Chapter 1

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-Axel P.O.V.-  "You need to watch your stance and watch out for your surroundings!" I yell out at the new group of warrior trainees. I shake my head at how they are getting on my nerves. I know they are just starting out, but honestly my wolf is getting tired of dealing with them. I clap my hands together to gather everyone's attention to which they all stop and look at me.  "We are done for the day. Go home and tomorrow we train again." They all nod while I quickly walk off. I look up to see my sister standing there and I raise my eyebrow at her. "What?" I ask her once I reach her.  "How will those new guys ever learn if you don't take the time to train them?" She asks me in an annoyed voice. My wolf lets out a growl in my head since he is already on edge.  I stop walking and close my eyes to try to calm myself down with little to no luck. I end up just walking away from my sister who just lets me. She knows that she needs to just let me walk off because I am slowly losing to my anger. I walk into the pack house while I pay no attention to anyone and head off to my Alpha suite. I walked in and my plan was to just head in the shower, but my father had other plans. “Son, we need to speak.” My father, Marcus, says to me once I enter the suite. I sigh and then roll my eyes at him. “What do you want?” I ask him harshly. I know what he wants, and I do not want to hear it right now. “Son, you need to find a mate soon. You are 25 years old, and this pack doesn’t have a Luna. They need one.” I just scoff at him. “Maybe this pack will not get a Luna.” I snap back at him. He goes to argue with me, but I hold my hand up to stop him. “Get out, father.” I snap. I do not give him a chance to respond when I walk away from him and into my master bedroom. I slam the door and strip out of my clothes then head into my bathroom. My wolf is going crazy in my head. I step under the water from the shower and then I decide to speak with my wolf. Bryant (Axel’s wolf): I am sick and tired of your father saying Luna. He says with a growl. Me: Trust me, I know. He won’t stop no matter what I say or do. Bryant: We need to tell him. I am sick and tired of his judgement. He has no authority over us so we can do as we please. Me: I know, I know. I need you to calm down because I have work that I need to attend to today and I cannot have you taking control. Why are you so on edge anyways? Bryant: I am not sure how to describe it, but I feel like something is going to happen. I cannot calm down. I will try my best though. Me: Thank you.  I close off the mind-link while I quickly wash off my body. I walk out of the shower to wrap a towel around my waist. I walk out over to my walk-in closet and then I quickly dry myself off. I threw on a V-neck white t-shirt along with some black jeans. I then pulled on some vans along with my watch and bracelets. I then finish doing everything else and then I head off to my office. I enter to see my mother, Helen, sitting there waiting for me. I sigh while I walk over to my desk. “What can I do for you mother?” I ask once I sit down. “I know your father is pressuring you, but do not buy into it. Wait for your mate.” She says softly. I slightly smile at my mother’s words since she and my sister are the only ones who really know me. “I know, but it is starting to really piss me off. What is going to happen when he learns that this pack will be getting a second Alpha inside of a Luna, huh?” I ask her. My mother then stands while she smiles at me. “He will get over it or he will have me to deal with.” With that my mother turned around and left. I smiled to myself because I could always count on my mother. I quickly threw myself into my work and started handling some pack business. I am a very respected Alpha among other packs since I am a special wolf who could destroy anyone who crosses me. I am a Demon wolf who was blessed by the Moon Goddess herself. My father and no one in the past were ever a Demon wolf so I really was blessed when I was born. I then renamed the pack once I became the Alpha to abisso oscuro which means Dark Abyss. It was fitting, after a few hours of working I was interrupted by my father. He comes into my office and then sits down when my mother sat just a few hours ago. "Son, you need to find your mate soon. This pack needs a Luna." My father reminds me for the hundredth time. I just roll my eyes at my father who just sighs at me. "Dad, WHOEVER my mate is will come to me when the time is right. I will not question the Moon Goddess." I made sure to raise my voice on whoever because my father needs to understand something about me, but I cannot exactly say it out loud.  My father just rolls his eyes at me while he gets up to leave my office. Once he reaches the door, he turns to me and speaks. "Find a Luna by the end of this year or I will set you up with someone's daughter." I went to say something, but he just slammed the door before I had the chance. My wolf in me wanted me to jump up and go to cuss my father out but before I could I get a mind-link. "Alpha, a rogue entered our pack. We took him to the cells." I sighed as I stood up to go down to the cells. As soon as I enter the cells, I stop in my tracks as I come to face the “rogue”. My wolf jumps in my head as he yells MATE. I walk up to the cells and stare him down while he looks at me in fear. My wolf whines in my head because he wants nothing more than to comfort our mate. I turn around to face my warriors.  "Get Out." I spit out in a low tone causing everyone to rush out. I wait until everyone is gone and I turn my attention back to my mate. I look at him and I can see how handsome he is even through his torn clothes that are covered in blood. His muscles are not too big, but he isn't small either. He has some facial hair, and I can see that something just happened to him as I am looking over his body. I can also feel that he is not a normal wolf either. Bryant is telling me that he can feel that his wolf is not a normal one. That he is somehow special in a way.  "What is your name?" I finally ask him when I meet his eyes.  "Forrest." He responded in a small voice, but it held some dominance in it.
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