Chapter One - Roommates!!!!

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Jessica    I had just arrived at Heathrow airport in London, coming from Scotland. I was moving here because of a job offer that I got. I loved Scotland, it was my most favourite place in the world, but I was having no luck with a job there. Now, here I was in London, starting my new job in a couple of weeks. I was starting at one of the big Publishing houses in the city as a book editor. It has been my dream job since I was a kid. I was just sad that I had to move away from home to do it. I was staying with my older brother, Leo, until I got some money behind me to get my own place. He had plenty of room. He stays in a three-bedroom apartment. He moved here about three years ago.    Leo was coming to pick me up. He would probably be late; he was terrible at timekeeping. I decided to head outside to wait for him. I grabbed my phone, checking if he had texted to say he was running late, but nothing. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be too long. The flight wasn’t long, only about an hour and a half, but I got an eight-a.m. flight, so I have been up since five a.m. I was exhausted and crabbit. I needed sleep and coffee. Why I got a flight that early I do not know. I think I was too excited when I booked, I never even thought about the time.    “Hey stranger,” I hear a familiar voice say.    No, it can’t be? Surely not. I knew that voice all too well. I looked up, a part of me hoping I was wrong, but there he was. Callen Gomez and still as sexy as ever. His dark hair longer than I remember, his perfectly sculpted body still, well perfect, and his eyes, as blue as ever. He is my brothers best friend and the biggest pain in my ass.    “What the hell are you doing here?” I groaned.    “Nice to see you too, Jess,” He laughed.    “No seriously, why are you here in London?” I asked.    The last time I heard he was still in Scotland, then again that was four years ago.    “I am your ride back to Leo’s,” He smirked.    “What? Why? Where is my brother?” I said, frustrated.    Callen had this effect on me. He irked me badly. He always has, since I can remember. Him and his stupid smug, handsome face. I hated him, well maybe hate was too strong of a word, but at the same time I was attracted to Callen, I have been for years. It was all a little complicated. He was complicated. Our “relationship” was complicated.    “He got called into work, so he sent me,” He said, “Someone he can trust with his little sister,” He added, a hint of smugness when he did.    “Yeah, I am sure he would trust you with me if he knew the truth,” I said, rolling my eyes.    “What is with the eye-roll? You enjoyed every single time,” He said.    “Whatever, can we just go now,” I said, “I am knackered and cranky, and not in the damn mood for you, so take me to Leo’s and then disappear,” I added.    “Leo never told you, did he?” He laughed.    “Told me what?” I asked, confused.    “Nothing, it doesn’t matter, let’s go,” Callen chuckled.    I was too tired to push him and try to work out what he was meaning. I grabbed my cases and followed him to his car, and we climbed in, heading to Leo’s. It was about half an hour from the airport to his place. I will sleep; that way, I will not need to deal with Callen.    “How has life been since we last saw each other?” He asked.    “I am not in the mood for small talk,” I said, “I am going to sleep, so shut up and wake me up when we get there, OK?” I added, turning away from him.    “I forgot how cranky you get in the morning,” He chuckled.    I ignored his comment and closed my eyes over, and thankfully he stayed quiet. I can’t believe I need to see him again. My life has been peaceful for the last four years without him being around. I am hoping he doesn’t come about much. I do not need him distracting me and messing with my moods. I have never understood why we clash as much, it has been that way for years, and it got worse when I became a teenager, hormones and all. But I wasn’t a teenager anymore. I was twenty-three now. I am not the same girl from four years ago.    “Jess, wake up, we are here,” Callen said, shaking me.    That can’t be half an hour already, can it? I groaned, opening my eyes.    “Thanks,” I said, quickly and climbed out.    I grabbed my cases, going towards the apartment. I had a key, Leo sent me one up before I left to come here.    “Do you want a hand with those cases?” He asked.    “No, I can manage them, you can go,” I said.    I headed inside, going to the lift because he stayed on the third floor. Before the door could close, Callen stepped in.    “I can manage myself, you know,” I said.    “I know you can. I never said you couldn’t,” He said.    “Then why are you coming up with me? I am going straight to bed,” I said.    “You want some company?” He said, a smirk on his lips.    “Eww, no! That is never happening again,” I said.    “If you insist,” He said shrugging.    It would seem like he hasn’t changed one bit. He was twenty-five now, you would think he would have grown up a little by now. I don’t think he ever will. I ignored him after that. I just wanted to get in, get showered and climb into bed for a few hours.    As soon as the lift opened, I got out there as quick as I could, letting myself into the apartment. Callen was right behind. Seriously, why is he here? Leo isn’t home, and I sure as hell don’t want to spend my time with him.    “Is there a reason you are still here?” I said, glaring at him.    He took a few steps forward, coming closer to me.    “Did I forget to mention that we are roommates?” He said slyly.    “What? You are f*****g with me,” I said.    His hand fell on my hip, and his lips fell at my ear. I tried not to let having him close, get to me.    “No, I am not f*****g with you,” He whispered, “I am in the room right next to you, so if you change your mind, and fancy a little fun, you know where I am,” He added.    I swallowed hard, a shudder shooting through me. He let out a loud laugh, pulling away from me. I can’t believe this. I need to stay with him! I am going to kill Leo for not telling me. He knows how much Callen and I clash, so that is probably information that he should have shared with me. I will deal with him later.    “Let me tell you this once, OK? Nothing is ever going to happen between us again,” I said, “I am not a stupid nineteen-year-old girl now. I have sense, so whatever you have going on in that mind of yours, forget it,” I added, firmly.    “I have heard that before, gorgeous,” He smirked, “But OK, if that is what you want to tell yourself, then go right ahead,” He added, before walking away.    I am not going there again! No matter how sexy he is. No matter how good he was. I do not want to be that girl again! Plus, it brings too much drama, and if Leo ever found out, he would murder Callen. I groaned in frustration, storming off to my room, slamming the door behind me.    This is like my worst nightmare, staying with him. Then again Leo will be around so he will probably stay away from me unless he does have a death wish. I was too tired to think about it all right now. I would deal with that later. I would worry about Callen later. 
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