Chapter 1

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I sigh in relief the moment I jot the last word on the answer sheet. I'm officially done with college. I place the pen on top of the sheet then look around the room. Everyone is scribbling furiously. That's basically the nature in final exams; everyone wants to give their all. I glance at Patricia and she's beaming at me. I give her a tiny grin just as the bell goes and the professor glares at the students who are still writing. Time is up. I walk down the row and hand in my answer sheet before I stalk out of the room. Patricia catches up with me outside the hall. "Can you believe it? We are so done with college!" She yells then pulls me into a bone breaking hug. "Aren't you excited?" She asks while furrowing her brows and I shrug. "I am. I just have a different way of showing excitement." She lifts her eyebrows. "And which is that 'different way?' Pray tell, my pretty different friend." I snort at the sarcasm. "Maybe drink till I'm blind?" I ask while c*****g my head to one side and she bursts out laughing. "That's my best friend. That's my main bitch." She chants and I drag her away from the prying crowd. ***** I'm not exactly what you'd call an extrovert. Though I'm totally outgoing and social, something holds be back. I feel a bit insecure around men and I have outright trust issues. I'm fiery as hell and I have very little tolerance to bull crap. I don't date. I'd rather hook up casually and go on my way. No commitments, no harm done. And another thing, I'm afraid of darkness. Totally, absolutely scared. You can never tell who is lurking in the dark; can you now? And yeah, I hate it when the nightmares of my stepfather taking my virginity forcibly haunt me at night. I totally hate them, but what can a woman do? Patricia, my best friend, however steals the show anytime we are together. She is a total freak and her mouth is sharper than razor. Whereas I prefer getting all talkative and sassy in private, she talks whatever s**t she wants to wherever she wants, whenever she feels like. We are not what you'd call party animals, but we let ourselves loose on particular occasions. Tonight is one of them. We are done with school. We're going to rock and roll. **** It's a few minutes past 2300hrs when we get to the nightclub and we are all dying to get our hands on some booze. It's been a while since we partied; what with the exams and the tension that comes with last minute revision? We spot our friends on a packed table and we push our way through the throng of drunkards towards them. "Hey sexy babes, you're smoking hot." Justin says as soon as he spots us. Everyone turns to look at us and in no time, we're passed around in tight hugs. Excitement is in the air. Matt pulls a chair for me beside him and I sit down without a word. He leans over to me and shouts over the booming music. "You could at least say thank you." I raise an eyebrow before I shout straight back. "For what?" "I just pulled a chair for you." He replies with a furrowed brow. "I don't remember asking you to do that." "Still, you can appreciate." "Or, I can take another chair. Terms and conditions don't work for me Matt." He starts to mumble something but I'm already out of the freaking seat. I move to Liam who is seated directly opposite Matt and I hoist myself on the high chair. Liam is an ass half the time but I guess he'd be better company than Matt. "Annoying much?" He asks me with a smirk while giving Matt a stern stare. "You have no idea." "Good. At least I can sit next to a hot babe tonight. What are you doing after this?" I glare at him. "Shut up." "Don't be coy baby girl. We both know that you are no virgin." My anger is about to boil. "Don't blame me if I break a glass on your head." He chuckles. "I like them fierce." "You wish." Liam is a renowned p*****t and if there is one thing he was popular at while in college, it was his ability to shag different girls in the shortest time ever recorded. It was my agenda to stay away from him. Guys who kiss and tell are simply not my cup of tea. ***** I take shot after shot of tequila and I'm finally feeling the alcohol getting to me. I had almost forgotten how good it felt to be high. It's the best feeling ever; just letting your mind loose and free... Letting yourself soar to oblivion. Patricia looks at me with pure concern when I move away from the table. She catches up with me just before I get to The Ladies. "Are you okay?" She asks and I laugh out too loudly. "Of course. Come on Tee, I'm fine. Just going to pee." She lifts an eyebrow. "Yeah that's a drunk b***h. Peeing indeed. Should I come with you?' "Hell no. I don't want a babysitter. I'm drunk, not sick." She shrugs. "Fine. Don't take too long." "We've done this before Tee." "I know. That doesn't mean I don't care. If anything happens to you..." "Oh just shut up. I can take care of myself." She rolls her eyes. "Whatever b***h. Go piss." "It's pee...." "Whatever." *** There's a line at the washroom. Which fringing club has a single toilet? The biggest problem here is that the ladies seem to be taking their time in there. I have no idea what extra business they have in a toilet. I'm so pressed. I can't stand here all night waiting on them. I stalk out of the Ladies then think for a brief moment before I take the stairs. I ought to find more restrooms upstairs. The first floor is a fancy restaurant and I roll my eyes as I take the stairs again. Who eats in such expensive places? The second floor has a long corridor lined with doors on either side. The rooms are numbered and I realize that it's the hotel rooms. There's no way I'm going back to that powder room downstairs. The line will