Sweet Clara

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-Clara-   Luna Michelle startled me when I walked out of Mason’s bedroom with the empty tray of metal in my hands. She was standing just in front of me.   "What are you doing, Clara?" She asked, narrowing her silver eyes with that expression of I know what you did, child!   "Nothing special, Luna! Just picking up the dirty dishes from the rooms. I am taking them to the kitchen now!" My face is getting hot and red from embarrassment.   My pale skin does not help. I cannot ever hide embarrassment from my face! At least my voice came right. I told myself, "Calm down, Clara Black!" Breathe!   “Interesting, I do not see a single dirty dish on that try.”   I cannot help myself; you are so silly, Clara! I wonder if I will change once my wolf wakes up. I hope she is wiser than me. But I will love her regardless of her personality. She is part of my soul already.   My wolf will wake up once I turn eighteen, just like everybody else in this world. Then I will talk to her, shift into a wolf and even find my mate, who is a precious gift granted by Moon Goddess.   I will become whole then... once I find my soulmate.   I decided to leave freshwater, a couple of pills, and some crackers on Mason's nightstand. It is for his hangover of tomorrow. He is at his farewell party now with the youngsters of the pack.   “Darling, you really do not need to do this... or any house chore. You know that." She took the tray from my hands, leaving it on a table in the corridor.   "Not an obligation, Luna." I blushed again. I am suddenly out of words. Gosh, my face burns more now!   My Luna sighed.   "Next week, my son will leave for Alpha’s training and will be away for two years..." Her eyes are sad when thinking about the departure of her son, "one person less for you to take care here, darling."   Our Alpha did not want to through a party for Mason at the packhouse. Our Luna would be exhausted from all that work and chaos. So, the Young Alpha is outside somewhere else, drinking, dancing, and enjoying himself with his friends. All of them, offspring of the higher rank wolves of this pack. I was not invited. He does not mingle with any low-rank wolf, especially not omegas like me.   Since my mother was an omega, I am an omega, although my father was a Delta. A low-rank warrior of the pack who died during a rogue attack.   According to the rank system that rules the Kingdom of werewolves, high-rank wolves are Beta and Gamma and on top of the pyramid of power, the Alpha.   We all are born within a rank due to our wolves' aura. This system is known as the Trifecta.   Alphas are rare and precious to any pack. They are our center. We live in packs not only to survive but to develop. We need a center that gives us balance, structure, and order to overcome our animal side.   Beta wolves are strong but easily overpowered by any Alpha. Usually, betas would be second in command, and the gammas are third. Betas are reliable and calmer to balance and support their Alpha, while gammas are head warriors, powerful, and military strategists; some are bellicose like Alphas.   Wolves born into beta and gamma families have privileges close to what an Alpha has, besides respect.   Those are the ruling ranks of any pack. The support system and the base for our lives in the werewolf community.   Deltas are the smart guys. They are doctors, teachers, nurses, office employees. The educated ones, stronger than omegas but not a match for the other ranks. They are stuck in the middle.   Omegas are different. Our rank is at the end of the food chain in the werewolf world. We are empathic and very diverse. We come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. However, since we cannot stand up by ourselves, we do any manual work or service for all the other ranks in a pack.   We are just above humans, which is bad. Humans used to be prey for wolves and other creatures like witches, warlocks, werewolves, lycans, vampires, and even fairies. There was even a war between the species for the supremacy of or world. However, the World Concilium happened, and all species agreed to live in peace.   I am the daughter of the late Head of omegas of the pack, and I live here under the protection of the Luna herself.   "My Luna, I enjoy helping, that is all."   We have had this conversation many times, I do not see the point of talking here in the corridor, outside of Mason's bedroom. He is not coming but still!   "I appreciate the effort, but I am training you to be independent, not the help. It is for your own benefit, darling. You can have a career or start a family… your wish."   Luna Michelle wants me to study and become a doctor, a nurse, or a teacher instead of assuming more responsibilities at the packhouse.   "I am happy to take care of everyone here. It is not a big deal to wash dishes or do any house chores. I am not a kid anymore, Luna!"   