Chapter 2

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-Axel P.O.V.-  "So, what exactly are you? You don't seem like a rogue." I ask him while I pull up a chair. Bryant on the other hand wants me to go into the cell to hold him.  "That is because I am not a rogue." He responds as he sits down with his back against the wall.  I could feel the anger in me rising because I didn't like how he was treating me. He may be my mate, but I do expect respect. I quickly close my eyes and shake my head to try to calm my anger down. That was short lived when Forrest opened his mouth.  "Having trouble with your anger there Alpha?" I snap my eyes open to look at him as he is just sitting there with a smirk on his face.  I don't know what is wrong with me because him acting this way was making me want to kill him, but at the same d**k was hard. I stood up from my chair and walked over to the cells. Forrest raised his eyebrow at me as if he is testing what I will do.  I could feel my pulse as I opened the cell door, and I could feel my d**k throb as I took close steps to him. He stayed sitting with his back against the wall as he just watched me, very closely. I stepped in front of him, and I bent down to his level as I rested on my feet.  “What happened to you?” I asked him in a calm voice, but honestly, I wanted to grip his hair in my fingers as I slammed my lips onto his. But I needed answers. He sighed as he looked away from me and he ran his hand through his hair. “My old pack turned on me and my family. Okay?” I could hear in his voice that he didn’t want to talk about it and for right now I will give him that privacy. I just nodded at him as I stood back up. I dusted my jeans as I reached down, and I gripped his shoulders causing the both of us to gasp. Sparks flew through our bodies as my fingers touched his bare skin, but I quickly composed myself as I forced him to stand. I then dropped my hands from him as he just stared at the floor because his cheeks were red. “Follow me.” I said in a curt tone, but I didn’t mean for it to come off that way. I turned on my heels and started to walk out as I heard him following me. I ignored everyone’s stares as we walked out of the “jail” area. I quickly headed to my room as he followed me. No one dared to ask me what was going on because I have a temper AND they have no right to question me. I kept my face emotionless as I walked. Soon we reached my room and I entered with him on my heels. We stepped in to find my father sitting there waiting in the living room. I ignored him as I turned around to grip my mates’ arm and I pulled him in my room. I slammed my bedroom door shut and then locked it as I turned around to face my mate. “You are going to take a shower and then I will have some clothes laid out for you when you get out. When you are done, wait here. I will be back; I need to handle my father.” With that I headed to my closet and pulled out some clothes for him and then I gave them to him as he headed into my bathroom. As soon as he closed the door, I let out a deep sigh as I was dreading having to go and deal with my father. -Forrest P.O.V.- I closed the door to the bathroom and then let out a breath that I didn’t know that I was holding. Blaze was in my head cursing me out and it was making my head hurt. I decided to talk to him as I took my shower. Me: Blaze will you PLEASE calm down! I shouted at him. Blaze: We just went through something horrific and now we have our mate who can make us feel better BUT you won’t tell him what happened. He snapped back at me. Me: I sighed heavily at his words. We just met him..I cannot believe that we ran onto my mates land. Blaze: Listen I know you are worried, but we need something that we can trust. You NEED to talk to him once he comes back into this room. Me: I scoffed. And tell him what?? Oh, I ran onto your land because my old pack turned against my parents and I, so I had to watch the Alpha kill them in front of me. I escaped because I am an elemental wolf and then I ran onto your land. So yeah. What do you want me to say to him?? Blaze: I swear, you make me so mad sometimes. I am trying to control myself when speaking to you because I don’t want to take over and then use my powers when they don’t know about us yet. Now, our mate will accept us because he is not a normal wolf. You need to speak with him. Before I could say anything, else Blaze cut me off and then retreated back into my mind. I sighed as I finished with my shower and then I got out to change. Once I was all done, I headed back into the bedroom and then climbed into the bed. I made myself comfortable and then just waited as I laid my head on the headboard. I was then startled when I heard some slamming. -Axel P.O.V.- A few minutes before Forrest got out of the shower… “YOU CAN NOT HAVE THAT MAN AS YOU MATE!” My father screamed at me. His veins were showing in his neck as I could see his eyes changing back and forth. I slowly stood up from the chair and looked at my father. “You have no power over me or what I do. He is my mate, and you need to accept that OR you can leave. I don’t give a f**k what you think.” I went to turn around, but I stopped myself. I stared down at my father who was seething with anger. “If you EVER treat me with such disrespect again then...” As I spoke, I took small steps towards my father. “I will MAKE SURE that you have no part in MY PACK. You must have forgotten who your son is, father.” I spit out the word father with so much venom in my voice. My father went to yell at me again but before he could, I picked him up by his throat and I threw him through my doors. The doors broke off the hinges as you could hear the wood hit the ground all around my father. I could feel my wolf wanting to take over and I didn’t want that to happen, so I headed back through to my bedroom. I slammed my doors open and Forrest jumped a bit from how loud I was being. I stalked over to him and he just stared at me with wide eyes. I reached the bed and then I gripped him and pulled him towards me. He just froze as I shoved my head in the crook of his neck and I took a deep breath of his scent.  His scent was like an earth smell, but it was intoxicating. I could feel my d**k throb as I breathed in his scent. His scent was like getting drunk, but the good kind of drunk. I groaned as I drank in his scent and this caused him to shiver. I growled from his action since it makes my d**k jerk. I pulled my face from his neck and I gripped his brown hair in my hand as I forced him to look at me.  His piercing green eyes stared into mine as my jaw clenched. I could see lust swimming in his eyes, and it was making me go crazy. "Keep looking at me like that and I will take you right here and right now. I will have you screaming my name as I pound my d**k in your tight little a**hole." This caused him to moan as he closed his eyes.  His hands went to my shirt and then fisted it as I could see that my words had an effect on him. I smiled darkly to myself as I leaned in and I brought my mouth to his ear causing him to shiver.  "You like the sound of that? You like the thought of me pounding into you as you beg for mercy?" I whispered seductively in his ear and then I licked his outer ear causing him to moan loudly.  When he didn't answer me, I wrapped my hand around his throat and squeezed causing him to gasp. "Answer me." I demanded and the tone of my voice caused him to moan softly.  He then looked me right in my eyes as he said... "Yes, I like the sound of that, daddy." 
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