be longer if anything. I walk to the door on the farthest end of the long corridor and push it. Who am I kidding; of course it's locked. I knock loudly while shifting on my feet. Jeez. I'm so pressed. The door cracks open a whole minute later and I'm staring at socks clad feet. I know that what I'm doing is totally weird but then I'm drunk so I can do whatever I want to. "What do you want?" The deep commanding voice gets me back to my senses and I look up. Damn. Those eyes. I'm gazing into the sexiest eyes I've ever seen. I remain speechless and I bite my lower lip very deliberately as I stare at him. "I believe I asked a question." He says in that deep drawl and I part my lips to accommodate my breathing. I take in the chiselled prominent jaw and the midnight hair and gulp dryly. I should never have come here. I turn on my heel to go back downstairs but he wraps his arm tightly around my wrist. "What the f**k do you want." He is staring down at me angrily and I recoil somehow. "I shouldn't be here." I say eventually. "Oh, she talks." He says amusedly and I snort. "I just want to pee." "Oh," he lifts an eyebrow. "In my hotel room?" "The washrooms are overcrowded." "I see. So my room was the only other option?" I shrug. "I think this was a mistake." "Obviously." He says but then moves to the side to let me in. I make a run for the bathroom and he laughs quietly behind me. I wash my hands at the sink once I'm done then walk back to the room. He is seated on the bed looking at me. "Ummh..thanks...I should get going." I say while looking at him straight in the eye. Damn, he is so cute. I move towards the door when he remains quiet then I stop abruptly when his hand clutches mine. "You're so drunk. Sit for a while before you go downstairs." Sparks run through my hand when he applies gentle pressure on his hold. The idea of staying with him for a while is so tempting but I know that I always do silly things when I'm drunk, so I shake my head. "Thanks but I'd rather go." "I insist." His dark gaze is driving me crazy. "My friends are waiting." "They can leave without you." "No..I.." "Just sit on the damn bed. I'm not a serial killer." He snaps and I roll my eyes irritably before I sit. My dress is short and my long legs are displayed for all to see. He sits next to me and I catch a whiff of his perfume. That's some expensive s**t. The feeling of him seated in such close proximity to me is totally maddening and I'm almost combusting. He's not even touching me and I feel these tingles all over. I know his type; those wealthy arrogant bastards who act like they own the world. I tense when he tucks a stray curl behind my ear. The small contact sends my heartbeat into an overdrive. Blood is pumping furiously in my veins. His fingers are warm; almost scathing. "This feels.. Weird. It's so hot in here.." He says In a near whisper and I blow out my breath. His voice is an inch from my ear. He feels it too. The s****l tension in the air. I turn to face him and the small movement brings our lips together. He tenses but I'm not relenting. It's been a while since the last time know... and I'm already throbbing down there. If I let this sexy hunk go, then I'm an i***t. I plant my lips on his and thread my fingers through his hair. He stills for a millisecond before his lips starts moving against mine. He is a kisser no doubt. A face holder too. He holds my face between his hands and angles his nose to kiss me deeper. A growl emanates from his throat and I am pushed deeper into the abyss that I just chose for myself. My brain is fuzzy and I can't breath. I want to grind against him but his hold is firm and I can't move. Desire shoots through my body and I curse the alcohol clouding my judgement. He pulls back and we both try to catch our breath. "You should go to your friends." He says breathlessly but he makes no move to release me. His gaze is dark and desire is making his pupils dilated somehow. This dark Knight wants me; no doubt about that. "I should have left a long time ago. Right now, it's too late for that. We better finish what we started." I say quietly, and hr runs his thumb down the side of my face. "This means nothing to me. I don't date." I look at him straight in the eye. "Neither do I." A dark eyebrow goes up. "Really?" "Yeah." He snakes his hand around my nape. "You know you won't meet me again after this." He says huskily, his lips a mere inch away. "I know." I whisper just as his lips capture mine again. He tugs my legs to the bed and I'm almost breathless when he moves those sensual fingers up my legs to the hem of my tiny dress. He leaves those sparks everywhere he touches. "Are you on the pill?" He asks when we break for air again. Shit. I don't use any family planning stuff. Why would anyone like him go around without condoms? "I wasn't planning on getting laid tonight. I was staying here for a single night." He says cockily. Is he reading my mind? I try to count the days to my period in my head but I'm blank. I'm just so useless when I'm drunk. There's no way I'm blowing this chance though. I know that he won't take any chances with me and my ass will be on the corridor in a minute. "Yes I am on the pill." I say eventually and he c***s his head in that way that annoys the hell out of me. "Are you sure?" I nod. He gazes at me for a long moment before he makes a decision. "It's just too bad that you are so freaking hot and I can't resist you." My heart leaps with joy. We are really doing this. "Your name?" I ask huskily. "No names." He replies while shaking his head. Before I say anything, his lips are on my throat and his fingers are trailing up my naked thigh.
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