Chapter 1: Memories of youth

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-Mason-   I have never drunk so much and so fast. The wine made by witches is amazing! One of their best creations for werewolves.   The inter-species alliance and agreements... thumbs up! We do not get drunk easily, but sure as hell, this thing helps. Best achievement ever, bitches!   I was having so much fun with my friends since it is a farewell party. Although, it is a bit sad for my group. I will leave the pack next week, but today… I party!   There are so many thirsty she-wolves on the dancefloor and around me, offering themselves to get laid. I am only eighteen, but I have had so much fun already with all the things offered to me. No effort needed, and no consequences either.   What can I say? I am attractive. A Young Alpha and the future leader of one of the strongest packs of werewolves in this Kingdom.   I know I sound cocky, but I am Mason Van Ryan.   Everything in this world is a competition, where the strongest is the best, and I am the best. I am the strongest!   I feel on top of the world right now. I got my wolf!   Jax is a terrific wolf; his fur is deep pure black. A pure breed wolf, dominant. We got along since the beginning and we both have the same goal, to become a legendary Alpha, take once and for all the number one position in the ranking. Nobody will ever mess with us.   I think I can potentially become King one day. The royal pack has not produced heirs. And at this moment, I am on the right path with the right credentials.   My mother is a relative of the King. And I got accepted to the Alpha’s Academy with the highest score in the trials.   Maybe, my younger cousin Joshua Duncan could be a threat as we have similar backgrounds. Our mothers are twins, and his pack has the first position in the ranking. However, he is just a sixteen-year-old lazy pup who can hardly compare with me.   Regardless, I cannot let my guard down. No one is going to steal my future.   Carter, my Gamma, and future third in command put some fairy dust as a topping on my drink and then added some on his own. I think he said it will enhance my wolf strength. Whatever, I am in the mood for everything and anything right now!   Jax deserves to enjoy this as much as I do. He deserves to get wasted as I am. It is our reward.   The music plays, and my body moves at the rhythm of the beats. The lights waver, and I move in synchrony.   It is hard for wolves to get drunk, but this drink is definitely helping. I like beer, but wine has a sweeter after-taste than I enjoy. Nevertheless, I have had so many drinks that I am not sure anymore of anything!   However, five minutes later, I got a weird feeling. It seems like a tingling on my skin that I could not shake out. Jax got the kick of the drink too.   Jax went silent. Suddenly I feel very annoyed at everyone here. Those females are not interesting anymore. I want them to stop touching me.   Looking around, Carter was making out with some chick in a corner, while Liam, my beta, had another two dancing for him. They were almost naked. When did things get to this level? Well, I guess all these are part of the perks of being high-rank wolves. A lot of things come effortlessly to us.   I do not have a clear mind. The only thing that matters is my reputation. It cannot be tainted. There is a lot of wolves, even from other packs as well.   Damn! Jax is not helping. He is now howling excitedly.   The itch in my body is getting worse. I need to scratch this anxiety somehow, but I do not know what to do.   Home. I should go home!   Jax wags his tail. It is confusing... My instinct tells me to go back home. I will take a shower or something.   A female began to walk towards me, wagging her hips seductively, and I know what she wants. I know her. She is Sky. She is Carter's cousin.   She has been annoying me since we took each other's virginity two years ago. I do not want to mess up again with her, she is not a bad girl, but her dream to become my Luna is pathetic. I hate those who beg. Pathetic! It makes me despise them even more!   Sky is a gamma as her family. Her credentials are high, just not high enough to be my Luna.   We both know we are not mates, which makes me happy. I know what I want, and it is not her.   I do not even let her get close to me, leaving the group without caring if I was rude to them.   I think she tried to grab my arm because the next thing I remember, Jax is growled.   Even though I am not the Alpha of the pack yet, other wolves can feel my aura. It is powerful and difficult to control when I get mad, more so when Jax feels the same as I do.   She-wolves look at me with lust again, impressed by my aura. It is a promise of violence from my wolf. A scary predator, radiating pure power, making other creatures whimper in fear, and females with desire.   Once more, I have this weird sensation. What the hell did I drink? I do not feel like myself right now.   Jax is restless and tries to surface, but I do not understand why.   Fortunately, I am strong enough to keep him under control despite not being completely sober.  