I have time to decide what I want to do. Besides, volunteering at the pack's hospital will help me resolve it. I know I am fortunate to have Luna Michelle's support. I just need to finish high school to be who I want to be.   "Oh! When did my little girl grow up so much?" Luna Michelle almost squeezes me in a mama bear hug. I giggled loudly.   She is like a mother to me. After my mother's death, she took care of me. I was around six when it happened.   “But I know what you were doing, again taking care of Mason! Darling, he will not see your worth if you keep making things so easy for him." She placed a strand of my black hair behind my hair.   I think my hair is too long, maybe I should cut it. I sure get distracted easily!   "Luna, it is nothing. I just want to help a little." My face gets redder, I know it should have the same color as my Luna's hair. I know I am pouting now. "I do not have any other intention but help."   There it goes my statement about being a big girl now. Do not judge me! I am only fifteen! Well, I will turn sixteen in two weeks, and I will be very mature by then. Yeah, for sure!   Indeed, I just wanted to help because I admire Mason.   The Young Alpha wakes up at five in the morning every day for training. He studies more after regular classes and has a schedule full of additional classes plus extra-curricular activities. It has always been this way since he was a pup.   There are great expectations from Mason as the son of the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. His father is the most feared Alpha ever known, while his mother is a relative of the Alpha King.   Nevertheless, he has never disappointed his father... or anyone. Mason passed all the tests and has the highest score among all soon-to-be Alphas of the Kingdom. But nothing is free. He works very hard for all of his achievements and rewards.   Alpha James adds a lot of weight on Mason's shoulders but never recognizes him as he should. I feel that is what Mason is looking for from him.   Suddenly, Luna Michelle looks right into my eyes with tenderness and a sweet smile to say something I did not see coming.   "I honestly hope you are his fated mate, darling. You would be so good for him, but I just do not know if he would be good for you." Her eyes went in the direction of where his mate's office is. I am not sure what she is thinking, but there is so much sadness in her eyes.   “He is so lost in his father’s teachings to appreciate you… or anything else beyond training and alliances to be strong.” She adds. There is so much kindness in her eyes.   "How can an omega be paired with an Alpha, Luna? I am an omega! I am nothing for him." However, my heart flutters with hope. But it suddenly drops when I remember that Mason has always wanted a she-wolf of a high rank as a mate. He has big dreams for himself and the pack.   I know Luna Michelle loves me like a daughter, but omegas mate only with omegas. There is no way I would be Mason's mate.   "Don't talk about yourself like that. I forbid you!" She narrowed her eyes at me again.   Mason has the most beautiful eye color. Aqua blue eyes make my heart run wild when he looks at me without really seeing me.   Higher-rank wolves like Betas or Gammas, not to say Alphas, were never mated to omegas. If the case, there would be a high risk of rejection. Our Moon Goddess would not want dead omegas of a broken heart, right?   The pain of rejection is real. It is well known.   There is a wing in the hospital for rejected wolves, and guess what… most of them omegas! Rejected omegas hardly survive it. Deltas reject omegas without any consideration if they are mated.   I hope I am paired with a kind omega, or delta willing to accept me as my father accepted my mother.   "Clara, you do not know much about werewolf’s history, do you? King Klaus the First had an omega as a fated mate! I think her name was Adara.”   "I have never heard of such a thing at school. I can show you my history book."    “It is true! There was a Luna Queen who was an omega just like you. Our King’s great grandmother! I will ask that book from the Royal Pack!"   My jaw dropped to the floor, astonished by her revelation. I honestly did not know about that.   What are they teaching in schools these days? There is a lot of bullying towards omegas for being low-rank, and to think that one of us was Luna Queen is really a blown mind. We are considered weaklings and powerless!   “True to be told, everything is focused on the great achievements of Alphas, not much about other ranks. No females of any rank." I said.    And now that I think more about this, there is no record of any female contribution in our werewolf history. Not even from any Beta, Gamma, or Delta female, not just us Omegas. Once again, I got distracted by this thought and got upset.   My dear Luna sighs and rests her right arm on my shoulders with affection. She looks tired now. It is too late for her to be up. I hugged her waist with one arm supporting her weight as we keep walking towards her room slowly. She is not doing well today.   "I am sorry for being a weak Luna. I should have done something about how omegas are treated here. Things would be better for you if I were..." I see the sorrow in her pale face and something that looks like regret.   My Luna is exceptional and would be very strong if it were not for the Vampire attack years ago when she lost her unborn baby, and I lost my mother. Many werewolves lost their lives in that attack.   "You are doing something! Our tea-time is what I expect every Friday afternoon. I am so grateful for what you do for us omegas." Tea-time is our secret code for training!   No females can train in this pack. Somehow females being able to defend themselves is offensive for our males. That is one of the most absurd rules established by Alpha James, although it is a tradition in our Kingdom. So, our rebel Luna trains a group of omegas in secret with help from our Beta female, Gabriela.   We do not call it training; it is tea-time for ladies. Nowadays, lots of omegas in the packhouse can hide their scents. The perfect skill to hide from predators.   Stupid rules!   "Not enough…" she sighs while petting my head, softly. She knows I am bullied at school and gives me that sweet smile of her, anything that she teaches me for self-defense is useful.   "You take care of me. I cannot ask for more!" And I give her an electrifying big smile to cheer her up.   "Sweet talker, you have that in common with Mason. He is good with words. Be careful!" I smile, but I do not look at her.   Mason plainly ignores my existence, although we live under the same roof. It is a hard thing to do, but he accomplishes it successfully.   Fun fact, we used to be good friends when we were children, I am not sure what happened, but he stopped being my friend. Still hurts something; fortunately, I have my best friend, my sister, the butter of my bread... Angel.   Luna Michelle is tired.   Her mate should be here with her, she needs him, but he is so obsessed with power and is missing the most important thing in the life of a werewolf... his gift from Moon Goddess herself. His mate, his Luna.   On my way to my room, I looked at the Alpha's office. He is busy reading reports, analyzing strategies, and paying absolutely no interest in his surroundings.   I know Alpha James adores my Luna. He just does not express it conventionally... that is what she says. I want to believe her, I guess.   I better go to sleep now and wake up early to pick up the tray and any mess around Mason's room. I want to avoid the scolds from Rose if she finds anything out of place. She can be very loud about it.   Rose is the Head of Omegas of our Packhouse currently; I like to support her, too.   Our packhouse is the home for two hundred and fifty people with extra fifty rooms to fit guests comfortably.   It is a big, modern, white building with all commodities and luxuries that a mansion has. Among those, a big pool, a tennis field, saunas, a home theater, and others spaces to satisfy the needs of our werewolves. It is stylish, comfortable, and huge!   There are also houses of different styles and sizes in the whole territory in small communities for werewolf families. Mostly non-mated werewolves live in the packhouse if their application is successful.   We hold one of the biggest territories in the north of the werewolf kingdom, and I am proud to be a member of the Blood Moon Pack. We have schools, an orphanage, a fully equipped hospital, an Olympic pool for competitions, a stadium for sports competitions, and other public spaces showing how well the Alpha takes care of his wolves.   Our Blood Moon pack is one of the three top packs in the werewolf kingdom. We have had no attacks in so many years since our Alpha trains this pack like an army. Rogues or rebel vampires here and there are caught by patrols.   I understand and appreciate our Alpha’s efforts, we have bloomed under his leadership, yet his perspective needs some adjustment. His mate needs more of his time, but what does a teenager like me know about this. So, I just keep it to myself.   Later, I found myself dreaming about running my hands into Mason's dark hair while looking into those aqua blue eyes adorned by thick, long eyelashes. His gaze haunts my dreams.   I am totally awake now. Mason will have the chance to meet Alpha's daughters in the Academy. Maybe one of them might is his fated mate. They are high-rank werewolves, future leaders, gorgeous smart models, and all training to be Lunas.   I sound bitter, but I am bitter about this. Since I am an omega, I do not even stand a chance to apply to this kind of elite school. Female omegas are not even allowed to train for Moon Goddess’ sake!   However, now that I think more about it, the title they receive bothers me. Why are they not called young female Alpha? Too long for a title? Instead, they are called Alpha's daughters. I should investigate more about this. Because Alpha's sons are called Young Alphas. Why does it no apply to females?    