyes closed. He takes over the kiss sliding his tongue into my mouth. I moan and pull at his shirt and he pulls me into his chest. We finally pull back to catch our breath and I realize what I've done. "I'm sorry" I say handing him the cloth and backing away. "Kari!" he calls out after me. But I keep going. "Sorry I'm late," I say to Mr. Hender "I was helping a friend," I say before taking my seat. Gael walks in and looks at me with sad eyes and I look out the window. Jax is saying something, but I tune him out. I had just had my first kiss and I was afraid that I had just messed up a potential long lasting friendship. I hated to see friends try to work out as couples and then break up and turn into enemies (I'm so- I can't bring myself to call myself stupid or dumb. So, let's say Impulsive.) I could barely pay attention in class. Jax kept breaking me out of my thoughts. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have gotten anything done. Especially, when Gael would look at me.  "What's wrong?" asks Jax as we walk towards the lockers. I stayed and waited for Gael to leave so that I could avoid him. "Hey, Kari I can still take you to get your car, if you're okay with that" he says with a sad smile. (I guess he knew I was trying to avoid him.) "Okay" I say in a whisper. "Let me put my things away" "Jax can you tell Jinx to wait for me in my room" I say turning to him. "She has the key to your house,?" he asks surprised. "Yes, she has been my friend, since before, we knew what friends were," "Okay, I'll tell her but go straight home after getting the keys to your car," I hear a small growl come from Gael but he shakes his head. (That was hot.) I think to myself. The ride is quiet and I want to say something, but, I don't know what to say. (And, I always have something to say) I only look from him to the window.  When we reach the shop I'm anything but relieved. Because, even though, we didn't say anything I was just happy to be close to him. He opens my car door and gets my keys and hands them to me. "Look it over to make sure that everything is the way you like it" I look over the area that was damaged and see that everything is as good as new. "It's perfect" I say climbing up to sit on the trunk of my car, not ready to go. "Listen, I'm sorry for kissing you" "I don't want to ruin our friendship before we even get to know each other" I say looking down. He lifts my head. "You don't have to apologize, Kari" "If you want we can pre-" He doesn't finish his sentence because I pull at his shirt again and press my lips against his. He is startled at first. But, then he pulls me into his body by my waist.  I wrap my arms his neck as I moan his name. He growls and lifts me up, and presses his member against me surprising me. We finally break apart and catch our breaths and he helps me slide down the car. I kiss him one more time and then I get into my car. As I pull off I look into the rear view mirror and see him with the biggest smile on his face as he touches his lips. I smile knowing that I caused that smile.  When I get to my room Jinx is sitting on my bed while watching T.V. and snacking. "What happened to you Chic, that has you smiling from ear to ear?" she asks. "I- I kissed him," I say as I sigh. "Twice,'' "Once before art class which had me worried, but, I kissed him again just know and it was perfect," This is the first time that she's ever been speechless, her blue eyes blinking in shock. "Jinxy are you okay,?" I ask as I change out of my school clothes. I put on a pair of fishnet stockings and vegan leather shorts. Then I put on my favorite burgundy top with mesh sleeves and makeup I use dark purple lipstick and a little cat eye and mascara. I usually use colors that complement my naturally tanned skin. I love reds and bright colors but I complement the loud colors with black. "Let's go, Girlie!" I say sliding my feet into my vegan leather boots.   
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