The best I can do in this state is walk back home, disregarding everyone in this party. I will deal with my conduct later.   Image, image, image, Mason! Put your act together! I need to walk in a straight line.   Carter and Liam approached me, trying to convince me to stay. They said the party will be over once I leave. I hate their disrespect and release my aura for everyone to shut up and let me go without a fuss.   Alphas are genetically unique in everything, exceptional brutal killing machines. Even before getting our wolves, we are stronger, and our aura is sensed.   We also are typically competitive, aggressive, dominant, and territorial. It is part of our nature, that is why we train, to get better control over our natural instincts and beast to be more powerful.   However, Alphas do not rule alone. Any Alpha needs a counterpart, a Luna.  An anchor... A strong Luna who secures our linage with pups, heirs to inherit the pack leadership. Males.   There can be opponents who can challenge an Alpha for the position of leader and take over the pack. Some might even challenge you for your mate. There is no way for me to allow something like that to happen to me.   I am getting sick of the pathetic act Sky is giving me, looking for my attention, getting in my way. I pushed her away so many times.   I did not mean to hook up with her in the past. Sky was just there. She knows we made a mistake while drunk. And I do not want her to gossip about me. After that, I am careful, and I chose more discrete females for my urges.   My reputation as one of the most promising young alphas in the Kingdom is what matters to me. I have worked very hard for my accomplishments, but I need to release the stress somehow when training is not enough. A male is a male.   The fresh air calmed my skin while walking to the packhouse.   Jax seems more than eager to get back home. I need to look composed on my way. The pub is within walking distance, ten maybe fifteen minutes. It is late, but I know there are eyes on me.   I am never alone because I have Jax, but I can block him if needed. We are a great team. I just need space sometimes.   The only thing Jax and I do not have an agreement on is around our mate. We will be complete once we find her. However, my goal is to be Alpha by my twenties, and if I need to pick a chosen mate to achieve it, I will. Jax might not want to, but he also wants more power.   I want the daughter of an Alpha as Luna. Someone with Alpha blood, pure breed like me. A true-born Luna. I will not settle for anything less than that.   Once mated and marked, a Luna can be your death. You would just naturally follow her to her grave. That is why I need someone who takes care of herself. The Luna is the strength and the weakness for any Alpha, therefore, the pack.   Suddenly, Clara Black comes to my mind. My mother keeps throwing her precious pet at me... to get to know her, she said. That friendship with her would make me a better leader, better human, a better wolf. As if! My mother is not well after losing my baby sister.   Clara is the daughter of Silvia. She died protecting my mother during a vampire attack. I think my mother feels guilty about it. And Clara has milked that guilt way too long for me to like it.   Furthermore, she does not know her place as the rest of the omegas. Clara does not lower her gaze to anyone. She respects, but I do not feel her submit ever, not even to me. I find that very irritating.   I hardly remember Silvia or anything related to her death nor the day of the attack but I do remember my mother being pregnant and her pain after losing my sister. Another reason to be the strongest, so nobody would ever mess up with my pack or my family.   I also remember my father scouting our territory and beyond to hunt down those who killed our pack members and his baby. They died on his hands at our dungeons after days of torture.   My parents changed after such a loss. The interaction I remember between them changed a lot. Father is distant, and mother silent. No one complains about it. It is what it is.   The venom of the vampires almost killed my mother. Despite the potions and efforts from the doctors, her wolf is sick and cannot heal her as any other wolf. Clara takes advantage of it, convincing her that she would be a good chosen mate for me. Never!   My poor dear mother even told me that I would be blessed if my mate were Clara, a gift from Moon Goddess! A weak omega as a gift? What a joke! She is small, thin, with hardly any curves, and above all powerless. Omega!   I am not tempted by the omega. There are plenty of she-wolves prettier for entertainment and even from higher ranks.    For no reason, Jax displayed on my head her long black hair, an oval face, and those plump lips, her rosy cheeks... Her eyes are hazel, but on sunny days it seems like a pool of honey. I have noticed that there are sparks of gold when she is mad. Alright, she is not ugly. She is cute, not a sexy wolf I am used to. But I think her eyes as very pretty.   Wait, what am I doing thinking about her? She is not worth any of my thoughts.   