He Is Mine

one-night stand
love after marriage

After a drunken one night stand, Mia is not planning on seeing the sexy stranger ever again. She also has no idea that she's going to get pregnant from their night of passion.

What happens when she finds out that she is expectant, the same day she runs into the nameless stranger again?

He is Mine is a roller coaster of drama, blackmail, betrayal and eventually undeniable love.

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"Mia?" My mother's voice calls from the living room. "Coming mom!" I yell back as I stuff my black trench coat in my travel bag. "It's getting late!" She yells back and I roll my eyes. That's what my mom and I do best. We bicker to and fro all day long. "Just a minute!" I yell right back and I smile to myself, knowing that she's probably rolling her eyes. "You have a minute. And your one minute starts now!" Before she's done with her statement, I walk into the living room dragging my bags behind me. She looks at them and her eyes widen. "All that? Are you moving out for good darling?" "Just stop it mom. I have like a few pieces of clothing in there." "Then why all those bags? Oh, let me guess..books." I shrug and stay quiet. She got me there. She looks at me over the rim of her glasses. "I know you are crazy about reading and all that but you need to know that they have malls in college where you can buy books. You don't need all this junk." "Seriously mom, are you going to give me one of your lectures right now? About books?" She shrugs. "I can but I won't. I'm just lucky that I'm not dropping you there." She almost cringes as she looks over the pile of bags one more time. "Mom, it's my first day in college. The least you can do is take me to school." She shakes her head. "I'm sorry baby but I have a lot of work to do. Your father is taking you. He'll be here any minute from now." "He's not my father!" I snap between my teeth. "Your real father left you darling so the least you can do is appreciate Ken. He might not be your father but he provides for us." "I still don't like him." "Whatever child. Either way, he's taking you to school." She turns her attention back to her computer and I know when I'm being dismissed. I swallow dryly and fight the lump that is forming in my throat. I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I tug my heavy bags to the porch just as Ken pulls up in the driveway. He smiles when he notices me. "Hey kid." He says cheerfully. I have no idea why I just can't like him. There's something about him that puts me off. "Hi Ken." I answer quietly. "Oh, come on Mia. You can call me dad, you know?" "You're not my dad." I say a bit too harshly and he grins. "Some day you're going to consider me as your father." I fight the urge to roll my eyes at him as he dumps my bags in the boot. I sit on the shotgun and focus on my phone as Ken drives to campus. I'm totally uncomfortable around him and he knows that all too well. I'm not too good at hiding my dislike for him. I miss my father... In have no idea why my parent's had to divorce. Mom said that dad was a jerk and a good for nothing moron while dad just didn't say anything. He never even bothered to fight for joint custody and I ended up with my mother. I haven't set my eyes on him since I turned thirteen and even though my mom has painted am image of a monster in my head, I somehow miss him. Some memories can't just be forgotten. "Here we are." Ken says as he pulls up outside the hostel, snapping me from my little reverie. I look at the magnificent building and I can't holds back my smile. This is going to be my new home for quite sometime. Students are loitering the sidewalks and I feel excitement bubbling through me. This is what I always wanted...what I've always dreamt of. Going to college is every kid's dream. "I'll help you bring your stuff upstairs." He says again and I murmur a thank you as I strap my back pack over my shoulders. We walk in uncomfortable silence and I fumble in my pouch for the key. The room is big enough and both bed's are unoccupied. Perfect; my roommate isn't in yet so I have the privilege of choosing whichever bed I like. "I like this one better." Ken says as he sits on one of the beds and I turn to look at him. He is giving me an irritating stare. Well, I'm choosing the other bed, just to spite him. "I like the other one better. Thanks for driving me here but don't you think it's about time you left?" I asked in the most clipped tone I can master. A frown overtakes his visage. "Not so fast little girl." It's a low growl rumbling from his chest and it immediately offsets me. I look at him and his eyes are dilating as they move up and down my body. Fear creeps through me and for a moment there, I'm totally motionless. "What do you want?" My voice is panicky and I'm scared shitless. He takes a step towards me. "I just want to instill some manners into you. You've been a real pain in the ass these last few years and it's about time you paid for that; don't you think so." I move backwards until my back hits the dresser. "You can run but you can't hide." He tells me while closing in on me. I am numb. I can't scream; I doubt whether anyone is on the floor anyway. I have nowhere to run to and obviously fighting him is not an option *** The harder I fight, the more excited he becomes. I kick and claw at him but it's like hitting a solid wall. I bite and slap, hit and struggle but I can't overpower him. He throws me on the bed and pulls at my cotton Shirt, tearing it. I bite back the salty tears when he slaps me then I tense and convulse when he pushes his member inside me, tearing through my hymen in a single thrust. He has a hand clamped over my mouth and he groans and pants as he continues with his ruthless assault. He curses me, calling me a rude b***h and a good for nothing i***t. He says that he's going to kill me and my mom if I tell the the police and from his expression, he is not kidding. After what seems like hours of maddening pain, he tenses and twitches inside me. I am totally numb when he pulls out and smirks while pulling his pants up. He gives me a long sweeping glance then walks out, banging the door behind him. ***** The abortion was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. My mom sat with me the entire time, sniffling and wiping her tears. She said that she was sorry and she had never imagined he'd be such a monster. I never knew he'd be such a monster. ***

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