Chapter Two - Is there room in there for me?

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Callen    I laughed to myself as I headed to my room. I am so glad that Leo never told Jessica that I was staying here too because the look on her face when I told her was priceless. I have missed her pissed off face, that she always used for me. She was even sexier now than what she was four years ago when I last saw her. She had grown her hair. She always used to have it shorter, but it looked better longer. She had dyed it too, her natural colour was a dirty blonde, now it was brunette, but it suited her. It was those curves that grabbed my attention first; they seemed to come out of nowhere when she was eighteen. I never even as much as looked at her in that way before then for a few reasons. The first being she was my best friends little sister, and that is always forbidden. The second being, she annoyed the f**k out of me, always and lastly, she wasn’t legal.    I never planned on hooking up with her; it just happened. It was a mistake, well the first time was, but that never stopped it happening again, God knows how many times. I am sure Leo would have a few things to say if he knew that I had f****d his little sister, not only that but I was the one took her virginity on the night of her eighteenth birthday. But that is a story for another day.    It was still early, so I decided to climb back into bed for a few hours. I never had work today anyway. I got myself into bed, trying to get myself comfortable, but I instead found myself tossing and turning. It would seem like my body was refusing to sleep. I groaned, annoyed and pulled my ass back out of bed. I would go for a shower and grab some breakfast since I am not allowed to sleep. This was going to be interesting, the three of us have to fight over one shower, especially with Jessica here, that girl takes forever in the shower. Unless she has grown out of that habit, but that isn't very likely.    With her in bed, and Leo at work, I would use the free shower to my advantage. I stripped down to my boxers, grabbing a towel and headed for the bathroom I headed in, and the moment I stepped in, I realised the shower wasn’t free after all. The shower was running, and I see the silhouette through the glass of the shower. It would seem Jessica wasn’t in bed like I thought. I groaned when I saw the shape of those damn curves through the glass. She probably thought she had locked the door, but the bathroom door lock was busted, I probably should have told her that.    I could play this, one of two ways. One being, I walk away and pretend like I was never here, or I could mess with her while I had the chance. I think the second ones sounds better and more fun.    “Is there room for me in there?” I chuckled.    Jessica let out a loud squeal, and the shower door flew opened. And there she was, standing in all her naked glory, seething with anger.    “What the f**k? Get out, right!” She screamed at me, “How the hell did you even get in here?” She added.   I was too distracted to reply straight away. I was getting distracted by her beautiful body. I licked my lips as my eyes traced over her. Yes, I was a perv, but I couldn’t help myself, plus it isn’t like I haven’t seen it all before. Though one thing was new, the blue dreamcatcher tattoo she had on her hip, that wasn’t there the last time I saw her.    “CALLEN!” She barked.    The tone to her voice made me pull my eyes away from her body and look her in the face.    “The lock is f****d,” I said, “I forget to mention that” I added.    “You think? Now quit being a perv, and get the hell out,” She snapped.  “You know that shower is big enough for two,” I said, smirking.    I know I was only making her annoyance worse, but that was the plan. I had fun annoying her, and I find it kind of sexy when she gets all mad at me.    “You have two seconds to get out of here, or I swear I will come over there and slap you, Callen,” She hissed.   “You used to be fun,” I said, rolling my eyes, “Nice tattoo, by the way, it is very sexy, that sure wasn’t there when you were naked below me the last time or was it on top of me? I can’t remember now, but yeah,” I added, stealing one last glance over her.    “GET THE f**k OUT!” She shrieked.    “I am going, calm down woman,” I said, laughing loudly before leaving the bathroom.    I was beginning to forget just how sexy she was naked, that was a nice reminder of it. That may not have been fun for her, but it sure as hell was fun for me. I headed back to my room because it is probably best that I am hidden out of the way when she comes out the shower, or she may actually kill me, and Leo will be a best friend down at the hands of his little sister. He would probably help her hide my body none the less.    I listened carefully for her coming out of the bathroom. I hear her footsteps on the hall floor, heading back to her room.    I was wrong to think that.    Because the next thing I knew my bedroom door flew open, and Jessica came barging in, nothing but a towel around her. Oh, how I would love to pull that off her.  “Do you need something, Jess?” I said, smiling innocently.    “What made you think it was OK for you to stay in the bathroom once you realised, I was in the shower,” She said, hand on her hip and tapping her foot against my floor.    I stood from my bed, making my way over to her.    “Why are you this mad? I have seen it all before,” I said.    “And? That does not give you the right to look,” She said.    “I couldn’t help myself; it has been a while,” I said, smugly.    “Oh, my God! You are such a jackass!” She said, throwing her hands in the air.    “Oh, my God, now those are words I remember clearly, coming from your lips more than once,” I said, stepping in even closer.    My body was only inches from hers. I was trying my best not to get distracted with the smell of her shampoo, coconut, my favourite scent on a woman, well one of them, and my other is Coco Channel perfume.    “You should imprint that in your brain because you will never be hearing those words from my lips, ever again,” She said, sternly.    I moved my hand in, running my fingers slowly down her arm, not breaking eye contact with her once.    “You sure about that?” I spoke.    “Positive,” She stammered out.    “I don’t think you are,” I said, “I think if I closed this small space between us, and pressed my lips to yours, you wouldn’t hesitate to kiss me back,” I added.   I don’t plan on kissing her, well, not right now, but I want to see how far I can push her. Jessica swallowed hard, her eyes diverting to my lips and she licked her lips. She was thinking about, the way she was responding and the look in her eyes was telling me that. Jessica began closing the space between us. I was expecting her to kiss me, if she made the first move, I would let her, but she had other ideas. She brushed her lips over mine and then moved them to my ear.    “My lips will never be near yours again,” She said, “Or near any part of you again, and I know how much you loved my lips wrapped around you,” She added, and then abruptly pulled away from me.    I groaned, the thought of her lips wrapped around me again, was enough to make my length come to life. She was so good with those damn lips!   “Stay the f**k out of my way, Callen,” She snarled before storming out of my bedroom.    Jessica, you should know me better than by now. She should know that because she is acting like she doesn’t want me, will just make me want her more. Will that girl ever learn? I like a good challenge, and this is one that I am going to win. She can act like she doesn’t want me all she wants, but I know she does.    I just need to be careful, because I can’t let Leo find out what is going on. I am not willing to lose my best friend over some girl; no girl is worth that. I have done it before without him finding out. I can do it again.   
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