My wolf is restless while we get closer to the packhouse, "Hurry up, human!"   I ended up rushing inside without my will. My legs just moved. "Damn, Jax. Calm down!"   A delicious scent lingering on the entrance of the packhouse gets to me, it is almost gone, but I follow it as in a trance upstairs. It is sweet honey and fresh oranges.   I know this smell... I know who the owner is, but I cannot resist this sudden urge. I saw her back facing me. She did not notice my presence.   I am acting like a predator right now; I have even hidden my scent before approaching her. She is my prey...   What?   The sense of smell is weak in omegas. Clara did not notice me.   "All omegas are weak," I thought to myself.   It is useless to hide my scent. But Jax got mad and growled at me for this thought.   "What? Jax, you think the same!” He seems confused as well but still fixed on his prey. Our prey.   Suddenly, my arms are no longer my arms. Jax took control of my body. I cannot fight him, but worst... I do not want to resist him either. I feel that this tingling on my skin needs her touch.   I hugged her waist, startling her while burring my nose on the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent deeper.   “It feels so good," Jax says in my head, and I cannot do anything else but agree with him.   "You smell so good, omega…" those words came out of my mouth as a whisper on her ear, smelling her scent. Her skin is so warm I almost feel sparks. “Amazing," my wolf told me, being stronger than me at this moment. I cannot complain... it f*****g is amazing.   The itching in my body recedes as I hold her closer to me, my body covering hers, I began rubbing on her, and it feels marvelous.   I smelled her fear. There was also a hint of something else before… excitement.   Clara tried to get away from my hold, for some unknown reason, I cannot stop myself... I cannot let her go.   Her fear gets stronger. My mind is not working well. My body craves for hers. What is going on? f**k! Jax!   “Mason, what are you doing?... You are not being yourself!... Let me go!” She hisses, trying to release herself weakly.   Clara is weak, I need to remember that, but somehow, I cannot fight Jax. He noticed her around, taking care of us discretely.   "You are always around me, omega; I notice your sweet scent lingering around me all the time, Those are words from Jax. He is aroused while holding Clara.   "Stop this, Jax!" I screamed at him while I feel like I am being pushed behind my own mind. He does not listen to me; I am losing against him, and I hate it.   I know Clara has feelings for me, and I avoid her like the plague all the time because of that. I thought that ignoring her will show her place, but now her rightful place is in my arms. I am enjoying this myself too much already!   Clara is almost sixteen and my mother’s pet. Miss Good Two Shoes has always been annoying as hell, but for some reason, my body does not want to let her go tonight. Jax is responsible for this. I pushed to gain control again. I must release her; someone might see us.   At the thought of letting her go, my wolf gets crazy in my head. I got pushed again as my hands began to act on their own.   I am there, and it is me, but I am not the owner of what I am doing. Her fear is increasing. This is not right!    "Jax! Jax, listen to me! She is getting frightened!" I tried once more. We do not need trouble.   "Stop this! You are scaring me!" She yelled, and I gain some control over my body.   Finally, Jax is getting back to be himself.   I got enough control over him to lose a bit on my hold, and it was enough for her to smash my head with a metal tray she had on her hands.   Jax gave me control back.   Did she have that tray all along? I did not notice it before. Well, I was too focused on something else. Rooms are soundproof in the packhouse, so no one came out despite the noise.   It does not really hurt. The noise the metal did when impacting on my head and then on the floor helped me to snap out of my previous state. I feel more myself now. Although, I still feel weird in front of Clara.   I am as surprised as she is at this moment.   She turned to face me as I took a few steps away. I began to apologize and explain myself, but she interrupted me.   I have no idea what she just said. Her eyes took my breath away. How is it that they look so beautiful tonight? Was she pretty like this all the time?   There is a brief silence as lock gazes. Then, she noticed my forehead. It stings a little. It is not painful. I have had it so much worse when fighting rogues at the borders during patrols. This is nothing, but she sees it and looks at me with such emotion that moves something deep inside of me and Jax.   I know she is apologizing to me now but this feeling that took over my body against my will resurges stronger in a different way.   I took a step closer and leaned on her for a kiss. This time Jax and I are leaning on her. We want her lips... I have never felt like this before.   Clara looks so vulnerable, looking at me with those big eyes. I am melting in the pool of honey of her eyes. I take her hand in mine as I pull her impossibly closer to me.   