I am always like this, overthinking things I have no answer for and then get distracted by other thoughts like my training next Friday. Angel will join for the first time, and she will love it for sure.   The Simmons, parents of Angel, were very close to my mother, childhood friends I was told. Unfortunately, they joined this pack after her death but recognized me immediately. I am told I look a lot like my mother. I wished they did meet my father; I would love to have stories of him as well.   I cannot sleep thinking about Mason relentlessly. The day for him to leave is so close. My heart hurts, but I know it is for the best. My puppy love will die when he leaves to meet his Luna, his destiny.   Mason wants to be the kind of Alpha who protects us all. Our pack will be highly respected, less likely attacked by anyone.  I support him in silence for that reason, too.   Since the tray outside his room is still bothering me, I went out of my room to get it. Now that I think about it, I might even have a glass of milk...   But is milk with some cookies, and since I will be in the kitchen... perhaps a bucket of ice cream? If I clean, then nobody will notice!   Suddenly, I am surrounded by a delicious scent. My waist is caged on iron, muscular arms; I cannot turn around. This embrace is tight, but I do not need to do it... I know this scent. It is Mason!   What? How? Why? My heart starts racing in my chest between surprise and excitement.   "You smell so good, omega," he whispered in my ear and buried his nose on the crook of my neck, removing my hair to touch my skin. He inhales my scent hardly. This is so...!   "Mason, what are you doing?" His breath is weird, and in general, his body odor this close is different. "You are not being yourself!" There is something more besides alcohol, but I am not sure of what it is. "Let me go!" Werewolves do not get drunk easily. How is he in this state?   I try to get away from him, but he begins to rub himself on me, and his hands began to move over my body roughly. I like him but not like this, not like this!   What is going on?   “You are always around me, omega; I notice your sweet scent lingering around me all the time.” His hold on my waist is hurting me now. At first, I was excited by his touch, as something warm blossomed inside my chest, but now I am getting scared.   "Stop this!" I yell as I try once more to get away from him with fear. "You are scaring me!" I cannot use my self-defense moves on him. He is Mason! Why is he acting so weird?   I remembered the metal tray on my hands, I took advantage as his hold lost a bit of pressure, and I hit his head with it as hard as I can.   Goal achieved! The surprise of the hit and the noise got him out of whatever he was drunk with.   His demeanor changed suddenly. Mason releases me and looks at me bewildered. He seems to be himself again, taking one step away from me, realizing it was really me.   “I am sorry Clara… I was at the party, having a good time… and then I began to feel weird...”   “You really scared me. You know?" I scolded him. I know I should not since his rank is higher than mine, but I am spoiled by my Luna, and I feel I should reprimand him for his behavior. Alcohol is not an excuse!   “But I am sorry I hit your head," I said as I notice a bruise forming on his forehead. Was it my doing?   “Oh no! I am so sorry Mason, there is no excuse! I should have not hit you!”, I feel so bad he is hurt. My chest once again aches for him. I know he is a werewolf; he can take more than that and will heal fast, but I cannot help it. I feel awful. I want to cry.   He is so tall and looks so gorgeous at this moment, looking right into my eyes, the aqua blue of his eyes bewitched me.   Mason is very handsome, tall, muscular, with a strong masculine jaw and tempting lips.   He comes closer to me, grabs my right hand still, looking into my eyes, he leaned on me.   My heart skipped a beat as he gets closer, now seizing my face softly with both hands rubbing my cheeks with tenderness. He is so close that his breath is on my face. I think I am not breathing.   I cannot understand it; he is never like this. Mason ignores my presence all the time!   And then, without a word, approaching me slowly, he closes his eyes, and his lips land on mine in a sweet tender kiss. My first kiss!   Mason is kissing me now. The first kiss was sweet, but then more kisses rained on me. I closed my eyes as he kisses my lips and my cheeks, my nose. Am I dreaming? It does not matter, I kiss him back!   He holds me against him, and I just melt in his arms. He kisses me again more passionately this time, his tongue asks for entrance, and I grant his wish. How not to? This is also my wish, he is my dream, and this probably is a dream, too. There is no way this is happening in real life.   "Clara, my sweet omega…" he whispers when pulling away, and I am flustered, looking at him astonished. Can dreams come true?
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