Clara can reject this kiss. I move slow enough, so she can run away from me, but she does not. I grabbed her face and rubbed her cheeks softly. She is blushing, she is not leaving, and Jax is happy. His happiness is making my heart run wild.   Crushing my lips on hers gives me the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. The contact with her lips blows my mind. I hugged her closer to me, and I kiss her lips one more time. Then, her cheeks and her nose. It is small and cute; she is warm and soft.   As I kiss her, a fire ignites in my chest and expands on my body. This kiss is not soft because I need more of her. I need to taste her. I want to explore her mouth, and she allowed me in.   She is sweet as I expected and amazes me that her inexperienced kisses are pleasing me more than anyone else ever did.   Then, I feel something on my chest... her little hands made into fists are pushing me away from her. She needs to breathe.   Jax is more relaxed, and I am better but hot.    I did not notice while kissing her, but I have pressed her back against a wall with all my body, right next to my bedroom door.   To clear my head, I pulled away from her.   After this small make-out session, I feel more like myself, as if I have just drunken an antidote from her lips for whatever that freaking s**t I was given earlier. I think I was drugged. I am going to beat up Carter.   "Clara, my sweet omega…" I said, breathing heavily, still intoxicated by her lips and her scent. I took a breath of clean air to clear my head and my hormones.   I had to take some steps away - I need air without her scent- getting away from her will help me.   She is young, and she is Clara! The annoying Clara! The weak omega!   Under the current circumstances, and by what I can tell from her smell, I think I can take her to my bed now. Jax is quiet but feels offended by the idea. Yeah, probably it is a bad idea since my mother adores her.   "i***t!" Jax yelled to me.   The Luna would kill me, and Clara is still young too, probably a virgin or who knows. I do not want to get involved. It is better to leave it like this. I have enough crazy females chasing me for the title of Luna to add my mother's pet, too.   "Mason…" she whispers, looking at me with shining eyes, her heart pounded like a drum.   It is better to break the bubble for her at once. This is one-time only that should never be mentioned because it will never happen again.   “This never happened, ok?” I winked an eye at her.   "Bad combination of drinks. Remember to avoid drinking too much when you grow up," I said.   I know I look composed and calm on the outside. However, my wolf is a mess.   I can almost hear her heart while breaking after my words; her hazel honey eyes look at me in disbelieve. I feel a sting on my chest and my wolf howls, but I dismissed it immediately. He is acting so weird.   Honestly, I do not want her to follow me anymore with cookies, milk, or any other thing she bakes, cooks, or whatever she does. She does those little things, those little details here and there around me, and it annoys the hell out of me.   Jax is worn out. How is that possible?   "What is going on, pal?” I asked him. No response from him.   Clara has her personal agenda to be my Luna, and my mother supports her due to her guilt. Regardless, I am not going to settle with anything less but an Alpha’s daughter.   She blushed furiously, and I can see anger building inside of her now. Clara tightens her jaw and clenched her fists.   I like better this fire in her than the pain in her eyes, the golden sparks on her eyes, when she is mad, are there again.   “I do not understand what you are talking about." She picked up the tray from the floor, raising her chin stubbornly.   "I was just on my way to the kitchen." And she leaves me there with a strange feeling. I wanted to go after her and grab her, kiss her again senseless.   Stupid drug!   I looked at her figure while leaving.   Clara Black can be a lot of things, but one thing is for sure... she has some pride.   She will not let me see her hurt by my words. Good, she can move on and get away from me. About the freaking time! I have years running away from those puppy eyes and her tenderness.   Jax is not talking to me. He seems to be confused and hurt.   "What is going on?" I wondered myself, caressing my lower lip with my thumb.   Anyway, who cares about what a weak, low-rank omega like her feels? I am an Alpha. I will lead the Blood Moon pack to be the strongest pack of this Kingdom, and I will do that with a strong Luna by my side.   I am sure Moon Goddess has granted me an Alpha's daughter as a mate. My mate will be my equal... Never an omega.   Jax whispers something but fell asleep, which is weird. I think that drink messed us up badly. I will have to find out more about it.   Next week I will be attending an elite school for my training and once I find my fated mate or chosen mate, I will forget about those females I ever hooked up with, and that long list includes Clara Black now.
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